8 Reasons to Health Insurance When You Travel

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8 Reasons to Health Insurance When You Travel

You've planned an out-of-country trip. The most important aspect is to purchase the right travel insurance. It is vital to ensure that your business, education, and family vacation safe from unexpected medical emergencies.

Thus, you are covered by medical insurance coverage for your trip which means that you protect your family from medical risk on the road. However medical treatments are not accessible outside of India. There is an insurance plan with you to ensure you are safe. If you have a medical issue while traveling; that could impact the financial health of your plan.

What are the main reasons to purchase travel insurance?

Travel health insurance can help you stay protected from medical emergencies while traveling. There are many things to do when you travel to a new country. Additionally, many students seek admission to reputable overseas schools to study and discover new techniques to improve their careers. If, however, you're suffering from an illness that strikes suddenly.

The situation could result in hospitalization and you'll receive a large bill for treatment. However, it could harm your finances to be able to avoid unexpected expenses. In the end, it will be beneficial to have health insurance. In case you fall ill during your travels, and then claim the money from your insurance provider.

What are the items in the insurance

Health insurance

Basic health insurance is only appropriate for those confident in their health and fears only force majeure. Such insurance can easily provide you with a visa. The basic package of the policy includes:

  1. Contacting a doctor in case of emergency or illness
  2. Ambulatory treatment
  3. Hospital stay and treatment
  4. Transport facility to a hospital or doctor
  5. Arrangement of medical transport from abroad
  6. Reimbursement of expenses occurred during service calls
  7. Repatriation in the event of death.

The basic health package may also include emergency dentistry services for acute pain or injury.


  1. An insured person receives the payment for traveling to his residence after completing treatment in the hospital. Because of illness, you have the chance of missing the plane for which you bought tickets. The inclusion of such a clause will provide you with the time to reach home, even if you lack funds for booking tickets.
  2. Inclusion of payment for the accompanying person's travel to the residence after treatment in the hospital. If the caregiver chooses to stay with you until you recover from the illness, then he will be allowed to return home with insurance.

Generally, this person is inscribed with you on tour. You can also confirm the accompaniment of tickets for a single flight, documents on accommodation in the same hotel.

  1. Inclusion for the accommodation of the insured person before departure after receiving hospital treatment. If you do not wish to onboard just after receiving the payment, you will need to stay somewhere, and your overnight stay will be included in the insurance. 
  2. Reimbursement for travel and accommodation of a third party in the event of an emergency with the insured. These two separate points come in handy if you need someone to get well who is not included on your insurance policy as an escort.
  3. Reimbursement for traveling of the insured's minor children. Unfortunately, if the insured person falls ill, gets injured, or dies, his children will be sent home by the insurance company.
  4. Reimbursement of travelling back to home in case of sudden illness or death of a relative. Issues related to health can not only happen to the travellers, but also to their loved ones who are left at home. This point in the insurance will allow you to wait for a plane you have already bought a ticket to take off on the next flight.
  5. Temporary return of the insured home.  If the vacations last for more than three months, the insured person will be able to visit home in case of illness or death of a loved one, and then return and continue the trip.
  6. Assistance in the event of terrorist attacks. The basic insurance package does not cover injuries sustained due to a terrorist attack, so for traveling to countries where the risk of becoming a victim of radicals is high, it is better to pay extra for this option.
  7. Disaster relief. Natural phenomenons are considered as force majeure and therefore are not included in the basic package. However, it is always a good option to insure yourself against tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis additionally.
  8. Relief of exacerbation of chronic diseases. If you are used to chronic diseases that appear periodically, it is better to foresee the relief of the attack in advance. It should be remembered that in most cases, the insurance will only cover the relief of exacerbation symptoms. Such a thing does not include treatment and recovery.

While drawing the policy, you must carefully review the diseases list that is not included in the insured events list to ensure you are not deprived of payments.

  1. Relief of allergic reactions. This option will allow you to receive payments for medical procedures in the case of allergy to insect or marine life bites, negative reactions to sea, food and pool water, pollen or sun (excluding sunburn).
  2. Help with sunburn.  A realistic option for countries with a scorching sun, where the thickest-skinned tourists can suffer from sunburns. Without insurance, you will be required to be treated with improvised means.
  3. First aid for cancer. An essential point for people suffering from oncology, whose help is generally not included in the basic policy but may be needed at any time.


Here are some reasons to consider insurance for travel:

  1. The cancellation of your trip could be canceled due to medical issues or other difficulties. Are you aware that the travel insurance policy also covers medical and non-medical costs too? You can claim reimbursement for expenses.
  2. Home Theft while on Vacation You are enjoying a holiday with your family in a different location. Then, you learn about the theft of your house. You've also lost all the things you require. In that situation, it is possible for the insurance company to recover the amount to compensate for the damage that occurred.
  3.  Emergency Cash Requirements There is no way to tell when you'll require urgent cash in a foreign country. It is important to take into consideration getting health insurance for travel for yourself and all the members of your household. This will protect them from any unpredictability that could occur during their lifetime.
  4. Personal Liability Risk Coverage If you suffered a loss due to a third party from a country that is not your own. The insurance company will pay the losses.
  5. Flight hijacked: Unfortunately, your plane has been hijacked by terrorists. Your insurance provider will compensate for any damages that occurred during the flight.
  6. A tragic death: you are struck by an illness while on your journey. Your family then admitted your body to the hospital to receive treatment.       Then, you lost your life or were permanently disabled. If that happens you'll need funds to cover medical expenses. This is only feasible if you have an insurance plan for travel. A modest amount of money put into the past may safeguard your future from unpredictability circumstances.
  7. Emergency hospitalization is required If you are in an unfamiliar country. But, it could be beneficial in the event of an emergency medical situation. Are you able to pay the medical expenses? It could impact your financial situation. Treatment outside of India can be expensive. It can be beneficial if you have a travel insurance policy during the time of coronavirus pandemic. It is very easy to receive treatment and pay for the medical expenses with the insurance policy's money.
  8. Baggage lost while traveling It is possible to come across the issue of losing luggage while traveling overseas. Inside your bag could be some important documents. If you are covered by the insurance for travel, then you are able to apply and make a claim for damages as well.

You've invested a tidy sum by taking out the insurance policy for travel. It will ensure that the family and you are secure from medical and medical expenses. It is not necessary to pay any money out of your pockets when you have the insurance with you.

What are the advantages of taking out travel health insurance through Car Travel Insurance?

  1. Benefit from 20% off the cost of insurance policies.
  2. Support for claims is available 24/7 through the employees of the insurance company.
  3. Care Travel Insurance offers a cashless network in 15500+ points.
  4. Direct claim settlement is available to the customers.
  5. All the answers to your questions are provided through the application.
  6. It's easy to renew the insurance and obtain cashless claims at a local hospital.
  7. You may apply for COVID19 claims too.


The Final Words Does it make sense to purchase insurance for travel?

You must cover an extended trip when traveling out of India. However, it is the insurance policy for travel that provides financial protection to help you deal with any emergency medical issue in a foreign location. It is recommended to take the insurance policy for your travel insurance coverage as you plan your trip abroad.

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