Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

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Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Trying local foods is an essential part of traveling. Food is culture, and not only do you get to learn different aspects of a country or a certain race, but it also speaks volumes about the cultural heritage and history associated with it. 

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world and it sure has some mind-boggling dishes. From the sophisticated Barramundi to the rich and lavish Lamington, Australia has something for every person. Here are some dishes that we urge you to try if you ever visit the land down under. So get ready to dig in. 



Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

The Barramundi, otherwise known as Asian Sea Bass, which basically means a large scale river fish, in Aboriginal language is found in the Northern parts of Australia. Enjoy the Barramundi with a view of the Coral Sea in one of the best restaurants in the nations at Rock Shores, Gold Coast. Or, you could catch one yourself and give the dish a shot. Either way, be sure to enjoy a healthy and tasty authentic Australian dish.


Meat pies

Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

We’ve all eaten meat pies and you may think that meat pies are just straightforward meat pies. However, a traditional Australian pie is hand-sized, filled with minced or diced meat and is topped with tomato gravy and sometimes with mushrooms and onions. It is an Australian icon so make sure not to miss out on this.


Barbecued Sausages

Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Barbecues and Grills are an integral part of the food culture of Australia and Sausages are the core of most barbies. Hot dogs and sausages can be found easily in the streets of Australia. According to the annual Sausage King competition, the best sausages come from Mawson, ACT. When in Australia, a traditional BBQ is a must.


Anzac Biscuits

Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Anzacs are traditional biscuits originally invented during World War I, by the soldier’s wives for their husbands, using only non-perishable foodstuff. These biscuits would then be stocked for a long time and be eaten whenever required.



Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Make sure to try out the Pavlova, a dessert made up of a meringue base and filled with whipped cream and topped with freshly cut fruits. No one’s really sure about where this dish was invented, as both Australia and New Zealand claim to have invented the dish. Nevertheless, it is a staple in Australian cuisine. 


Chicken Schnitzel 

Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Another Aussie classic is a staple offering in pretty much all the restaurants and pubs in the nation. It is a Chicken Schnitzel served with cheese, tomato sauce, and fancy prosciutto ham. Typically served with salad and chips, it makes for a pretty tasty dish and isn’t one to be missed out on.



Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Another popular Aussie food product is Vegemite, a rather weird tasting spread. Most people that try Vegemite seem to dislike its taste. Nevertheless, it is a very common spread to go with a toast for the Aussies. When in Australia, expect some uncanny spread on your morning toast.



Australia's Delicious & Different Foods

Named after Lord Lamington, a former governor of Queensland, the Lamington is a staple among the Aussie culture of desserts. So much so, it is widely recognized as the ‘National Cake of Australia’ after it was voted as an Australian icon by the National Trust of Queensland.

It is a square-shaped cake dipped in chocolate and coated with coconut. They may also be cream-filled or jam-filled. The Lamington might not be the fanciest of desserts, but it is an Australian icon for sure.

Suyog Chhetri
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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