5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

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5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

After a long day of walking across Colombo, take a break from the busy streets and sit back with a steaming cup of coffee. Whether you're searching for a warm environment, delicious pastries or just a quality coffee makeover, here's our guide to the best of Colombo's cafes. Colombo is the commercial hub of Sri Lanka, where visitors come to stay and have a good time. While the skyscrapers seem to overtake this bustling city, Colombo has managed to retain its colonial charm.

Whether you're looking for the perfect environment to relax in, or you need great value for money, the cafes listed below will make you happy!


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

There's no way that you're not going to love the rich flavor and strong fragrance of their coffee varieties. Customer service is also outstanding and the staff members are very helpful. The only drawback, however, is their price, which is a bit high relative to other coffee shops. Nevertheless, if you don't mind it as long as the quality is above average, then this is a great place. They have four branches in Colombo, so you can choose the one that is in the most convenient location for you.


Choco Luv

5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

Serving all things chocolate, Choco Luv is best known for its famous milkshakes, but also offers coffee and teas. This coffee and candy shop is a real heaven for lovers of tasty delicacies and has many international brands, such as Nutella, Kinder Candy or Ferrero Roche, which are hard to find in the capital of Sri Lanka. Soft yellow lighting and plush leather sofas build a welcoming environment in which tourists can enjoy exceptional milkshake varieties or choose from a menu featuring international and local foods, from tacos to burgers, and steaks.


The Commons Coffee House

5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

The Commons Coffee House is one of the oldest coffee houses in Colombo and is popular with locals and tourists alike. They have a lot of coffee choices, and here you can get your hands on your favorite cup. Their menu is a mix of western-style food, typical Sri Lankan cuisine, and has some great vegetarian choices as well.


Coco Veranda

5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

Coco Veranda remains one of Colombo's most popular coffee shops and offers top-quality gourmet coffee. The Filicori beans are shipped from Bologna all the way, and the drink menu offers a wide range of cocktails. The food menu comprises of a number of sweets and main meals. Located in Ward Street, Coco Veranda's room radiates warmth.


E- Cafe

5 Best Cafes in Sri Lanka

As the name implies, E-Cafe Colombo focuses on helping its consumers get their work done while sipping a good cup of coffee or enjoying a delicious snack. Since it has free Wi-Fi and handy plug points around to charge your gadgets, it's the ideal place for workaholics. The vivid black and yellow-themed atmosphere take you back in time with music that complements it beautifully. The cozy large seats should make you warm, and if you don't have anything to do, get a book to read from one of the shelves around!

The list of coffee shops in Colombo doesn't stop here, and you're likely to be entertained by the number of cafés and restaurants in the region as you drive. The options here made to you are special in their own way and appeal to various types of customers.

Samip Shah
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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