7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

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7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

Hiking enthusiasts will readily agree to the fact that a hike is all they need to recharge. It entails switching from a monotonous routine to a pleasantly challenging one. With so many places to explore, hiking will never run out of style. It takes a great deal of creativity for you to enjoy each of your hiking episodes. Exploring the very same location every single time is a sure ingredient to eventual boredom.

Other factors that would determine the outcome of your hiking expeditions are the items you pack. Here are 7 things that you should never miss in your backpack when going for a weekend hike.


A Spacious Backpack

7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

 It would not be possible to bring along all the other items without a convenient backpack. Picking one can be quite challenging especially for a first-time hiker.

To enjoy every bit of your experience, pick a backpack that’s lightweight and spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings. A good backpack should offer timely insight on all the essential items to pack and what will only be a waste of space.


Here are more factors to consider when buying a backpack;

  • Comfortable straps – Since you’ll be carrying a fairly heavy backpack, ensure that the straps are padded to offer you all the comfort you need.
  • A hip belt – This should not be viewed as a luxury since it helps keep the backpack in place even when it’s a tad bit too heavy.
  • The back panel should be padded – This feature protects your back and makes your backpack more comfortable to carry.
  • Water-resistant backside – An exterior that protects your items from getting wet in case of an impromptu change of weather is priceless. 


Always keep your backpack organized during packing to enjoy its full benefits.


Water Bottle

7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

Water is highly essential for tiresome exercise such as hiking. It helps replenish all the bodily fluid you may lose in the process. A good water bottle is just as important and must fulfill a set of requirements to pass as a useful item.


The existence of so many water bottles may be a bit confusing at first especially when all you need is water to see you through the hiking weekend. To be on the safe side, look out for these features;

  • It must be lightweight – It’s no use carrying a water bottle that will weigh you down. Choose one that will give you an easy time throughout your hike.
  • Must fit in your backpack – Convenience is key especially when you only want to grapple with just one baggage. Ensure your water bottle can fit perfectly into the bottle compartment of your backpack. 
  • Rubber handle – This ensures a firm grip even when your hands become moist for some reason.


A Bike

7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

Sometimes hiking is not always about endless hours of trekking in the hot sun on rugged terrain. Bringing a bike along is more fun since it allows you to explore further at a more relaxed pace.

Transporting your bike to the hiking location requires intense planning. For instance, a bike carrier for car may not be such an easy feature to come across.

On the bright side, you can get creative by disassembling some parts of your bike and then assembling them when you’re ready to use it for your hike.


Hiking Shoes

7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

Due to the inconsistent terrain, you’ll encounter, your shoes will do justice and make it a worthwhile experience. Safari boots are the most recommended due to their tough soles that spell out durability.

The long hours of hiking will cause your feet to perspire, making them uncomfortable. When shopping for hiking shoes, pick the ones that have breathable features.


Essential Hike Clothing

7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

Do some research on your preferred hiking location first before packing your hiking apparel. The likes of hiking tights, good socks, sunglasses, gloves, jacket, hat, and shirts must always be in your backpack.

Shopping for hiking clothes requires you to pay attention to every detail. For example, only pick socks that are made from fabric that is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Sunglasses need not be ordinary ones. Go for those that offer full eye protection to prevent your eyes from getting damaged by the scorching sun.



7 Things To Pack While Going For Weekend Hiking

Now that you’re prepared for a whole weekend of hiking, pack sufficient snacks. Sandwiches are a more preferable option since they hold the capacity to sustain you for long hours.

Top them up with dry snacks to help you keep up your strength. Fruits such as bananas are a welcome idea because they balance the hiking diet.


Miscellaneous Items

These are the ones that you might need along the way in your weekend hiking trip. They include; tissue paper, penknife, emergency kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, and so on.

Think of all the items you use regularly but not daily. This helps you pack miscellaneous items without leaving anything behind.


Final Thoughts

Hiking can be fun when you pack everything you need. It does have many benefits and you can regard it as the exercise that your body needs. Choose your location wisely since it sets the stage for the rest of the hiking expedition.






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