5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

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5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

Everyone who’s been to Dubai or knows about it can’t stop talking about its sky-high buildings, bustling roads, luxury shopping, and rich nightlife. But there is more to Dubai than just this. There are a plethora of epic activities that most tourists turn a blind eye to. Here are five of the most interesting things you can do in Dubai!

Desert Safari

5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

This is one of the most exclusive and highly recommended activities to do in Dubai. You can enjoy nature’s beauty with air-conditioned rides in the Dubai desert and it’s totally worth the money. The desert safari is inclusive of other activities like camel riding and sandboarding. You can also go for overnight desert safari after watching the beautiful sunset. In this, you can enjoy belly dance shows, lavish dinner options and much more. Next time you head to Dubai, dare not miss this!


Hot air ballooning 

5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

Remember when we were kids and were super excited to see hot air balloons on TVs? You can make your dream come true here in Dubai. You can take a hot air balloon ride and gaze at the scenic desert and enjoy your time with your family or friends. At a time, 24 people can board a basket and this experience is going to be the one you’ll never forget.

Dubai Creek

5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

Drive along the Dubai creek in dinner cruise that offers spectacular views, luxury accommodations, and delicious cuisine options. The ride is of 2-3 hours and you can marvel all throughout the ride at the beautiful city lights while enjoying the beats of Arabian music and dinner at just 57.24 AED or 1110 INR. This cruise also has golf and yacht club so get you ready for more!


Helicopter ride

5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

Isn’t it amazing to see the iconic destinations of the place from a plane view? A helicopter ride is one other exhilarating thing to do in Dubai. You can stare at Dubai skyline, Burj Khalifa and many other city attractions from the copter. Helidubai and Atlantis the Palm hotels are the two companies that offer these rides. You can sit in the copter sipping your coffee or tea and see the iconic places pass by. This experience is going to be a memorable one for a lifetime.


Dubai Dolphinarium

5 adventurous things to do in Dubai

Have you ever danced with dolphins or played with seals? If not cut these things off your list in Dubai. Dubai Dolphinarium has several dolphins, seals and exotic birds performing playful activities making it one of the top indoor attractions of Dubai. You can dive into pools and enjoy with Dolphins, get pictures with seals. You can have fun time singing, dancing and playing with the most intelligent and playful water animals. 

These are a few of the most recommended activities in Dubai that most people do not know. Some of these activities may be expensive. But hey, Dubai itself is such an expensive place to visit so why not spend some more bucks to get lifetime memories. Do not miss these activities on your next trip to Dubai!


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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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