6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

A great story about 6 things to do in singapore – most recommended experiences, Read about the things to do in singapore for a perfect travel experience.
6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

I just loved Singapore! It is clean, safe, efficient and everything that an ideal city should be. It was only the first of many more visits to come, of that I was sure. I spend 3 days in Singapore and enjoyed every moment of it. My plan for Singapore was a bit of sudden and thanks to Indigo, I was able to get an affordable flight from Chennai to Singapore.

3 days in Singapore are definitely not enough. But, I was able to cover most of the best attractions in Singapore. From my experience, I have penned down 6 recommended things to do in Singapore along with some travel tips.

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1. Visit the Merlion

It’s the most obvious tourist spot in Singapore. However the charm of this place is marvellous. I would suggest making two trips to this place – one during the day and the other at night. The lights and the view from here is simply breath taking at night as the glory of a thriving city is stretched till the horizon. If you have time, you might want to sit on the steps and just take it all in. A small walk from there will take you to an art gallery and some high end stores on the way to a beautiful MRT station.

6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

2. Enjoy your time at Sentosa Island

You can reach the island by train or take the cable car that offers a stunning 360-degree view. The island has many attractions which I missed out on due to shortage of time; Night safaris, beach clubs, river safaris, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Butterfly Kingdom are some of them. It seems like a couple of days here would be well spent while in Singapore. The thriving nightlife on this island is also an experience to revel in.

6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

3. Spend a day at Universal Studios

Also present on the Island is Universal studios; however you would have to spend an entire day here if you wish to cover all the rides and watch the parade in evening. Adrenaline junkies would love the Transformers and the mummy rides, I warn the weak-hearted to avoid these. Long queues and the heat might be a hurdle so go well prepared for the day; a weekday would be well suited for the same. This is something you cannot miss when in Singapore.

6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

4. Explore Clarke Quay and Boat Quay

Dinner at a restaurant by the river, a walk to Clarke Quay followed by some dancing at a good club is a perfect way to spend the night in Singapore. You can also find a shots place here which boasts of a record number of shots available. You can catch an ice cream vendor doing a few fun tricks to impress his customers and entertain the crowd. Even if you aren’t much of a drinker or dancer, taking a walk around this place is a must. And yes, do try the unusual food you find there; it will certainly be memorable. You can also take a ride in one of the river taxis, it would provide a beautiful view of the place at night. Thrill seekers could opt for the G-Max Reverse Bungee located by the river which throws you into the direction of Singapore’s skyline.

6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

5. Treat yourself to Shopping

Street shopping leads you straight to Bugis street where you can find anything starting from as low as $5. You could find some excellent stuff here and would also land up bargaining. China town is another place where we found some unique stuff to bring back home. For high end shopping you would need to head to the stores at the Marina Bay Sands, Haji lane or the malls at Bugis Junction. Gadget buffs head to Sim Lim square for electronics paradise. The place is a 4 to 5 story tall heaven filled with an innumerable number of devices and appliances. Shopping is something you have to indulge in Singapore!

6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences

6. Take a stroll at Marina Bay Sands/Gardens by the bay

Nature lovers could take a stroll at the Gardens by the Bay – on the list of top ten indoor gardens or the Singapore Botanical gardens. Unfortunately the day we went the skywalk was under maintenance, we did however wander around the gardens for a while. You could also visit the Art Science Museum and other attractions at the Marina Bay Sands like the Sky Park and light shows. You also have the Singapore Flyer or Tiger sky tower for those interested in a view from the top.

6 Things to do in Singapore – Most Recommended Experiences


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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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