5 Perfect Ideas To Plan A Romantic Trip To Maldives

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5 Perfect Ideas To Plan A Romantic Trip To Maldives

Pure white sand, turquoise waters, over-water resorts, luxurious spas- Maldives is the perfect destination for a romantic trip. The islands are small, and at times, the resort covers the entire island. Thus, it is you, your loved one, and the vast sea. For the social bees, the resorts arrange beach games, clubs, and disco parties. You also get to do thrilling activities like snorkeling, parasailing, water skiing, etc. You can opt for romantic photoshoots in picturesque backgrounds to create loveable memories. So, here are a few tips for you to plan your trip to this scenic island nation.


1.  Plan a short luxury trip

People arrive in the capital city of Male. From there, one has to take speedboats or seaplane to reach the resort islands. The islands have private ownership and offer unmatched luxury. Sun decks, water gardens, minibars, underground wine cellars, and underwater spa treatments- you feel like staying in surreal heaven. Some of them even have private beaches for couples. You can roam around the sands and customize to have candlelight dinners with the love of your life on the pristine shores.

Here the transfer between the islands is costly. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a resort of your choice and enjoy the vacation there.

5 Perfect Ideas To Plan A Romantic Trip To Maldives


2.  Try out the water villas

Choose a water villa to make the best out of your vacation to the island nation. With the glass floors, over-the-water hammocks, it gives a feel of living on top of the azure ocean waters. You can also personalize your stay with the options of private pools, jacuzzi, and butler services. The clear water in lagoons lets you see fish and even little sharks swim below the glass floor. The Maldives has the largest number of water villas in the world. The most spectacular among these is the Gili Lankanfushi water resort. It is spread across 15000 square feet, and you can snorkel, dive, play games, go fishing, or enjoy the ocean scenery while sipping a glass of Merlot sitting on a sundeck.

5 Perfect Ideas To Plan A Romantic Trip To Maldives


3.  Must-do water activities

Right from the bird's view of atolls from the seaplane, the soothing sound of waves, the stunning coral reefs, and the luxurious villas make the place a paradise on the Earth. But you feel the magic of the Maldives as you step into crystal clear blue waters. Sea turtles, rays, fishes of various sizes and hue, colorful reefs- you can see them all even when you do not know how to swim. All you need to do is learn the snorkeling lesson given by the resort authorities. Initially, explore the shallow-water reefs, and once you feel confident, go for deep-sea snorkeling. The sea here is an excellent choice for scuba diving for the avid divers and the brave ones. You get into the inky blue water to witness unique coral reefs, underwater volcanoes, and vivid marine life. You can also choose adventure sports like parasailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, windsurfing, etc. A more romantic thing to do is to take a slow walk in the underwater marine world.

5 Perfect Ideas To Plan A Romantic Trip To Maldives


4.  Go on a sunset cruise

The islands are near the equator and offer a spectacular sunset view when the blue world turns orange. Though you can relax on your resort deck and watch the event, it is more thrilling to see it from the middle of the ocean. Going on a sunset cruise is almost a ritual at the resorts here. You can have panoramic views of the lagoons, beaches, and the Sun. The sky changes from shades of yellow to pink and purple as the orange drops. During the sunset, you can watch dolphins, rays, and even whales on the water surface. You can go for a cruise that offers a cocktail party on board or make the time more romantic by taking a private yacht. Another option is to go by the traditional Maldivian Dhoni boat. It is not motorized, and you can do some fishing too.


5.  Visit the capital city


The Maldives is a chain of 1200 low-lying islands. Some of them are privately-owned and have resorts, and in some, the locals live. But, you need the permission of government authorities to go to the inhabited islands. One of the best ways to get a glimpse of local life is to explore the capital city.  As you arrive at the Male airport, you can allocate some time to go around before heading to the resorts. Or, you can also plan the city tour while returning. Male is densely populated with the hustle and bustle of city life. You can visit iconic places like the Hukuru Miskiy Mosque, the National Museum, and the Islamic center. Visiting the local markets and the souvenir shops completes your trip to a foreign country. Moreover, once you try out the public ferries, you can explore the islands better.


Final Thoughts


Criss-cross the coral reefs, and spend your romantic vacation lavishly in the glass-floored overwater private bungalow in the islands of Maldives. The resorts serve multi-cuisine food, and there are many options for vegetarians and vegans. There is an undersea restaurant too. A trip to the Maldives is incomplete without getting into the turquoise-blue waters. So, bring out the adventurer in you and dive in together.

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