8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

A great story about 8 awesome things to do in australia this winter, Read about the things to do in australia for a perfect travel experience.
8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

You must be well aware of the fact that the summer in Northern Hemisphere is the winter in the Southern Hemisphere. In Australia, winter starts from around June and lasts till August and the country enjoys a moderate temperature throughout. If you are a winter person and don’t prefer the summer in Northern Hemisphere then you could migrate to Australia for the time being. The winters here are quite pleasant and you wouldn’t complain later after your winter trip to Australia.
There are a lot of things ongoing in winter in Australia. Winter is undoubtedly better than summer in Australia. This is the time when you get to embrace the snow and do a lot of fun activities too. Besides, you have to pay less for these. The internal flights and hotels would be available for a cheap price of even $50. You would surely have a blast in Australia in winter and we have decided to make the trip even easier for you by sorting out the top 8 things you should do when in Australia.

Go Husky Sledding

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

Winter in Australia implies that huskies come out to play. This is one reason why winter is better than summer in Australia. If you happen to be at Victoria, you could head to Mt. Baw Baw, Dinner Plain or even MT. Hotham. The folks at Howling Huskys (sic) are very nice and they would offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity and that is of husky sledding. There is literally nothing better you could do.

Scuba Diving

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

Scuba Diving in the winter? Yes, you read that right. In Australia, winter pretty warm to indulge in various water sports. Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef which has quite normal temperatures in winters. Book a session for scuba diving and snorkeling. This is going to be an experience that will stay in your memory forever. Take your underwater pictures with underwater life and be a part of the water yourself.


Whale Watching

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

The southern right whales and humpback whales migrate to the north along Australia’s coast in the winter and the good thing is that you can spot them. May to November, that is the winter in Australia is all about one thing and that is whale migration. The southern right whales come back to the temperate sea of South Australia and Victoria. While the humpback whales move to the Great Barrier Reef and the Kimberley. You could be in Tassie, New South Wales, Western Australia, Southern Australia, Victoria or even Queensland, it is very likely to find a whale watching spot nearby.


Southern Lights

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

Aurora Australis, also known as the southern lights can be seen in Australia. You just need to know where. Auroras are caused due to the plasma particles carried by the solar wind striking the atmosphere. This results in an excitation of the particles which make up the atmosphere and multi-colored lights are emitted. The best places to watch the southern lights are Tasmania, Victoria, Cape Schunk, Flinders, Point Lonsdale, Southern and Western Australia, Aireys Inlet, Anglesea, Wilsons Promontory and Philip Island. This is truly a magical sight to watch and winter is the best time to watch.


Vivid Sydney

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

Each and every winter witnesses Sydney decked up with lights and various innovative installations. The streets sprawl with music and you could get the chance to be a part of thought-provoking workshops. This is a famous festival called Vivid Sydney in which the entire city lights up from 25th May to 16th June. The city transforms every day at 6 pm into a beautiful creative place for people to enjoy.



8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

When you combine New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania all three together, there would be no shortage of snow-clad mountains for you to explore. You get the country’s best, beginner-friendly or advanced friendly skiing areas. You get charlotte Pass which is Australia’s highest resort. Victoria has Mt. Hotham, Mt. Buller and Baw Baw, seconded by Dinner Plain and Falls Creek. These are worthy of your time. With winter kicking off by June, there is no excuse to miss the peaks this season.


Christmas in July?

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

Christmas is celebrated twice a year in Australia. Australia doesn’t get the snowy Christmas in December so they came up with a solution, which is to celebrate the festival again when it snows. You could visit the Blue Mountains for the Yulefest, the Christmas festivals in winter. It is filled with roast dinners, warm fires, sing-alongs and also occasional snowfalls. You don’t have to wait till December to celebrate Christmas when in Australia.


Eco domes

8 Awesome Things To Do In Australia This Winter

You might have heard of eco domes before but they all must have not been in the snow. Victoria’s Mt. Hotham shelters the first-ever Australian eco domes in the snow. The domes are packed with solar-powered electricity and are set up amidst an eco-village in the wilderness of the mountains. Actually, the entire thing is eco-friendly as well as off-grid. Go check out for yourself!



Honorable Mentions

Outdoor Onsen Bath (Hotspring bath)

You could opt for a Japanese inspired outdoor Onsen at Dinner Plain.

The Big Sing Bonfire

This is the biggest event of Tassie’s epic festival of voices. Head to Hobart and join a huge crowd to sing songs around a gigantic bonfire.

A Wine Bath in Tasmania

Tasmania’s Barnbougle Spa offers you a ‘Vinotherapy’ treatment which is essentially soaking in a wine-infused bath for about 180 minutes.

A Road Trip

The moderate temperature is perfect for a Road Trip. Drive through Australia’s Outback which would make you feel like driving through Mars.

Kangaroo Island

Australia has an entire island named after Kangaroos. The island is one of a kind. You could feed the Kangaroos, watch their little joeys tucked snugly in their pockets. There is even more as you get to watch the sea lions

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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