4 Distinct Places of Thailand That Will Impress You

A great story about 4 distinct places of thailand that will impress you, Read about the things to do in thailand for a perfect travel experience.
4 Distinct Places of Thailand That Will Impress You

Thailand is a must-visit place for everyone who loves delicious food, tropical islands, sandy beaches, and a rich culture. Whether this place is on your list or not, you must go here once. The best time to visit Thailand is between November to April. You can enjoy the tropical warm weather and much more during this season.

Although English is widely spoken in the country, your job gets easier if you learn the key phrases. There are numerous places in Thailand that will flatter you. But, unfortunately, you can’t cover all of them in a single trip unless you plan to stay there for a couple of months. Here are 4 places in Thailand that will impress you. Check them out!


4 Distinct Places of Thailand That Will Impress You

The country’s very own capital and the most populous city is very well known for its Bustling Streets, Delicious Food, Thai Temples, and Nightlife. You can stay in hotels with amazing views and great amenities at decent prices. Do not miss a visit to The Grand Palace and Buddha temples here. It’s suggestible to take a guide with you to explain the history of each detail. Another exciting place around Bangkok is Ayutthaya. A day trip to this place which is around 80 km away from Bangkok will be worth cherishing. Ayutthaya is Siam’s old capital. This place was burnt during invasions and the leftover construction material was used to build the current Grand Palace of Bangkok. You can enjoy the culture and ancient history of the place. On top of all of it, you can’t miss Bangkok’s food stalls, street bars, massages,, and flea markets.



Chiang Mai

4 Distinct Places of Thailand That Will Impress You

This is another gem of Thailand. Chiang Mai is a total contrast to Bangkok and you can enjoy peace and quietness of the place here. There are quite a few temples with intricate architecture. Doi Suthep is a temple you shouldn’t miss visiting. It’s on the mountain top and has an interesting history affiliated to it. You can take Thai cooking classes where you get to cook delicious Thai food and also learn its history. Chiang Mai also has Elephant sanctuaries which were known to have established to save elephants from abuse. You can go there and spend time with elephants, feed them and learn more facts about the locality and culture. A one day trip to Chiang Rai which is close to this place will be a great idea too. You can visit the White Temple, Blue temple, etc. in Chiang Rai. Chiang Mai is a good place for trekking and cycling as well.



Railay Beach

4 Distinct Places of Thailand That Will Impress You

Thailand has a spectacular collection of exotic beaches and this is the best of them. This beach is known for its beautiful turquoise waters and limestone cliffs. This will be one of the most picturesque places you’ll ever visit. You can roam around in the beach and soak in the sun or go for adventure activities. Rock climbing is one of the famous adventure activities. From absolute beginners to experienced climbers everyone enjoy this activity with or without the assistance of guides. You can climb this cliff which is 1,000 ft tall and get to the top which is called Railay beach viewpoint. From this point, you can see ridiculously beautiful landscapes. For photography lovers, this place will be heaven.


Koh Phi Phi

4 Distinct Places of Thailand That Will Impress You

This is another interesting place to visit in Thailand. Koh Phi Phi is known for its gorgeous islands, fancy resorts and nightlife. It is basically a party paradise. If you are a party freak, you have multiple things to do here. The place has fire dances, beach bars, drinking activities and booze cruises where you can get unlimited booze. You can enjoy island hopping cruise parties here and you’d love them. They have live DJs and performances along with activities like snorkeling and paddleboarding, etc. You can also find a variety of luxurious resorts and multiple spa options here. You can simply walk around the mountainsides and enjoy the nature. You can stay in a vibrant party hostels if you are a backpacker and the fun is unlimited.



Simply put, Thailand is a place you’d want to visit again and again. From budget backpacking to staying for months, it’s a place for everyone. A trip of 10-15 days will be decent enough to cover most of the iconic places in the country. So, plan accordingly and get the most of this royal country which is otherwise known as ‘Land of white elephants’.


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