7 Reasons why Rishikesh might be perfect for a backpacker

A great story about 7 reasons why rishikesh might be perfect for a backpacker, Read about the things to do in rishikesh, uttarakhand, india for a perfect travel experience.
7 Reasons why Rishikesh might be perfect for a backpacker

Have you ever wondered about the best place for backpackers in India? If you have secretly yearned to experience the feeling of the old Indian monks and meditate near the river Ganges, then visiting Rishikesh must be in your itinerary this year. Famous as a spiritual destination surrounded by the gigantic Himalayas, covered by blankets of clouds Rishikesh is the ultimate destination for backpackers in India.

The charm of Rishikesh will coerce you to explore the place till you hopelessly fall in love with this North Indian paradise. The hidden beaches, serene waterfalls, breath-taking sunset and above all the people of this place make Rishikesh a wonderland.

Listed below are the seven best reasons to visit Rishikesh for any tourist seeking thrill, adventure and serenity.

Rishikesh: The home of Yoga

If you are interested in Yoga, that will probably be the first reason to visit Rishikesh. Situated in the Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is synonymous to Yoga. Wherever you go, you will find Yoga retreats and posters talking about the upcoming ones. The very sight of so many people around you interested in Yoga and enjoying the ultimate fitness science will make you feel motivated.

Watch the sun swim in the Ganges:

Hold your breath as you watch the shimmering red ball of fire immerse and purify itself in the sacred Ganges. The mirror image of the sun and the clear Sky in the waters of river Ganga cast a spell on its audience. The sight is so spellbinding that you might find yourself heading to watch the sunset everyday while in Rishikesh. In fact, there are many hotels in Rishikesh which are located right at the river banks! So you can stay in one and just walk up to the magnificent river every evening.

It’s like a Broadway play without having to pay for the tickets. You can add to the color and fervor of this magical experience by watching the sun enter its abode as you raft through the Ganga.

7 Reasons why Rishikesh might be perfect for a backpacker

Shopping the ‘Rishikesh Way’:

If you want to bring home a taste of Incredible India then you must mingle with the locals and shop in Rishikesh. The local stalls offer everything under the sun starting from Madhubani art work to local handicrafts to beautiful jewellery that promises an old-world charm. The vendors and shopkeepers are very friendly. They will make you feel welcome. However, there is always scope of negotiation while shopping.

The magnificent Himalayas will witness your presence:

Wherever you go in Rishikesh the mighty Himalayas will keep a watch on you. The Himalayas are the omnipresent guardian of Rishikesh and hold on to this place like a mother holds her child in her safe and loving arms. Take a hike up the mountains and enjoy the waterfalls if you are up for the challenge.

Experience the gastronomic delight:

Rishikesh is a food lover’s Paradise. The diversity of the food that you can find here can charm you out of your wits. Eating fresh fruits for breakfast while sitting beside the river will give you a feeling of joy as you sit close to nature. The restaurants in this pilgrim destination will exhilarate you with its delicacies and flavours. However one mustn’t miss the street food that Rishikesh offers. It packs the food of several worlds to delight and mesmerize your olfactory senses.

7 Reasons why Rishikesh might be perfect for a backpacker

Rediscover your spirituality:

Rishikesh is a place of magic and spirituality. If you have ever been to a carnival and enjoyed it, then you are sure to have a memorable vacation in Rishikesh. Don’t get too worked up if you come across a paranormal experience. The people here wouldn’t cease to amaze you with their skills and talent of palmistry, natural healing and spirituality. The spirituality that they practice is beyond religion and no matter which religion you follow, you are bound to experience an extravaganza of a lifetime.

7 Reasons why Rishikesh might be perfect for a backpacker

Rejuvenate yourself on the secret beaches:

Rishikesh has some of the best secret beaches in the world. Of-course, there is no vast ocean here, but only the mighty Ganges. If you have fantasized spending some quality time on gorgeous secluded beaches, then this is your chance to live your dream. These beaches are best visited in groups as you can sit on the edge of the river and enjoy the steady current while you listen to your favourite song with friends. It’s a blissful experience that will wipe off all your stress and worries and help you come back, totally rejuvenated.

Overall, Rishikesh can offer everything that a backpacker is looking for in a destination. Be it food, people, experiences, attractions or spirituality, Rishikesh has it all. If you want to avoid the tourists, you can consider going in the winter months. It would be a bit cold, but you will be able to spend a more peaceful time.

Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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