7 x Things To Do in Singapore (2-day guide)

A great story about 7 x things to do in singapore (2-day guide), Read about the things to do in singapore for a perfect travel experience.
7 x Things To Do in Singapore (2-day guide)

Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, when arriving in this city you will have the feeling that you just entered the future. Singapore is a great mix of architecture, green parks, smelling species and altogether one of the cleanest cities in the world. Until 1965 Singapore was part of Malaysia. Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands are just a few of the city’s iconic sights. It is super easy to get around the city so we made a 2-day guide of great things to do in Singapore.

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1. Cloud Forest – Top Thing To Do in Singapore

Singapore’s Cloud Forest is part of the ‘city garden’ concept. This forest inside a glass dome looks like it arrived straight out of space. Inside the dome is the mist of a 35-meter high waterfall that welcomes you. From there, see many kinds of different rare plants from all over the world. You will be able to take the elevator up to the Treewalk top where you can walk around and admire 6 different levels of the futuristic forest.

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Behind all of this is a very, very good lesson: Learning about rare plants and their fast-disappearing environment. The entrance price for the forest is $15 USD and it is open from 9 AM – 9 PM.

Tip: Make sure to be here as early as possible to avoid the crowds.

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2. Walk down Haji Lane

One of the most creative areas in the whole of Singapore is in and around Haji Lane. Haji Lane is full of hipster clothing, souvenir, and coffee shops who attracts tourists and young people as a cool area to hang out.
The best part about Haji Lane is the street art. If you’re looking for a creative boost or just a cool Instagram Story, wander around here for an afternoon.

Next to Haji Lane is Muscat Street, part of the Arab Quarter. It owns many good Turkish restaurants, shops and a beautiful view of the mosque. Fun fact: Muscat is the capital of Oman.

3. Supertree Grove – Gardens by the Bay

Also part of Gardens by the Bay is the Super Trees. The balance between nature and technology is made perfectly visible in these 18 man-made trees. Two trees are connected with a huge walking bridge but you can also stay down and relax or wander. ➳ Get your tickets

Tip: It’s free to walk around here. You will only have to buy a ticket to visit the top.

Try to see at 7:45 PM the Garden Rhapsody light show which makes everything look even cooler than it already did. The daily show is free and starts around 7:45 PM till 8:45 PM.

4. Water show at Marina Bay Sands

After your visit to the Supertree Grove, continue your walk towards Marina Bay Sands. That’s the huge hotel with the boat on top. Walk through the building, into the next one and take the escalator down to level 0.

Once you’re at zero, walk outside towards the water. On the left side of the, in the water located, Louis Vuitton building is the water show. Showtimes are at 8 PM and 9 PM. The total walk from the Supertree is about 10 minutes.

Tip: Singapore is the perfect city to combine as a stopover on a 3-week Bali Route.

5. China Town

Chinatown in Singapore is a busy area that offers delicious street food, beautiful temples, and great shopping opportunities. Head over to Pagoda Street to shop cheap souvenirs for your family and friends.

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6. Discover Little India

Singapore is so great because of its multicultural living. A little slice of India in a colorful neighborhood, in the middle of the city! When you walk the streets you directly smell the spice shops. But also Sari store, Indian street food shops and stalls selling flower garlands.

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7. Lunch at Trendy Cafes

Singapore owns countless cool cafes to have breakfast or lunch. They offer great wifi as well so if you’re a digital nomad, other something and spend the afternoon here. For the best coffee and breakfasts, head over to Common Man Coffee Roasters. If you’re in for some special delicious dishes visit Symmetry.
Oh, and we have a very good pizza at Haji Lane at Positano Risto.

Tip: Getting around Singapore is easy with a sim card or offline maps. You can get a 7-day 10GB tourist sim card ($15) online, some supermarkets or at the airport.

Costs of traveling in Singapore

Singapore is not a budget travel country but definitely can be done within some budget limits.

?️ Double room: $120 a night
? Lunch / Dinner: $4 – $15
? Fruit snacks: $1 bunch of bananas
? Drinking water: $0.40 for 1.5L
? MRT: ± $4 depending on the distance
? Grab/Uber: 5 km / 3.1 miles is ~ 7 USD.

Staying in Singapore

Accommodation in Singapore isn’t cheap. Prices changes from $25 per night in a dorm room to $120 for a regular double room with private bathroom. On Airbnb, shared rooms start at $25 to entire homes $85 per night. We did get noticed that Airbnb isn’t legal anymore. :-(

Tip: Airbnb’s in Singapore are very affordable. Get $32 discount on your first Airbnb!

Lloyd’s inn

Lloyd’s Inn is a hidden gem in the middle of the massive city of Singapore. We stayed 3 nights here where they combined nature, light, and space to create the perfect atmosphere for a home-ish visit. It is in between all the popular spots of the city and there is a subway just 10 minutes away. Also, take a look at the Bali hotel called CaraCara Inn.

Hotels in Singapore

7 x Things To Do in Singapore (2-day guide)
Pool, breakfast and a good location in the city.
7 x Things To Do in Singapore (2-day guide)
In the middle of chinatown is this beauty!

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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