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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which has the largest area than any other city in Bangkok. Bangkok is famous for Lord Buddha Temples. Based on travelers' visits and people insights, the best Bangkok's tourist attractions list goes, in no particular order, like this: Chatuchak Weekend Market, Khaosan Road for backpackers, Phra Sukhothai Tra ... Read More

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Bangkok Travel Packages


Bangkok has been a safe place to travel for tourists. Lately, political unrest was seen in the streets of Bangkok so it would be better if you take advice from your country's embassy before making any plan to visit Bangkok.
Bangkok is famous for its food, beautiful ornate temples of Lord Buddha and its handmade craft items. Ratchada is a famous place in Bangkok where you can experience a nightlife.
Khaosan Road is a small in the Bangkok city which is famous among backpackers traveling in Bangkok. The risk of roaming in Khaosan road is relatively high as some people keep roaming there to attack drunk tourists by snatching their phone and picking their pocket. It is advisable not to carry expensive items with you in Khaosan Road.
The best time to explore Bangkok is between the months of November and April. Traveling between these two months will save you from the scorching heat of summer in Bangkok. November marks the end of the rainy season in Thailand. You can explore Bangkok with no or less heat
Crispy Seaweed, Fruit Soap available at Chatuchak Market, Ya Dom Inhaler, Takabb Anti Cough Pill, Coconut oil, Chewy Milk Candy are the crazy things to buy in Bangkok.