A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

A great story about a fun trip to camel farm bikaner, india, Read about the things to do in bikaner for a perfect travel experience.
A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

Camel is rightly known as the ’Ship of the Desert’. A visit to Bikaner is incomplete without a trip to the Camel Farm, with hundreds of camels all over the place.

National Research Center on Camel Bikaner was established by the Central Government in 1984 to promote research on camels. One of its kind in India, it focuses on breeding and health of camels and also promoting camel milk and its products.


How to Reach Bikaner Camel Farm?

Bikaner Camel Park is located around 8 kms outside of the city at the Jodhpur Bypass. You can drive or take an Auto/taxi ride preferably a round-trip as it is difficult to find one on return.

It is good to spend 1-2 hours inside the campus enjoying the breeding farm, museum, and delicacies.

A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

Camel Research Farm Tickets

The entry ticket to the National Research Center on Camel Bikaner is priced nominally.

Entry ticket for Indian(above 5 years): INR 50
Entry ticket for foreign nationals: INR 200
Camera Fees: INR 100

Camel riding fees: INR 100

Camel Research Center Bikaner Timings

The timing of the visit differs depending upon the season.

April to September: 2.00 pm – 6:30 pm
October – March: 12.00 pm – 6:00 pmA Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

National Camel Research Centre, Bikaner

National Camel Research Center or NRCC is the only center in India that targets on breeding of camels and their health.

Get captivated by seeing camels of all colors and sizes and especially the camel calves. There are many things to do at the Bikaner Camel Farm –

1.Camel Museum

As you enter the gates of this massive National Camel Research Center after paying the tickets, the first building towards the right is the Camel Museum. The museum is a collection of information and a wide variety of products made from Camel parts.

It is fascinating to see that besides the camel skin, its teeth and hair are also used to make many products of use. There were bags, purses, belts made from camel leather. In fact, there were masterpieces made of camel hide and decorated with intricate designs in Usta art. Beautiful carvings on Camel’s teeth were used as decorative items and even jewelry pieces. There were blankets made from camel hair. Even the camel dung is used to make paper.

Isn’t it impressive to see how useful the camel is, even it’s dung.A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

2. Camel Breeding Centers

There were multiple breeding areas with camels of all sizes and colors, big and small, light brown and dark brown. Different areas where female camels were kept and different where male camels were. There were even enclosures where hybrid breeds were kept.

Walkthrough the Camel breeding farm in Bikaner past the centers and watch them peeping up to you or busy eating their feed. The most fascinating was to watch small camel calves who were just born 1-7 days back. They were so cute, sitting by their mothers. They were kept at the backside of the Camel dairy farm.

Facts: There were 4 breeds of camels – Mewari, Jaiselmeri, Bikaneri, and Kucchi with more than 300 camels in the park.

A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

3. Camel Dairy

The camel milk is considered very healthy and beneficial for health. It is high in proteins but low in saturated fats. The dairy is where lactating camels are kept and milk collected. The Camel milk farm is a huge gated compound inside the campus.

Note: Entry to Camel Dairy is prohibited to the public.

A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

4. Camel Rides

This is the best and most loved by the kids. Small kids need to be accompanied by adults. 2 adults or 3 kids can sit together for a ride. The camel traverses through the dunes before getting back after a 10- 15 mins ride.

Tickets: The camel ride tickets are INR 100 per person and need to be bought before from the main ticket counter.

Our Opinion: Even though kids like Camel rides, but we feel it’s not ethical to ride a camel for pleasure. We would suggest you strictly avoid these practices that are not animal-friendly.

5. Children’s Playground

There is a children’s park on the campus with swings and slides for kids to play. This is next to the camel ride area. Kids have a gala time viewing the ‘Ship of the desert’, taking a ride on it, and playing in the park.

6. Souvenir Shops

Coming to Bikaner can’t be complete without shopping for souvenirs. There are multiple shops inside the campus and are reasonably priced. The wide range of decorative items, bags, purses, footwear made from camel skin apart from jewelry, and fridge magnets are very attractive.

Note: We were told that camel skin products are made from the skin of dead camel.

7. Camel Milk Parlour

The excursion to the Camel farm must be ended on a sweet note. As you leave the campus, Right next to the main ticket counter is the Milk Parlor. With a variety of delectables like ice cream, flavored milk, kheer, tea all made from camel milk, it is a tough choice.

Highly recommend: We highly recommend having the ‘Kulfi’ (kind of ice cream on the stick) and flavored camel milk.

A Fun Trip to Camel Farm Bikaner, India

Fun facts about Camels

  1. The average life span of a camel is 20-25 years.
  2. The camel calf weighs 35-40 kg at the time of birth.
  3. The weight of the full-grown Camel can range from 400 – 750 kg depending on female or male.
  4. The Camel can yield 3-6 liters of milk daily and it is full of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and even Vitamin C.
  5. A camel stomach has 3 compartments.
  6. A dehydrated camel can drink around 100 liters of water.

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