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Bali is a very safe Indonesian Island for tourists. However, some petty thefts are seen at the main Bali tourist spots. Therefore, travelers must exercise some precautions while traveling in Bali for the safety of their personal belongings. The main precautions which you must keep in your mind while traveling are like not carrying cash more than needed, not showing off your valuable possessions in public places, avoid roaming at late night etc.
If you are planning to travel Bali on a tight budget, INR 35,000 will be enough for you to cover the expenses of a decent hotel stay, local transportation, food and sightseeing places. If money is not the determining factor of your trip to Bali and you are going to Bali for a luxurious stay on your vacay, INR 1,50,000/- for a week will help you stay in the best of hotels in Bali, dine out at fancy cuisines, shop in big malls and outdoor activities.
Any month between April and October is considered the best month to visit Bali because these months receive less rainfall, low humidity and a lot of sunshine making the weather appropriate for outdoor activities in Bali.
Bali is relatively cheaper for Indians as the value of Indian Currency is much higher than the Indonesian currency. The value of INR 1 equals to INDR 195.45.
The popular outdoor activities in Bali which make this island an excellent go-to destination are Golf, Hiking Mount Batur, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Freediving, Kitesurfing, Canyoning, and Snorkeling.l
No always prefer mineral water bottle for drinking in Bali. Almost all restaurants in Bali use mineral water for cooking food, drinking and offering to customer. Tourists should use mineral water even for brushing teeth to avoid Bali Belly or Traveller's Diahorea which commonly affects the tourist in the first week as whenever our body is exposed to a new place, our immune system is unfamiliar to new bacteria and viruses.