Affordable luxury in Spain: How to make the most of your trip

A great story about affordable luxury in spain: how to make the most of your trip, Read about the things to do in spain for a perfect travel experience.
Affordable luxury in Spain: How to make the most of your trip

Who doesn’t love Spain – from beautiful beaches to bustling cities, it’s a European gem everyone loves to explore. And who could forget the delectable food? Tapas is one of the most social and delicious cuisines on the planet, and where better to enjoy it than the motherland itself (especially paired with local wines, of course)?

Affordable luxury in Spain: How to make the most of your trip

When heading to Spain, there are a few ways you can make your trip affordable, but still feel as though you’re travelling in luxury.


First thing’s first, you’ll want to find the best deals on flights to start your trip off right. Prior research is necessary, as is using an online comparison tool to find the best deals. When flying, it’s easy to add a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. Treat yourselves to some fizz, check into an airport lounge, make up your own posh picnic for the flight, or even ask for a cheeky upgrade. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Spain is a popular holiday destination, and the major city airports tend to carry hefty price tags, especially during peak season. Flying into a lesser-known airport can help, then hire a car to get you where you need to be. Trains are also very cheap, if you want an alternative way of getting from A-B.


There are plenty of bargains to be had when booking accommodation, whether you’re staying in a beach resort or embarking on a city break.

In major cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, stay in the less-central, less-touristy areas where you’ll find plenty of modern, boutique and luxurious hotels for half the price tag. Airbnb is also great for finding hidden gems. With self-catering, you can pick up delicious food and drink in local supermarkets to save money on hotel bars and restaurants. Cava on your private balcony – yes, please.


Spain has some fantastic sightseeing spots, but these can come at a price. One way to combat this is to pre-book online, or even check them out later in the day when some tickets can become discounted.

In Barcelona, you can get a special pass which gives you access to many of Gaudi’s houses, as well as the iconic hop-on, hop-off bus. You can save up to 30 euros, which is ideal if there’s a few of you. Researching before you leave for Spain is a great way to seek out the latest discounts and save money, whilst enjoying all the hot spots.

Affordable luxury in Spain: How to make the most of your trip

Ask the locals

Befriending the locals (depending on your Spanish), and finding out the best places to eat and drink is a sure-fire way to enjoy a luxurious holiday without the price tag. You can also speak to hotel staff if your Spanish is a little rusty, or contact your Airbnb host.

Many of the Spanish holiday resorts will overcharge for food, but seeking out the local spots means you’ll likely enjoy better dishes, a more authentic experience, and get more for your money. This is also useful when seeking out the best fancy bars.

Once you’re there, explore the wine list for local varieties as opposed to your standard Sauvignon Blanc, too, as these will be just as delicious but a fraction of the price. You may even find a new favourite.

Affordable luxury in Spain: How to make the most of your trip

Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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