15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

The complete guide to all the flavors of Dehradun. You can eat at these best restaurants in Dehradun, including cafes and rooftop restaurants in Dehradun.
15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

A trip to Dehradun is incomplete without a food trip of the city. Such a food trip reveals that there is no shortage of top places to eat in Dehradun, where you will find some of the best delicacies on the menus. Only after visiting these food joints and restaurants can you call a trip to Dehradun complete. This is because, you will find immersive experiences that are much more than just eating at the resaurants, food stalls and cafes located all across town. You will find listed here some of the best family restaurants in Dehradun, and also the best restaurants for couples in Dehradun if you are planning a date in this beautiful town. This list will also help you decide the best cafe in Dehradun for you. If you wish to know everything about the cuisines you will find at these places to eat in Dehradun, then you can refer to the government's website for complete information.


Cafes and fine dining restaurants in Dehradun

Dehradun has some great dining places and highly aesthetic and pleasing cafes for the ones who savor fineness and environment in their eating experience. In fact, the cafe culture is already well-established in Dehradun. Cafes in Dehradun are fast gaining popularity, and they are actually some of the best places to eat in Dehradun. You will also find several fine dining restaurants in Dehradun too if you are looking to satiate more than just your appetite.


Kalsang AMA Cafe

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Kalsang AMA Cafe is the Dehradun branch of the AMA Cafe which started out first in Delhi. The cafe is built with a Himalayan theme, and has all the quaint aesthetics in its interiors for a complete experience. The cafe serves North Indian, Tibetan, Thai and Chinese cuisines, along with other cafe staples such as pizza and pasta. With interiors built and decorated in a very subtle yet eye-pleasing manner, your experience in Kalsang AMA Cafe is bound to be soothing.

Location: 88/A, Rajpur Road, Chironwali. Dehradun

Opening hours: 11.30 am to 10.30 pm

Speciality: Himalayan theme, Tibetan food, interiors


The Terrace Four Points By Sheraton

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

The Terrace is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Dehradun, with open seating and situated on top of the Four Points Hotel in Dehradun. The restaurant is ideal for a fancy date with a special someone, as a candlelight dinner on the rooftop of the hotel makes for a very charming feel. You will find the perfect ambience and even live music playing on the rooftop, to make your moments with your love or with your family truly delightful. The Terrace Four Points by Sheraton is actually one of the finest restaurants of Dehradun, with a bar counter for alcohol.

Location: On rooftop of Hotel Four Points at Jakhan, Rajpur Road

Opening hours: 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Specialities: North Indian, Continental, snack items such as burger and sandwich



15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Orchard in Dehradun is one of the best places to eat in Dehradun, especially for lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of the city, and provides a cozy ambience along with wooden interiors that suit the feel and mood. Eating at Orchard is a highly relaxing and enjoyable experience you would love to try out.

You can take walks towards the mountains or in the gardens as part of the Orchard experience, for a lovely morning or evening. Occasionally, you will find live bands performing on the premises of Orchard, so every visit has something new and exciting to offer. Orchard serves some of the best Thai and Chinese dishes of chicken.

Location: 3-D, Dak Patti, Rajpur Road (near MDDA Park)

Opening hours: 12.30 pm to 10 pm

Specialization: Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Momos, Carribean



15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Albeit named after the nearly 130 varieties of tea that it serves, TBistro in Dehradun offers everything you need for a complete and pleasurable experience. It has aesthetics that are crafted to suit the lifestyle of Dehradun, and items on its menu to provide you the best from every type of cuisine. TBistro is definitely amongst the top cafes in Dehradun.

TBistro runs a system of daily special items, and has soothing but lively indie music playing on its premises, to attract customers with its charm. The kehva you will find at TBistro is the most famous kehva in Dehradun. To top off the experience, you will be eating while enjoying the view of the city’s hustle and bustle going far away, making it ideal for taking a break during your busy day.

Location: 3, Old Survey Road, Dehradun (opposite Crossroads Mall)

Opening hours: 9 am to 10.30 pm

Specialization: Several different varieties of tea. munchies (North India and Chinese)


Black Pepper

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Known for its highly aesthetic and exquisite ambience, Black Pepper is counted amongst the best Indian restaurants in Dehradun. It also features a full bar, and is regarded as an ideal choice for an exciting date.

The food served at Black Pepper is known to be delicious, and proves that Black Pepper is counted as one of the best restaurants in Dehradun for a solid reason. The menu features mainly on Indian and Chinese cuisines, though dishes from other cuisines and styles are also available.

Location: 3, Astley Hall, Rajpur Road, Dehradun

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Specialization: Indian, Chinese, other top international dishes, bar


Easy eating points in Dehradun

Besides the fine dining restaurants and cafes in Dehradun, there are several eating joints scattered across the city that have garnered a name for the delicious food they serve. A food trip through the town of Dehradun is incomplete without a visit to some of these best places to eat in Dehradun.


Ellora’s Melting Moments Bakery

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Dehradun has always been on top of the bakery game. Being in establishment since before independence, Ellora’s Bakery is a name on the tip of the tongue of every resident of Dehradun. Ellora’s Melting Moments on Rajpur Road is the newest addition to the bakery’s fast-expanding network across town.

The bakery is famous for several products, such as bakery biscuits, cookies, peanut brittle and a wide variety of cakes and desserts. You will also find a number of yummy candies such as butter toffees that are unique to Ellora’s Bakery. The bakery has in-house seating, and you will find a cool and aesthetic atmosphere and a cool vibrant crowd during peak hours there.

Location: 29, Rajpur Road, Chukkuwala, Dehradun

Opening hours: 8 am to 10 pm

Specialities: Bakery biscuits, cookies, butter toffees, cakes, brownies, munchies like patties


Gaylord Ice Cream Parlor

Gaylord Ice Parlor is located near the Clock Tower, which marks the center of the city. Right as soon as you enter Paltan Bazaar from the Clock Tower Circle, you will find the famed Gaylord Ice Cream Parlor to your left side. Selling some of the tastiest ice cream cones and softies of Dehradun that start from INR 10, it is more famous amongst Dehradun’s ice cream lovers than brand parlors. You can find a range of other food items on the menu too, ranging from dosa to burger.

Location: Paltan Bazaar (near Clock Tower)

Specialities: Ice cream cones and softies of all flavors


Kumar Sweet Shop

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Located right at Clock Tower, Kumar Sweet Shop is one of the most trusted names when it comes to sweets in Dehradun. The Indian sweets available at the Kumar Sweet Shop are the most delicious, and known to be made with the highest quality ingredients. You will also find other delicacies such as lassi and Indian chaat at this sweet shop in Dehradun.

Location: MDDA Complex, Rajpur Road, Dehradun (at Clock Tower)

Opening hours: 8 am to 8.30 pm

Specialities: North Indian sweets


KC Momos and Soup Bar

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

KC Momos and Soup Bar provides some of the tastiest soups and best momos in Dehradun. There are a number of varieties available for soups on the menu, from Chinese and Tibetan cuisines. The chicken soups and momos from here have garnered a lot of attention from momo lovers in Dehradun.

With seating available over a large area, KC Momos and Soup Bar is a place definitely worth checking out on your Dehradun trip. You can also order from the parking and enjoy the food in the comfort of your car.

Location: Rajpur Road, Jakhan, Dehradun (opposite Silvercity Mall)

Opening hours: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm

Specialities: Momos, soups and thukpas


Doon Darbar

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Doon Darbar is one of the top restaurants in Dehradun. Albeit more popular for takeaway purposes, it is ideal for lovers of non-vegetarian food as chicken and other non-vegetarian delicacies of Doon Darbar are regarded to be some of the best-tasting. You will get some of the best Afghani and Mughlai cuisines, besides North Indian cuisines that will satisfy your appetite while giving you the enjoyment of taste. Visit Doon Darbar for the taste of one of the best non veg restaurants in Dehradun.

Location: 43, Gandhi Road, Dehradun (near Clock Tower)

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Specialization: North Indian, Mughlai, Afghani (featuring on non-vegetarian)


Street food joints in Dehradun

There are a number of street food stalls and moving vans that offer some of the best food in Dehradun. Besides the usual momos and spring rolls that are in fact some of the essentials to the Doon experience, there are several street-side food joints and food stalls in Dehradun that have been selling famous and lip-smacking food to the residents and lovers of Doon.


The Buffet Snacks Shop

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Buffet is an age-old eating point in Dehradun, visited by youngsters and adults alike since it came into operation. Situated at one of the commercial hubs of the city, at Rajpur Road right across Gandhi Park, the place is famous for its delicious and juicy burgers and bread rolls. In fact, people often compare the Buffet burgers to the Macdonald’s burgers. The cheap prices of Buffet’s burgers along with its great taste has helped it garner popularity, and the place always seems to be crowded.

Location: Rajpur Road (Opposite Gandhi Park, near Astley Hall

Opening hours: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm

Specialities: Snacks such as burger, bread roll, shakes


Bun Tikki Wala, Dwarka Chowk

There is a street-side stall that is famous for selling the best bun tikki in Dehradun. The exact identity of the owner of that stall is not known, but he has built a great name and fame over several years. He is lovingly referred to as Bun Tikki Wala amongst his fanbase, who flock to Dwarka Chowk on EC Road on a regular basis for his lip=smacking bun tikki.

Bun Tikki is actually a north Indian street food delicacy. The central portion (tikki) is made of potatoes while the buns are made of chana dal mixed with spices. The Bun Tikki Wala at Dwarka Chowk is known for serving crispy tikkis with perfectly heated buns, along with lip-smacking chutneys. One of the best parts of this bun tikki is that it is priced at INR 20, despite its popularity and special taste.

Location: Dwarka Chowk, EC Road

Specialities: Bun Tikki


Chetan Poori Wala, Hanuman Chowk

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

Near Hanuman Chowk in Dehradun, you will find a streetside stall by the name Chetan Poori Wala. He is famous for serving a delicious and complete Indian meal, consisting of Chhole, Aloo and Kaddu Ki Sabji along with freshly and just perfectly fried Poori. This food joint has a name for serving fresh and good quality food, and your appetite is going to be fully satisfied after your visit to Chetan Poori Wala in Dehradun. You also get Raita and Gulab Jamun as desserts, to mark off your meal at Chetan Poori Wala.

Location: Near Hanuman Chowk in Paltan Bazaar

Opening hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Specialities: Poori with Aloo, Chhole and Kaddu Ki Sabji, gulab jamun


Maggi Point in Dehradun

15 Best Places to Eat in Dehradun

On the way up to Musoorie from Dehradun, you will find a number of Maggi Points alongside the road. Offering splendid views of the Doon valley stretched out before you, eating a bowl of Maggi here is a simple yet very charming experience. The Maggi Point in Dehradun is popular amongst students and youngsters, and makes for a good and fun day out.,

Location: alongside New Mussoorie Road (after Diversion Chowk)

Specialities: Maggi cooked with soup


Chinese fast food stall at Kishan Nagar Chowk

There is a fast food stall located at Kishan Nagar Chowk that sells some of the best Chinese fast food items in Dehradun. It has a name amongst a number of people who pass by the road and stop by for some of the best momos, kebabs, noodles, gravy manchurian and gravy rolls. Albeit cheap, the taste is regarded as hard to forget, as you will cherish the taste for a long time to come.

Location: Chakrata Road at Kishan Nagar Chowk

Specialities: Chinese fast food such as manchurian and rolls

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Dehradun offers a diverse range of cuisines for you to choose from. There are several restaurants in Dehradun that serve North Indian and Chinese cuisines. You will also find several tea stalls and food trucks in Dehradun that sell delicious momos, spring rolls, kebabs, soups and chow mein. There are some famous food points in Dehradun such as Maggi Point, Chetan Poori Wala and Buffet Snacks Shop. Tibetan and Thai food is also available in plenty, especially at some of the top cafes in Dehradun, such as Chhaya Cafe and Kalsang AMA Cafe.
You will find plenty of delicious street foods in Dehradun across several food points, stalls and food trucks around town. For example, you will get the best chhole with freshly and perfectly fried poori at Chetan Poori Wala, the best aloo patty burgers at Buffet Snack Point and the tastiest maggi at Maggi Point. Other popular street food delicacies in Dehradun are momos, spring rolls, kebabs and chow mein.
Kumar Foods Restaurant, Towntable, My Wife's Place and Eggdee are amongst the best places to eat in Dehradun with family and kids. They offer a delightful atmosphere and delicious food for an enjoyable evening or afternoon in Dehradun. You can also visit the top EATERIES cafes in Dehradun with your family, such as Chhaya Cafe, KC Momos And Soup Bar and Elloara's Melting Moments Bakery.
The Terrace Four Points By Sheraton, Black Pepper, My Wife's Place and Towntable are some of the best fine dining restaurants in Dehradun. You can visit these for an exquisite and delightful way of enjoyable your quality food experience.
The Terrace Four Points by Sheraton, Mirabilia and Black Pepper are amongst the top romantic resta8urants in Dehradun, where you can enjoy a pleasing, soothing and exciting date with your partner. Chhaya Cafe and TBistro are regarded as the best cafes in Dehradun for a romantic day out. VIsiting the street stalls and aesthetically built food trucks of Dehradun can als0o be an adventurous and romantic experience that has a charm of its own.
Kumar Foods Restaurant, Black Pepper, Kalsang AMA Cafe and Orchard are amongst the best restaurants in Dehradun in terms of the vegetarian section of their menu. You can enjoy various vegetarian cuisines at these restaurants, such as North Indian, Continental and Chinese. The street food in Dehradun is also rich in delectable vegetarian items to choose from.
Besides the top restaurants in Dehradun such as Black Pepper and eateries such as KC Momos And Soup Bar, you will find lip-smacking non-vegetarian food at Doon Darbar and Punjab Grill in Dehradun. The non-vegetarian menus of these places to eat in Dehradun are extensive, and offer a diverse range of dishes to choose from.
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