Saint Lucia Holiday Packages

Want to spend some lovely time in an island nation of West Indies? If so, TrueHab's Saint Lucia Tour Package is the one for you. Tourists flock here in large numbers from January end to April. The beautiful places which we have added in our Travel Packages to Saint Lucia are Gros Islet, Marigot Bay, Soufriere & Marigot Bay. The top inclusions in ou ... Read More


Yes, Saint Lucia is not only safe but also a popular destination to visit in the Caribbean region. The people living in Saint Lucia are relatively wealthy. The violent crime and petty theft rates are almost negligible here. So travel this enthralling eastern Caribbean island without worrying about safety but do take some precautions as it is always necessary to exercise the basic precautions in a new place. Don't walk down the poorly-lit streets at night alone.
Saint Lucia is known for its rainforests, tapered mountains, volcanic beaches, luxurious resorts, fishing villages and idyllic diving spots. Walking down the rainforests will take you to the Toraille waterfall where you will be enthralled by hearing the beautiful sound of water falling from the cliff.
St. Lucia is very popular for its traditional food - Saltfish with Green Banana. The local people of St Lucia refer to this traditional dish by saltfish and green figs. This is a must-try dish for the people visiting Saint Lucia. The must-try popular foods, other than the traditional dish, in St. Lucia includes Lobster and Rice, Mahi Mahi with Breadfruit & Veggies, Creole Bread, Braised Oxtail and Grilled Red Snapper.
Luxurious resorts also form a part of the best things in St. Lucia. If you are looking for a resort, inclusive of all the amenities, providing quality comfort with lots of other extra facilities, then these resorts are meant for you: Sugar Beach - A Viceroy Resort, Hummingbird Beach Resort, Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, Jade Mountain Resort, Marigot Beach Club & Dive Resort, Ladera Resort, Têt Rouge Resort, Ladera Resort, Stonefield Villa Resort & Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa.
The best time to explore Saint Lucia is in the late months of spring I.e., May and June. The weather in Saint Lucia during these months is very pleasant and warm. The things you will miss in Saint Lucia in these months are winters crowd and enviable prices of attractive resorts.
Saint Lucia is a bit distant from the United States of America. The price charged by the hotels and resorts in Saint Lucia for accommodation is reasonable, thus eventually bringing this island nation in the list of value for money Caribbean islands. No, Saint Lucia is not expensive at all. It is fairly priced
Pigeon Island, Castries, Soufriere & Vieux Fort are some of the best places to visit in Saint Lucia