15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

A great story about 15 famous historical monuments in kerala, Read about the things to do in kerala for a perfect travel experience.
15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

Time sure has left some magnificent wonders in Kerala, with the rise and fall of empires and its people. Both domestic and international tourists are sure to be mesmerized by these historical places.

The force of Colonialism and foreign invasion gave birth some of these precious historical buildings or monuments within the beautiful forests of the Malabar. All these ‘living memories’ only add more charm to Kerala’s popularity.

This paradise of lush greenery has only got more on the table for all wandering eyes.

From the bygone royal era to ancient man’s last dwelling place, to the memories of some great heroes all of these monuments represents

Kerala’s unforgettable past.

Explore the beauty of all these exciting and famous historical monuments in Kerala for a magical tryst with history.

1. Edakkal Caves, Wayanad.

An archaeologist stumbled upon the caves in 1890 that dates back to the Neolithic age. You can find many line drawings belonging to a time that dates back to 6000 BC; the earliest drawings traces back before 8000 years.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

Reach the caves by trekking uphill for about 1.5 km from the parking area below.

Edakkal caves can be found on top of a hillock precisely at over 4000 feet of altitude on Ambukuthi Mala. This group of caves is one of the tourist hot spots to visit in Wayanad.

It is 28 km from Kalpetta, 6 Kms from Ambalavayal and 14 km from Sulthan Bathery.

2. Pazhassi Raja’s resting place, Wayanad

Pazhassi Raja or Lion of Kerala was the hero who strategized guerilla warfare against the British around the year of 1800 AD. Remember the legend and bravery in this final resting place.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

The martyr took refuge in Pulpally Cave which is also nearby, before being captured by the British in 1805. The tomb is the resting place where he was cremated after being killed by the British.

Pazhassi Museum nearby houses the legendary sword that is believed to be Pazhassi Rajas. Capture the essence of those heroic times by visiting this peaceful abode of one of the first Kings of Kerala, which is located in Mananthavady.

It is 30 Km from Kalpetta.

3. Anchuthengu and Anjengo Fort, Trivandrum

Thengu means coconut tree in Malayalam and this place is not short of these tall beauties. Anjuthengu means five coconut trees and the meaning of it – well I leave that to you to figure it out yourself.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

The British called it Anjengo fort for their ease, and the East India Company built it during the 17th century. It was the first major trading station of the East India Company, making it historically significant.

Used as the first signaling station for all the ships arriving in Kerala, Anjuthengu stands 36 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

Kadakkavur is the nearest railway station, and the nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport.

4. Bekal Fort, Kasargod

Bekal fort, in Kasargod, stands like a mysterious guard holding his watch over the vast Arabian shoreline. It is undoubtedly the largest and best-preserved fort you can get to see in Kerala. Also find the water-tank with its stairway, a mosque and a Hanuman temple at the entrance. The fascinating view of the area around the fort makes it one must-visit place of Kerala.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

Pallikkara, Kasaragod and Kanhangad railway stations are the nearest railway stations.

5. Paradesi synagogue or the Jewish synagogue, Mattancherry

Jewish synagogue or Paradesi synagogue contains relics like Belgian glass chandeliers; brass railed pulpits, gold crowns and copper plates made in the 10th century. The floor is made up of 18th-century handcrafted porcelain tiles of China, and every single tile is different.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

The visitors are allowed inside the synagogue from 10 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm on all days except Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

The place is near to to Mattancherry palace in Jew Street.

6. Padmanabhapuram Palace, Trivandrum

This list would never be complete without mentioning the well-preserved wooden palace that beckons travelers and an equal number of archeologists. The exquisite carvings, shiny granite floor (you must leave your footwear outside to protect it), beautiful 18th-century murals, mysterious underground passage and vibrant mica windows, it has something for everyone. Get seduced by the richness of Travancore dynasty that ruled the Southern Kerala.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

It is 64 km away from Thiruvananthapuram city.

November to May is the best time to visit the palace.

The visiting time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all days except Mondays and national holidays.

It is sixteen km from Nagercoil railway station in Tamil Nadu, nearest airport – Thiruvananthapuram International airport.

You can also check out here the top 10 famous hindu temples to visit in Kerala.

7. Krishnapuram or Alappuzha Palace, Alappuzha

Marthanda Varma, the Maharaja of Travancore, occupied it in the 18th century. Mystery shrouds the exact origin and age of the palace. Get to see the rarest Kerala style architecture, like dormer windows, gabled roofs, and narrow corridors.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

Now it houses an archaeological museum, showcasing the places great exhibits, like the 49 Sq. Meter Gajendra Moksham. It is the largest mural painting ever to be discovered in Kerala.

It is 49 Kms from Alappuzha

8. St.Francis Church

St.Francis Church is the first European Church built in India and is located on Parade Road in Fort Kochi, less than 1 Km from Kochi Beach.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

Proud to be India’s first European Church it was originally named Santo Antonio, the patron Saint of Portugal. The Church portrays the period of European colonial power. It was in fact first a fort built in 1503 by Alphonso Albuquerque, after gaining the Rajah of Cochins permission.

It is 13 km from Ernakulam South Junction Railway Station.

9. Dutch Palace

The Portuguese built the Dutch Palace or Mattancherry Palace and then it got renovated by the Dutch during their rule. Again here, European architecture welcomes you with its dashing white walls and sloping roof.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

Don’t be surprised to find the little temple in the palace and the mural paintings portraying Hindu mythologies.

It is open to visitors from 10 am to 5 pm on all days except Friday. Quite close to Cochin City, boat service or road gets you here.

10. Thalassery Fort, Kannur

This fort which is at the heart of Thalassery city, was, in fact, the military center of the British, and is one reminder of their colonial imperialism. The East India Company constructed it housing secret tunnels, carved doors, and two underground chambers.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

The nearest railway station is Thalassery railway station. Ample bus, auto, and taxi services help you get here.

11. Gundert Bungalow

Dr. Hermann Gundert lived for 20 years in this magnificent bungalow, which witnessed crucial milestones of the Malayalam language. The famous German priest and lexicographer compiled the first Malayalam dictionary and also published the oldest Malayalam newspaper, right from this historic bungalow.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

It is 20 km from Kannur.

Thalassery bus stand and Thalassery railway station are quite near to Gundert Bungalow.

12. Kanakakunnu Palace

This tropical beauty smites Nature lovers in Trivandrum, thanks to its pristine meadows, groves and bright flowers that surrounds this palace of dreams. Once you step inside, get welcomed by ancient furniture and glittering crystal chandeliers reminiscent of the Travancore Dynasty.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

13. Palakkad Tipu’s Fort, Palakkad

Fifteen acres of land has well preserved the historical place, which is Palakkad very own Tipu’s fort. It witnesses the invasion from both the Mysore and British Kingdoms.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

The fort is in the center of Palakkad town. Palakkad railway station is the nearest railway station. You can get here via Coimbatore airport; that is 55 km from here or via Cochin International Airport that is 140 km far.

14. Ambalavayal Heritage Museum, Wayanad

Attracting lot of historians and archeologists is the Ambalavayal Heritage or Wayanad Heritage Museum that houses rare articles belonging to ancient times. It is easily one of the largest heritage museums of Kerala that will amaze you with the rare tribal relics and artifacts that date back to 2nd century AD.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

It is 12 km south of Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad district.

Karipur international airport, Kozhikode railway station and ample bus services from Kozhikode to Sulthan Bathery, makes this an easy to travel place.

15. Kannur Fort, Kannur

Kannur fort which is also known as St. Angelo’s fort, is in the Kannur cantonment area by the shore of the Arabian sea. This beautiful historical monument is one of the top most visited places of Kannur. It is also the favorite shooting location for many bollywood films.

15 Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala

It is 3 km away from Kannur town.

Kannur railway station is the nearest railway station.

Ample bus, auto, taxi services help you get to the fort.

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