5 Things to do in Johannesburg

A great story about 5 things to do in johannesburg, Read about the things to do in johannesburg, south africa for a perfect travel experience.
5 Things to do in Johannesburg

When in Johannesburg, you never call it Johannesburg. You may call it Jozi, Jo’burg, Egoli, City of Gold, JHB.. but not Johannesburg. Here is list of activities you could try out while visiting the vibrant heart of South-Africa.

These abandoned cooling towers are a must for people who don’t mind risking their limb, life and sanity while in Johannesburg. You can chose to either bungee jump, SCAD freefall, rock-climb, paint-ball or just soak the beautiful sunset from the top of the tower. Then there is the restaurant Chaf Pozi (which means ‘our secret place’), nestled at the foot of the towers. Feast on traditional meat while enjoying a drink at the veranda.

5 Things to do in Johannesburg




1) Twin Towers

5 Things to do in Johannesburg


2) Experience the Johannesburg Nightlife

Liquor is surprisingly cheap in Jozi hence aiding to the lively and dynamic nightlife of Johannesburg. Melville is one of the most popular areas with dozens of little bars around the Seventh Street. You might want to go pub-hopping along the famous Greenside strip which has a club for club for every mood and genre. If looking for something up-street, check out Katzy’s at the Rosebank mall.

5 Things to do in Johannesburg


3) The curious case of Maboneng Precint

Maboneng Precint translates to “place of light” in Sotho. It probably is Johannesburg’s, wait no, South-Africa’s hippiest urban enclaves. Rightly claimed as the center for creative energy of Johannesburg artists, it has a lot to offer.

You could visit The Bioscope which screens local films and promotes regional talent through talks and live music performances or visit Curiocity Backpackers where charming Bheki Dube would offer you guided experiences through Johannesburg’s inner city.

Try out some African cuisine at Pata Pata or sip a beer at artisan brewery Smack!

5 Things to do in Johannesburg


4) Let’s go to market

Its time to explore the local market now! Johannesburg is host to a variety of unique and exciting marketplaces. Take a stroll at the Arts on Main market in Maboneng Precint every Sunday from 10am-3pm, with a night market on the first Thursday night of every month. Go antique shopping at the Melville Farmer’s market hosted on the first Saturday of every month. The Neighbourgoods market is a foodie’s paradise with a wonderful sitting area and a number of lively clothing and design stalls. Take home some vintage and second-hand items or shop for African craft at Rosebank rooftop market hosted every Sunday from 9am-5pm.

5 Things to do in Johannesburg


5) Hop in a Taxi

Johannesburg doesn’t have an extensive bus-network. Instead there are thousands of 8-seater vans, fondly called Taxis that connect the major districts of Johannesburg. A taxi-ride is definitely not for the faint hearted, but the ecosystem inside it is worth the experience. Not to mention they are dirt cheap as compared to the metered cabs. Stare at the vibrant streets as your cab traverses through them.

5 Things to do in Johannesburg

If you are in Johannesburg these 5 things to do will help in soaking in this amazing city!

Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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