12 Must-Buy Souvenirs of Dubai

Dubai is one of the global shopping destinations and you must be well aware of that. So, when you go to Dubai, you need to bring out the shopaholic in you. When you go back home from here, your friends and family will wonder what you have brought for them. Rest assured because you can find anything and everything in Dubai. Among the piles of products, many unique items will act as souvenirs of your time spent here. Keep scrolling to learn about the must-buy souvenirs in Dubai.



Camel Milk Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, then you must buy the alluring camel milk chocolate here. This is a true delicacy grown in Dubai. Only one company manufactures it, Al Nassma. These used to be exclusive products of Dubai but have since been exported to Europe and other countries in Asia too. These chocolates come in the shape of a camel. Isn't that cute? You can get three varieties of these- whole milk, 70%cocoa, dates, macadamia and spiced (called Arabia).


Where to buy: Al Nassma Kiosks



Dubai Dates

These fall in the list of desserts and dried fruits as well. You will find so many varieties of dates in Dubai. Khidri, Sokari, Madjool, and Kholas are few among those. Dates are very beneficial as they provide you with energy, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium.


Where to buy: 


  • Dates souk located at Deira Food Market (They sell fresh products!)


  • Supermarkets ( for packed dates)
  • Bateel outlets


Persian Rugs

These are a bit on the expensive side but definitely worth the price. The UAE is reputed for having some of the most luxurious textiles. Dubai is the right place to start shopping for textiles. You should head over to the Dubai souks and choose from a wide range of antique Persian rugs to take back. You could even have a carpet custom made for you. 



Where to buy: 

  • Persian Carpet House
  • National Iranian Carpets
  • Bur Dubai Souk

Oudh and Bakhoor

While exploring Dubai, you will come across a unique aroma, which is that of traditional Bakhoor or Oudh. Oudh is a sort of fragrance oil derived from agarwood resin. This scent is available in the forms of pure oil, mixed oil of Oudh and other floral oils that of rose and jasmine. On the other hand, Bakhoor is the collection of agarwood chips that are burnt to generate a beautiful aroma capable to penetrate an entire room.



Where to buy: 

  • Perfume shops
  • Spice souk ( for Bakhoor)
  • Perfume Souk


Arabic Attar

Attars are essential oils derived from various plant sources. These are alcohol-free and are widely used in Dubai. There are all kinds of attars sold all around the city. You could even experiment with various mixtures and ask the perfume seller to prepare the concoction customized for you. 


Where to buy:

  • Perfume Souk at Deira
  • Perfume shops


Dubai Spices

If you wish to bring home the flavors of Dubai, then you could be very interested in buying some spices as you go back. The strong aromas will make your meals full of flavor and bring the Arabian taste to your palette. You will get freshly ground spices on sale here and the rich flavors will surely transform your dishes.


Where to buy:

  • Supermarkets
  • Spice Souk


Arabic Coffee Pots

The entire history of the Middle-East is intoxicated with coffee. This past gave birth to the world-renowned Arabica coffee. This region has made a huge contribution to the world’s craze with coffee and it is of no surprise that they had also started designing coffee pots long ago. These exquisite coffee pots are more ornamental than functional. The shape is unique with a long spout and an elegantly curved handle. 


Where to buy:

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Mall
  • Near Burj Khalifa
  • UAE
  • Mall of the Emirates


Arabian Dagger

The traditional attire of Emirati men has an important element and that is the Arabian dagger or khanjar. These are generally curved in shape with silver and gold engraved in. Originally, these were made of rhino horns and are now mostly made of wood. Some are also equipped with handles of silver, marble or sandalwood. The sheath of the dagger is generally decorated with silver-threaded weave. 


Where to buy: 

  • Yemen Pavillion
  • Global Village


Dubai is the hub for selling unique and authentic products that amuse travelers and tourists. An Arab lantern is one of the most authentic souvenirs you could bring back home or gift a loved one. Traditional Arabic homes have lanterns with stained glass and mirrors which serve well as a centerpiece to your home or space. They would serve as a nice decorative item for your home as well.



Where to buy:

  • Dragon Mart
  • Homes R Us
  • Karama

Aladdin Lamps

Although genies don’t come out of these, still these will make unique showpieces to collect at your home. Travelers will be able to find intricately carved lamps and even bargain to get these at a much lower price. The Aladdin lamps are made with utmost precision with a lot of stones and inbuilt work. This is a great thing to purchase for all those who want to decorate their homes with souvenirs.



Where to buy:

  • Karama Souq
  • Almost every souvenir shop


Gold Jewelry

Gold is the ultimate souvenir you could get from Dubai. This lasting product is available at very affordable prices in Dubai and is perfect gifts for all the extra special people in your life, for example, your family member. You will find a wide array of gold products here and have a hard time choosing from the wide range of products. 


Where to buy:

  • Dubai Gold Souk
  • Joyalukkas outlets
  • Gold and Diamond Park


Arabian Coffee

If you are a coffee lover then you should surely visit a coffee store in Dubai and get your hands on the best coffee available in the market. The coffee at Arab is known for the strong flavor and the markets in Dubai are just perfect places to buy them. 


Where to buy:


  • Dubai Souks


  • Dubai Coffee Museum




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