A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai

A great story about a guide to understanding the best time to visit dubai, Read about the things to do in dubai - united arab emirates for a perfect travel experience.
A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
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Dubai or as we popularly call the ‘City of Gold’ has been the dream destination of many. Nothing short of a beautiful mirage, the fast-growing cosmopolitan of the Middle East has managed to stay in news with their state-of-the-art architectures and themed parks that will keep you mesmerized.

The city is truly an artist’s imagination painted on a white canvas that goes beyond any layman’s belief. The pioneers are happy to extend a traveller’s bucket list with new spots to attract more tourists’ year after year.

Despite the fact that November to March are the best months to plan a trip to Dubai, but the rush of tourists during the peak season might just get extremely chaotic while you visit the overcrowded tourist spots. Then again, the summer days will give you hot flashes even though you are spared from the mad cacophony of visitors.

But, the ingenious brains of Dubai architectures have ensured round-the-year fun for people visiting the desert city. Modern technology has inspired them to offer some activity or the other to do in Dubai all year long. So, plan your trip accordingly with our recommended tour packages.

This article will brief you on the season wise different activities you can indulge in during your stay in Dubai.

Best time to visit Dubai – Season wise recreational tourist activities

Dubai is all about futuristic architecture like the iconic structure, Burj Khalifa, sandy beaches, man-made islands like Palm Island, and food. The magnificent Dubai Mall is the ultimate dream shopping destination for countless young shoppers. No doubt, when we think about Dubai, these names pop up in our minds. But, Dubai has a lot more to offer in its platter. So, here are the activities you can enjoy depending on the season you choose to fly to this Middle Eastern Oasis.

Dubai in Peak Season – November to March

Winters in Dubai is the perfect time to idle away on the white sandy beaches along the Persian Gulf. But, this is the peak season for Dubai tourism to make bundles of money. So you can expect a throng of tourists assembled at the hot spots to get the best out of Dubai’s winter.


Cool temperatures and the bright winter sun is what you need when you are indulging in activities such as dhow cruises and desert safaris. The whole winter is marked by interesting concerts, live events, shopping festivals and other fun activities that involve a lot of exposure to the outside weather.

Dubai temperature in December varies from 26 degrees to 14 degrees which will inspire you to enjoy the pleasant heat as you laze around on the sandy beaches. You can expect –

1. Camping in the desert

The scorching heat, dryness, and dustiness of the desert are best avoided during the hot and humid summer months. But, the cool wintry days will give you the perfect excuse to enjoy the sandy desert. And, how best can you enjoy the breeze than pitching your tent and singing around bonfires? Whether you choose desert, mountains or coast, winter is the ideal time to enjoy camping with your friends.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Camping in the Sands

2. Visit Burj Khalifa and Dubai Frame

Rising to the total height of 828 meters, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building that offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the city around. And you can witness the enchanting sunset right from the observatory deck on the 125th level of the structure. (Book a day trip to the tallest observatory in the world here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Burj Khalifa & Dubai Frame captured together

On the other hand, the observation deck, Dubai Frame is nothing short of an architectural marvel which serves the purpose of an art gallery. The shoulder season is the perfect time to visit these iconic structures as there will be minimal competition from the visitors to get the perfect click of the structures.

3. Skiing at Ski Dubai

If you are missing the freezing temperature of the winter days, then Ski Dubai is the right spot for you. Here you can enjoy the feel of minus one- or two-degrees temperature while you happily ski down the slopes. (Book your Ski Dubai day trip here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Ski Dubai

P.S.: Entry charges include prices for gear rental.

4. Walking down the gold and spice souks

Gold and spice souks in Dubai is ranked seventh out of 15 things to do in Dubai, according to US News, 20% of the world’s gold passes through this market. The pleasant wintry afternoons will be ideal to take a walk along the gold and spice market to soak in the beautiful aromas of the spices and dazzling vision of the gold. (Visit Gold souk on a guided Dubai city tour here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Spice Souk in Dubai
A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Shops in Gold Souk

5. Evening Desert Safari

While the hot temperatures might not permit for a safari across the desert, the evening safari trips are pretty common among travelers. Enjoy the magnificence of the white sand after sunset or take part in traditional dance performances, dune bashing, camel riding, and happily dining under the night sky are some of the activities you can get from a single package.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Desert Safari in Dubai

6. Sailing along the old creek

Sail along the old Dubai creek to visit the oldest part of the city. Even though you can try this during the hot summer days, but the cool winters will make the experience of sailing all the more beautiful. And while you are happy sailing, consider stopping by Business Bay along the water canal, Dubai Museum in the Al Fahifi Fort at the southern end of the Creek, or taste 150 different types of tea at the Arabian Tea House.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Cruising on Dubai Creek

7. Dubai Miracle Garden

This is something you can enjoy only during the winter days. The garden houses thousands of different flower species which are arranged in different incredible formations such as a Giant Mickey Mouse, Emirates A380, and Burj Khalifa.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Miracle gardens in full bloom

8. Taking part in Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is expected to start from 1st January 2020 and continue till 2nd February 2020. The month-long festival is going to be a ‘dream comes true’ experience for shopaholics around the world. Amazing discounts and offers are sure to keep your days’ busy with shopping and picking up stuff at cheaper rates. Fireworks, street plays, film festivals, events in malls, workshops and exhibitions are some of the activities to keep you busy while your partner goes happily shopping.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Dubai Shopping Festival

Venues: The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Global Village, Dubai Gold Souk, and Ibn Battuta Mall.

9. Enjoying Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The master of masterpieces, Dubai has more surprises up their sleeves and the New Year celebration is one such example. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are celebrated grandly with fireworks lighting up the night sky. Most of the festivities are centred around Burj Khalifa, wherein Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm are other spots to enjoy the brilliant works of fire high up in the sky. Entry to these spots is free but you are likely to hit by a maddening crowd.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
New Year’s Eve celebrations in Jumeirah

10. Lazing on the beaches

Relaxing on the sandy beaches should be topping your travel bucket list this winter when you visit Dubai. There are dozens of public beaches along the emirate’s coast for the travelers to choose from or you can try the private ones where you will be treated to extensive drinks at the beach clubs thronged by sun loungers in great numbers.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Jumeirah Beach

Family beaches include Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residences, as well as exclusive private beaches such as Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, are some of the noteworthy ones to check out.

Dubai in Shoulder Season – April to May & September to October

The month of May marks the onset of the summer season in Dubai with day temperatures ranging from 28 degrees to 36 degrees. April and May are comparatively cooler than June, July, and August. So, you can still enjoy the outdoor activities without burning yourself in the scorching heat.

The sea temperature hovers somewhere around 25 degrees to 28 degrees, offering a pleasing experience while sunbathing in the sandy beaches of Dubai and sporting a beautiful tanned look.

These months are ideal for Dubai visit if you wish to avoid the maddening crowd as is seen during the winter months that witnesses a heavy influx of tourists.


You are likely to face a thinner crowd during these months, so get the most out of your visit to Dubai. Following are the things you can do during the not-so-hot summer days –

1. Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens

The annual sporting festival spans around three days, hitting off at the end of November or the beginning of December. Besides Rugby matches, there are myriad kids’ shows, music concerts, and other workshops for your family to enjoy in Dubai.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Dubai Rugby Sevens

2. Experience the roller-coaster ride to Ferrari World

The temperature is not that bad to boil your brain if you on an adrenaline pumped roller-coaster ride at Ferrari World. Also, you can get a fully immersive simulation experience behind the wheel while learning everything about the brand Ferrari. (Book a guided Abu Dhabi & Ferrari world tour here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Ferrari World

3. Dubai Dolphin and Seal Show

Enjoy perfect indoor family entertainment at the ‘Dolphin and Seal’ Show which is one-of-its-kind that features live shows and allow photo sessions with dolphins and seals. Also, do not forget to check out the mirror maze, enjoy the Creek Park Bird Show or enjoy jumping crazily on the trampoline. (Book your tour here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Dubai Dolphinarium

4. Dubai Opera and La Perle by Dragone

Visit the cultural landmark of Dubai, the Dubai Opera which is located at the heart of the Opera District. This is a multi-format theatre with 2000 seats to help visitors enjoy record-breaking shows and savour Dubai’s tasty cuisines.

On the other hand, La Perle will be a treat for your eyes where the globally acclaimed director, Franco Dragone stages next-level live entertainments of dance, music, and art.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
La Perle Show in Dubai

Kindly note the show remains closed on Mondays.

Dubai in Off Season – June to August

This is the time when the Sun is at its peak and you are likely to get hot flashes, especially when the temperature hits 41 degrees. The levels of humidity stay high and beaches are best avoided if you do not wish to sport a nasty sunburn. And, Ramadan month prohibits eating, drinking, and smoking in public during daylight hours even if you are not observing fast. Most restaurants and cafes stay closed during the day and evenings are rather subdued.

Even though hotels and flights to Dubai offer great discounts, it is advisable to choose a better alternative for your trip.

But Dubai’s architectural wonderers have arranged some interesting things to try during the offseason where you can easily beat the scorching heat of the long summer days.


Even though the tourist spots are scarcely populated owing to the broiling heat and outdoor activities are off the limit, the offseason in Dubai will not be a complete waste for visitors.

1. IMG World of Adventures

The outdoor sport might not appeal to you but there are indoor activities that will make your stay worthwhile even during the off-season. IMG World of Adventures is the world’s largest indoor theme park that features adrenaline-pumped rides based on Marvel Studio Super Heroes and life-like dinosaurs of the ‘Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure Zone’. These are bound to surprise you. (Book your adventure here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
IMG World of Adventures

2. The Fountain Show

Despite the fact that Dubai Fountain is the most alluring tourist attraction during the winter months, the heavy influx of tourists makes it impossible to enjoy the magnificence of the choreographed fountain. Rising to a height of 900 feet, the fountain sprays over 22,000 gallons of water, and with 6,600 lights and 50 coloured projectors, this majestic fountain, dancing to the tune of Arabic and world music, is truly a sight to watch. The cool sprays will be a respite for visitors during hot summer days, so enjoy the show when there is a thinner crowd than usual.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Dubai Fountain Show

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Located on the ground level of the Dubai Mall, the 10 million litre Dubai Aquarium Tank is the world’s largest suspended aquarium that houses over 140 water animal species, 300 sharks and rays. Enjoy the different activities here like Glass Bottom Boat Ride, visit the Underwater Zoo and Observatory, Crocs Tour and Ray Feeding, Caged Shark Encounter and a lot more. The underwater experience will be pleasing during the hot and humid summer days. (Book your tour here)

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

4. The Green Planet

Enjoy the freshness and coolness of the green foliage at the immersive vertical tropical forest of The Green Planet that supports a world of exotic flora and fauna. The cool temperature and scenic beauty of the indoor tropical forest is a ‘must-experience’ spot to visit during the summer days.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
The Green Planet

5. The Last Exit

A visit to Dubai will remain incomplete if you fail to taste the amazing dishes the chefs cook in the restaurants here. The Last Exit is the ultimate Gourmet street food destination which is a drive-through, giving you options to either grab a quick bite on the go or dine inside the outlets. Located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Jebel Ali Hill on Sheikh Zayed Road, the food truck park serves an assortment of dishes such as Big Smoke Burger and Poco Loco.

A guide to understanding the best time to visit Dubai
The Last Exit

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