5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon

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5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon

Kerala is popularly known as God’s own country and by God, it couldn't be any more evident than in the Monsoon. Let us tell you why you should be down there and not anywhere else in the coming Monsoon.

Backwaters are stunning

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon

Hiring a traditional houseboat and sailing down the backwaters is beautiful at any time, but during the monsoon, it is a totally distinct encounter. The richness of this land becomes evident when it is exuding with marine life, land animals and plant species. The rain also adds to the serenity of being on a houseboat and this experience is complete with a loved one.

Tourists are limited in number

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon

Monsoon is a time of thinking, romance, and peace. The rain and thunder are so soothing that one begins to think about the deeper questions in life. Visiting Kerala at such a time helps as it low on tourists and the peace and quiet add to the amorous ambiance.  


Abundance of water

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon


The rains bring in so much water in the rivers and waterfalls that they turn mystical and dreamlike. The rain also brings in low lying clouds which sit like crowned jewels on the landscape making Kerala seem oh so pretty! 


Abundance of Greenery

5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon


With heavy rain comes the abundance of flora making the forests, hills and tea gardens rich and green. Places like Munnar and Thekkady look enchanting during this time. Walking through the windy tracks down the tea gardens of Munnar feeling the raindrops against your skin rejuvenates you in a manner that is incomparable.  



5 Reasons To Visit Kerala In The Monsoon

Sometime in August to September the festival of Onam is celebrated in all of Kerala, celebrating the harvest season. The famous boat races or Vallamkali take place during this auspicious time and everywhere is decorated with flowers and traditional garlands. Families make delicious meals that are native to the state and markets come alive as everyone is out buying sweets and new outfits to celebrate this festival which lasts around ten days. It is an unforgettable experience to be part of these festivities. 

Renting a homestay or a houseboat will perfect your holiday in Kerala during the monsoon season. If you are tired of city life and wish to explore paradise, this is the correct season to head down a de-stress. You will see first hand why this is, in fact, God’s own country! 

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