10 best places to eat in Mussoorie

Char Dukan

Char Dukan in Mussoorie

The little shops of Char Dukan are what define Mussoorie’s authentic food scenario. Located right next to St. Paul’s Church, this is the best place in Landour to enjoy pancakes, waffles, sandwiches and homemade pizzas. It is good to walk around and admire the Cedar and Himalayan oak trees, and the view of the distant snow-capped peaks is absolutely spectacular on a clear day. If you are a fan of Maggi noodles, you will find plenty of variations to this yummy dish. Also, we recommend that you try a hot cup of Honey Lemon Tea just to warm you up.  


Cafe Ivy

Cafe Ivy in Mussoorie

This fairly new place is in the Char Dukan area of Landour as well. It is a relaxed eatery and cafe and is sure to give you an incredible time. They have some really good items on their menu to offer, such as, Pizzas, Pasta and their coffee is amazing. The deck that is the outdoor seating area of this cafe has the most incredible view of the entire valley and adds a wonderful mystic charm to the whole place. 



Kalsang Cafe in Mussoorie

Mall Road’s favorite Tibetan and Chinese cuisine, Kalsang has become a must-go for all people traveling to Mussoorie. They have a variety of options to choose from on their menu, but their momos and shaptak are delicious. With their cool interiors and dim lighting in the evening, Kalsang is one of the coziest and busiest places in town.  


Little Llama Cafe

Little Llama Cafe in Mussoorie

Like its name, little llama cafe is a quaint and cute place. It serves an array of cuisines including Continental, Italian, and the Mediterranean. Their burgers are the most delicious things on the menu, and we assure you that you will leave contented. 


The MudCup Cafe

The Mudcup Cafe in Mussoorie

This place is so warm and welcoming that anyone entering will feel comfortable straight away. Their milkshakes are an absolute delight to have as are their pizzas and pies. It is a perfect place to sit and unwind, read a book or get lost in one’s own thoughts. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main bazaar, this is a quiet little gem of a place. 


Doma’s Inn

Doma's Inn Mussoorie

What a beautifully designed restaurant, with heavy influences from the Tibetan style of interior design, this authentic Tibetan restaurant and Inn is (not too) far away from the madness of main Mussoorie town. If you are looking for the wholesome Tibetan experience, this is the place to be, with good service, delicious food and 


Landour Bakehouse

Landour Bakehouse Mussoorie

Situated in Landour this is a little cafe and bakery serving up some distinct dishes. The freshly brewed coffee gives the spot and beautiful aroma and just pulls you in, making you want to try the coffee and one of the lovely little cakes or cookies. Their quiche is also a hot favorite. In fact, everything on that menu is prepared well and is made with a lot of attention to detail. In fact, you can taste the love in every single bite.   


Cafe By The Way

Cafe by the way Mussoorie

A great coffee shop, with small bites, pizza being the particularly popular choice and a delicious one indeed. Their garlic bread is very appetizing as well, but they pay particular attention to their delicious coffee and other beverages. The interiors are nice, warm and appealing and it is their location on the main Mall Road that makes this cafe more approachable and a hot favorite. 


Cafe de Tavern

Cafe de Tavern Mussoorie

If you would like to sit in a spot that has its own distinct aura, and people watch, Cafe de Tavern is a perfect option as it is situated right on the main Mall Road, and literally opens on to the main road. The menu is very well written as it had encompassed all of Mussoorie’s iconic names and places and successfully turned them into delicious dishes. The theme is bistro-like and cozy. It is a must go for Italian food lovers. 


The Glen

The Glen Mussoorie

The only genuine bar or pub-like place in all of Mall road, or might I even say all of Mussoorie, The Glen has a stunning view of the doon valley making it so appealing to all tourists and locals as well. The place is packed, serving up a good drink menu and a diverse food menu, this location has live music performances almost every evening. It is the cool, hipster and free-spirited part of town, attracting a lovely crowd. 

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