Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Andaman and Maldives are both tropical island beach destinations, but listed here are reasons that make an Andaman trip different from a trip to the Maldives,
Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Andaman and Maldives both are among the few travel destinations that occupy everyone’s bucket list. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory of India located in the Bay of Bengal. This archipelago has about 572 islands of which 36 are inhabited. Maldives is an island country with 26 island corals and 1190 islands out of which around 200 are inhabited. Both places are rich in sand beaches, marine life, water sports and natural beauty making it difficult for everyone to choose one over the other. Still, we think Andaman is a good choice than the Maldives and here are 10 reasons why we think so. Scroll down to know more!


1. Water activities

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Both Andaman and Maldives have water sports and cool activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and parasailing. But the difference is, all these activities are quite cheaper in Andaman as compared to the Maldives particularly scuba diving and snorkeling. The activities are designed for beginners as well, unlike the Maldives where professional divers go on dive-vacations. So, now you know where to head for your next adventure vacation.


2. Beauty

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Andaman is equally beautiful as the Maldives with exotic sunny sand beaches, turquoise waters, underwater life, scenic landscapes, and greeneries.


3. Transport

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Maldives has mostly single resort islands and these islands are located quite far away from each other. This very fact makes the transport less feasible and more expensive in this place. While in Andaman, public transport such as buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, and minibusses are easily available. Plus you can also rent two-wheelers or bicycles in some islands.


4. Accommodation

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

As mentioned, Maldives has single resort islands which are quite expensive and you do not have other stay options there. Whereas in Andaman you can opt for beach resorts or cozy room stay for budget options.


5. Other activities

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Andaman has in addition volcano diving in Narcondam, a small island. However, you have to pre-book in order to get there. Andaman also has dense forests hence you can also enjoy jungle trekking here. There are deep-sea ‘catch and release’ fishing here. Why wouldn’t someone miss these?


6. Peace

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

While we agree to the fact that both these places are extremely peaceful, a simple fact that Andaman is untouched by pollution and commercialization makes it even more intriguing. Yes! Andaman, although a union territory of India runs mostly by itself and isolated from all other means.


7. History and culture

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

There is a lot about Andaman that holds its culture and history. One main historical attraction here is the Cellular Jail also known as ‘Kala Pani’. It is located in the capital, Port Blair. This jail was constructed by British rulers during their colonial rule. This is a national memorial monument that reminds the sacrifices of martyrs.


8. Connectivity

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

As regards to connectivity with the rest of the world, Andaman is the best place to cut off and enjoy the vacation uninterruptedly. Most parts of the island do not have a signal so you are forced to head out and get involved in activities that we think is the best part of this place. In the era of social media, how often does anyone get this opportunity?


9. Gifts and souvenirs

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Andaman has an amazing collection of gifts, souvenirs and home decors you can collect for yourselves or take home for your dearest ones. Pearls, fishbone home decors, shells, handicrafts, coconut handicrafts, and bamboo cane items are quite famous here. You can also find several spices here and for really cheap prices.


10. Expense 

Top 10 reasons to pick the Andaman over Maldives

Heading to our last but most concerned point, expense. Maldives is not definitely a budget-friendly place. It’s a good place if you just want to laze around without doing much. While Andaman, though less fancy, is a budget-friendly place with all the amenities as its counterpart. Simply, a trip to the Maldives costs about 2-3 times the trip to Andaman.

Whether you want your next tropical getaway to be in Malddives or the Andaman, depends on your personal trip preferences more than anything else. However, the avobe listed factors are surely going to help you out with finalizing what destination you pick, as each of them definitely has a charm, that is albeit similar yet unique. In case you do pick the Andaman islands over Maldives for your upcoming holiday, make sure to check our the government's Andaman tourism website when planning your trip.

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Andaman has a vibe very cut off from the rest of the world. You will find a number yourself lost amidst the beauty, tranquility and charm of Andaman on your Andaman trip. However, if you visit the Maldives, you will also get to engage in the hustle and bustle of city life at the various top places to visit in Maldives.
Andaman and Maldives are both exotic tropical beach destinations with white sand beaches and pristine waters. However, you will find that a stay in Andaman is overall cheaper than Maldives, as hotels, food and other amenities are more expensive in Maldives than in Andaman.
The Andaman and the Maldives are both archipelagos, or sets of island. In order to commute between the islands, you will need to take a ferry ride or a water scooter ride, whether you go to Andaman or to Maldives. However, the distances between the islands is comparatively lesser in Andaman than in Maldives.
You do not need to pre-book your Visa when planning your trip to the Maldives. You are going to get a Visa upon arrival when you land in Maldives, which will last for about 30 days. The documents required for this include only a passport that is valid for the period of next 6 months.
Water sport activities such as snorkeling and deep sea diving are available in Andaman and Maldives both. However, these activities are way cheaper in Andaman. This is majorly because water sport activities in the Maldives are more professional-based, and therefore might be over-priced for amateurs who just want to try these out on their getaway holiday for fun.
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