10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

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10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

If you close your eyes and think of an island paradise, you will most likely imagine something like Bali. Bali is one of the best tropical places to visit. People across the world, travel to Bali every year to enjoy its sheer natural beauty and hidden gems. Bali is one of the thirty-three provinces of the Republic of Indonesia and the largest archipelagic country in the entire world. There is clearly no other place like Bali in this world.

With lush and opulent bungalows extending over the clear waters, sandy beaches, and pure luxury, Bali is a dream destination. Bali is one of the world’s most beautiful island nations. Tucked away from the turquoise azure of the Bali lies a thriving culture, decadent food, and experiences that will please even the most discerning traveler. Sunny skies, golden beaches, turquoise waters, and untouched environs make Bali your perfect go-to destination. But it is not just the beauty of the island that makes it an ideal getaway. There are adventure sports, water activities, activities for nature lovers, and sightseeing tours of Bali that one can opt for. From iconic rice paddies to beautiful beaches and bubbling volcanoes, lush jungle shelters, stone temples, mischievous monkeys and a lot more.

Most people think they know everything about the Indonesian island of Bali but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find there’s more to learn about this paradise that feels like a fantasy.


The entire island shuts down once a year

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

This is a unique celebration of silence known as Balinese New Year or ‘Nyepi’ day in Bali. On this day (usually in March), everybody on the island of Bali celebrates complete silence. The whole island shuts down, be it work, or conversation or traveling, everything stops for an entire day even the airport closes or this day and no one is allowed on the beaches and streets.


Bali is an island/province

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

Most of us are unknown to the fact that Bali is not a country and is an island and a province located in Indonesia. According to a recent survey, 80% of Australians think Bali is a country and not an island. Bali is an Indonesian island that is famous for its forested iconic rice paddies, beaches, volcanic mountains, and coral reefs.


The rice fields are a World Heritage site

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

Bali follows a complex systematic system known as ‘Subak’ to grow rice. This system was developed around 1000 years ago. If one person doesn’t look after their crop, an entire village can be lost. UNESCO has now recognized it with World Heritage status.


There are a lot of stray dogs

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

Just like in India you’ll find dogs in every nook and corner of the streets, on the roads, beaches everywhere. These street dogs are really friendly. Also, it is illegal to transport or ship animals especially dogs from Bali. There are a number of shelters and rescue homes on the island for these dogs, but sadly it's still a huge problem in Bali.


Balinese Calendar

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

According to the Balinese Calendar, one year in Bali has only 210 days. The fact about Bali is due to the traditional Pawukon Calendar, the official calendar of Bali which has the year divided into 6 months, with each month consisting of only 35 days.


The temples are ethereal

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

Despite the massive invasion of tourism, Bali is full of culture, and you can barely take a couple of steps along the street before you encounter 'Canang sari' –the extensive colorful daily offering made by the Balinese Hindus.

In Bali, religion is a way of life. In temples, during ceremonial services, you’ll get to see the Balinese dressed in traditional clothing. Balinese Hindu temples are known as ‘Pura’, the place of worship for deities of Balinese Hinduism in Indonesia.


Dress code in Bali

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

Before entering any Hindu temple in Bali it is compulsory that both men and women cover their legs below the knee by using a sarong. They also should not expose too much of your upper body and your shoulders should be covered or you will not be allowed to enter the temple.

Beachwear doesn’t always help in Bali except on the beaches as in many higher-end bars, restaurants and clubs enforce a dress code.


Only Hindu Dominated Island in Indonesia

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

Indonesia is a mainly Muslim dominated country, but Bali is inhabited mostly by Hindus, who are a little different from the Hindus of India. 83 % of the people in Bali are identified as Hindu. Balinese Hinduism is very similar to Hinduism in Indian history. Balinese Hinduism can be simply defined as a combination of two beliefs that are the Mahayana Buddhism and the Shiva sect of Hinduism. In Bali, Hinduism is not really an assertive religion, but rather a result of a spiritual and calm lifestyle. The traditions that exist in Balinese Hinduism are changing over a period of time.


Kopi Luwak

10 Interesting facts you should know about Bali

The most expensive coffee in the world.

Bali is home to the most expensive coffee in the world which is made from feces of an Indonesian cat-like animal called civet. Kopi Luwak is produced from the coffee beans which have been digested. This is the main reason Kopi Luwak is also called cat poop coffee or civet cat coffee. One cup of Kopi Luwak can cost you up to 50 dollars.

Learn some local lingo

The official languages of Bali is mainly Balinese and Indonesian, of which Balinese is the native language of Bali and the Indonesian unites the whole of Indonesia. Balinese is also spoken by approximately 3.3 million people in the neighboring areas of Nusa Penida and parts of Lombok and Java. A few basic words of Bahasa Indonesia will help you a lot in Bali. Try ‘Tolong’ (please), ‘Selamat Pagi’ (good morning) and ‘Terima Kasih’ (thank you), for starters.

Here you go! So next time you visit Bali, you may want to notice all this.

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