Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we at TrueHab?

Our amazing team at TrueHab focuses all our positive energies on making the lives of you travelers as easy as possible while helping you book the most amazing experiences based on your individual needs and if you are wondering how we do that, the answer is remarkable in itself.

You, while exploring destinations, read our stories which are first hand experiences of your fellow travelers, who are a little fond of writing, and as soon as you find something similar to the one you have been dreaming about, we allow you to book the same exact experience.

Our tour and travel experts work in coordination with the travel writers’ team to create such perfect holidays based on their personal accounts.

What exactly does TrueHab do?

TrueHab is a brilliant space to share and discover first hand travel inspired stories and narratives. We have a clear goal, and it is to bring together explorers from across the globe to contribute and share stories that are real, authentic and personal. We are successfully mapping each destination that has been shared in the stories with relevant matter and images. We further synchronize experiences, from these explorers, famous personalities, or even your relatives and friends, and ask our travel experts to work and create the same experience itineraries. Also, these specific itineraries are directly linked to the contributors who made this journey possible, in order for you to actually understand their thought process better and experience the travels before you actually commence them.

How well does TrueHab work?

TrueHab makes the method of searching and discovering independent, authentic and personalized travel information on a single platform. For those looking to share their travel experiences, we are working on creating the best tools to enable them to tell their stories easily and beautifully.

Who can share stories on TrueHab?

Any traveler can share his/her trip itinerary on TrueHab. Trips on TrueHab can be either public or private.

Private trips are visible to only your friends and family with whom who you share the trip link. You can also share the same via various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Public trips are visible to everyone who visit TrueHab and can be shared by all.

Even though sharing trips is accessible to all, only the best trip itineraries get published publicly on TrueHab. Our editorial team reviews every trip that is shared. Only trips that meet our guidelines and are of a high quality are made visible to the TrueHab community.

How would I share a trip on TrueHab?

  • Firstly, share your basic information.

    • Give your trip an intriguing title with the goal that explorers are fascinated to find out about your experience. Notice the name of the place(s), it helps in expanding the accessibility of your article.

    • Transfer travel photographs from a local drive or Facebook and add a description to every one of them.

  • Step 2 - Classify and Tag

    • Choose a classification (Nature, Backpacking, Culture, City and Adventure) that best portrays your excursion/visit. You can pick various alternatives as well. This will assist explorers with exploring the kind of itinerary that they might be interested in.

    • Tag Friends on your Trip - Log in through your Facebook and tag your companions who were with you on the outing to create a wider reach.

    • All out Trip Expenditure - Help voyagers plan their spending limits by determining the amount you spent on your own trip and on what ? (Transport, Food, Tours, Stay, Events).

    • On the off chance that you are a guide or travel administrator, at that point you can utilize this area to indicate the amount you will charge for the trip and what does the value of this trip incorporate such as transport, food, tours, stay, events or excursions.

  • Share your agenda - Build a nitty gritty schedule of your outing – the path you took, the landmarks you visited, the hotels or resorts you choose to stay at, the spots where you ate, shopped in or even went for a visit.

    We would prefer it to be in order of your own personal journey so that our travel specialists can imitate your trip through their itinerary.

  • Trip Overview - Give a decent, striking and spellbinding rundown of your trip here. This is the place you can express freely about different parts of your trip, for example, the purpose for you taking on that excursion, to the general reason of you choosing that particular destination.

  • Include hashtags of all countries , urban areas, places, cafés and bars that you have visited and written about, so that it is more accessible to the viewer and furthermore improve the inquiry capacity in Google. Make sure to use comma "," to enter different hashtags.

  • Bookable/Non bookable excursion - If this is a schedule you plan to sell or have, mark your outing as bookable. In the event that this agenda is only for imparting data to different voyagers mark it as non-bookable. This makes it easier for our travel partners to work on better itineraries which are more customized.

How will sharing my travel experiences on TrueHab benefit me?

We do not expect someone sitting in a cabin to understand and feel the same experience as someone who has actually been on a trip and felt every bit of it. Your experiences make us special, and in turn make every itinerary on our website unique and carefully crafted.

  • Your travel experiences that have been shared on TrueHab become an essential and integral part of our efforts to make the world an approachable and smaller place, helping all travelers experience their own unique travels versus the same old travel plans set by every other travel agent. We are different, we use your stories to create more stories for other travelers, who in turn will have a similar experience but with a completely different outcome.

  • Being published on TrueHab website will give you a place in the same league as some of the most sought after travel writers in the world, as we only print quality and real life experiences.

  • If you are a travel blogger and maintain your personal blog, then sharing your travel stories on TrueHab brings you closer to travelers all around the world and helps you build your own travel brand.

  • You can also create a beautiful travel portfolio for yourself on TrueHab by sharing amazing trip itineraries. Travelers across the TrueHab network will always find your post irrespective of how frequently you publish.

  • If your trips get published on TrueHab you earn points that can be used for getting discount on bookable itineraries on TrueHab or to connect with expert Travelers.

  • If you are an independent travel guide or a local travel expert, TrueHab will get you reliable leads and bookings through the Travel Expert program.