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The United Kingdom is an island nation that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The UK is a multicultural society embracing different ethnicity, cultures, and religions. Britishers are friendly people and welcome foreign visitors, although they look reserved and aloof. The UK receives cold, wet winters and warm, wet summers wit ... Read More

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United Kingdom Travel Packages


The UK is a safe country. Most tourists are never concerned about safety barring some petty crimes. Violent crime is rare. It stands 33rd in the world’s safest countries. Pickpockets are active around some tourist landmarks in the UK.
London, Edinburgh, Bath, Glasgow, Belfast, York, Oxford, Inverness, Liverpool, & Manchester are the top ten destinations where tourists love to travel the most.
Indians can apply for the UK tourist visa with visa documents and eligibility criteria. The documents you will need for UK Tourist Visa are a new passport, old passport, photographs, Confirmed Air Tickets for the complete round trip, covering letter, income tax return proof.
During winter, the average temperature in the UK varies from 6.6°C- 7.4°C. The winter starts from December of the year and continues till February of the next year. Frost in the morning, ice, snowfall, short hours of daylight will be experienced in winter in UK.
The summer in the United Kingdom begins in June and ends in August. The average minimum and maximum temperature in the United Kingdom are 18.1°C- 20.6°C. Daylight increases in summer. Bank Statement in original with the bank's seal and signature on every page showing enough funds.
Haggis, Bath Bun, Fish and chips, Scones, Clotted cream, Sunday roast, Pasty are the popular local foods in United Kingdom.