Andaman-A Paradise for Beach Lovers

Andaman-A Paradise for Beach Lovers

Our earth is blessed with many beautiful and scenic views which can make you feel like being in paradise even on earth. The mountains, hills, rivers, waterfalls, forests, deserts and beaches. It can be pretty tough to choose the best place to travel during vacations. You need to consider all the options but your idea of paradise on earth can make the decision making a little easier. People who think of beaches as their heaven would eventually look for a place with the most beautiful places. Well, when it comes to the most exquisite and coral beaches, the best place to visit in Andaman & Nicobar island. Andaman islands are undoubted, blessed with the most scenic and clean beaches in the world. If you are someone who loves to spend their vacation besides the sea listening to the enchanting sound of waves hitting the shore, then you surely cannot miss visiting the land of beaches. Andaman is one of the best places for your honeymoon as it provides the most pleasant and sunny environment, clean beaches and amazing food. You can perform various water adventures and satisfy the adventurous soul inside you. The beaches are so beautiful and mesmerizing here that it will make you keep returning to this beach bliss. If you are still not sure, then here is a list of the most magnificent beaches that will surely make you visit the land of beaches, Andaman.

Bharatpur beach in Neil island

Bharatpur beach is one of the most spectacular and popular beaches of Neil Island. It is situated 37 km away from Port Blair besides the Neil jetty in Neil island. This beach provides the most picturesque view and serene environment among the coral reef and white sand. You can enjoy several activities here like swimming, viewing the beautiful corals under-water by hiring a glass-covered boat for just 150 INR per person. You can also enjoy snorkelling for 500 INR to experience and look closely, the life underwater. Bharatpur beach is all you need to relax your mind and enjoy the peace.

Corbyn's Cove Beach in Port Blair

Corbyn's Cove is not an ordinary beach with the most exquisite views. The beach is located at a distance of just 6 km from Port Blair bus stand and hence, is quite easy to access. It is one of the most majestic beaches of Andaman island as it is surrounded by lush green coconut trees, a beautiful environment, and crystal-clear water. If you are an adventure enthusiast then you can enjoy various water sports here scuba diving, swimming, jet ski rides and so much more. It is perfect for sun-bathing and picnics. You can also enjoy the food cuisine here at the Waves Restaurant & Beer Bar at affordable prices.

Elephant Beach in Havelock island

Elephant Beach is a perfect place for those who love to enjoy various adventurous activities with a soothing view of the beach. If you love to camp and trek then reaching this beautiful beach would be an amusing activity for you without spending a penny. You have to go up to forest camp for 8 km and then trek for 2 km to reach this mesmerizing beach. You can also opt for a small cruise to reach the elephant beach in 30 mins from Havelock jetty. Snorkelling here is perfect due to its rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs. Other activities like scuba diving, underwater sea walk, and jet ski are also popular here.

Cinque Island

Cinque island is one of the most popular islands in Andaman. It is located at a distance of 26 km from Port Blair. The island is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi marine national park and is greatly popular for its exquisite view and distinct marine life. The island is divided into two parts namely the north cinque island the south cinque island connected by a small streak of land covered with sand. the island is beautifully engulfed with the coral reefs and is home to several fishes, sea turtles, starfish, sea-crocodiles, and shells. If you are someone fascinated about the distinct marine life then this beach has a lot to offer.

Chidiya Tapu in Port Blair

The versatile Chidiya tapu aka 'bird island' located at a distance of 25 km from Port Blair is a treat for those who love bird watching. You can come here early in the morning to enjoy the most peaceful experience of birding here. This island offers about 46 distinct variety of bird species such as emerald dove, scarlet minivet, imperial green pigeons, hanging parrots drongos and many more. You can also visit the biological park here at a nominal fee of 25 INR per person to make the most of your beach visit.

Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island

The Laxmanpur Beach would surely take your breath away with its spectacular view. The beach is situated in the Laxmanpur village located at a small distance of 2 km from Neil jetty. It is a perfect spot to be included in your honeymoon tour. The view is phenomenal and the sea is calm and peaceful. Sunbathing in such an exquisite beach is a desire of many. You can also enjoy swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving here. You can spend your time collecting the pretty shells and coral reefs found in abundance here.

Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island

Another most exquisite beach in the heart of Andaman island is a major tourist attraction with is a calm and serene environment with water as clear as a crystal and white sand, the surroundings are green and peaceful. This beach is ideal for long walks with your loved ones with an enchanting view. You can also enjoy shopping here from the nearby market. A perfect spot to spend a peaceful time with family and friends.

These are some of the most beautiful beaches of Andaman island that make it the land of beaches and a paradise for beach lovers. make sure you visit this heaven on earth once in your lifetime.

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