Awesome places for shopping in Australia

Everyone loves themselves a bag full of goodies. We all have different reasons as to why we enjoy shopping, but the common ground for everyone is that we all love to shop. Some find it therapeutic, some find it satisfying, some just love to pamper themselves, & the list goes on.

Australia is among the top places on any shoppers list to shop at. The range of options available in Australia is truly admirable. Be it some huge luxury brand or a small local brand, Australia has it all. You just name it, and you’ll most likely find it in the land down under.


Here’s a list of places for all you shopaholics that will make your job a little less tiring.


The Rocks, Sydney

Located near the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks is a famous place to shop among the tourists and the locals. It is an open-air market, full of shops that sell clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and much more. For the foodie in you, this lane also houses multiple fast food outlets. The Rocks is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking for souvenirs and other stuff for you or for your friends and family back home. 


Pitt Street Mall, Sydney 

Located across the pedestrianized section of 182 Pitt Street, the mall is one of the most famous and renowned shopping malls in New South Wales and the whole of Australia. Housing different international brands and also multiple domestic brands, this is the place to go to splurge and pamper yourself. The things to buy in The Pitt Street Mall include watches, clothes, bakery items, and cosmetics. 


Emporium, Melbourne

Located at 287 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, Emporium is one of the most luxurious places to shop in Australia. It is the place to be at if you are looking for elite shopping in Australia and is the perfect place to splurge on an expensive designer or luxury product.


Chadstone Shopping Center, Melbourne

Located in the southeastern tip of Melbourne on 1341 Dandenong Street, lies this architectural beauty. Housing the biggest streetwear brands and casual brands, it is one of the biggest shopping centers in the nation and one that you shouldn’t miss out on.


London Court, Perth

Located in the heart of the city, the London Court is an open shopping arcade and a treat to the eyes. Indulge in various fun experiences, or treat the shopaholic in you, this place has it all. For all the people who have a long list of things to buy and even for those who are confused, this is the place to go.


Carillon City, Perth

Located in between the Murray and Hay Street malls, this is the place to go if you’re looking for an all in one shopping experience in Australia. With innumerable retailers of clothes, souvenirs, food and much more, this is the ideal place to shop hassle-free.


Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide 

Located on 112-118 Grenfell Street, it is not just a shopping treat but also a visual treat. If you’re in for the best outlet shopping experience in Australia, this is the place to be at. Ranging from high-end fashion to casual outfits, jewelry, beauty products and many more, this shopping paradise has it all. 


Rundle Mall, Adelaide 

Located on Rundle Street, as the name suggests, lies this magnificent shopping mall. It is a suitable place to be at for high-end luxury brands as well as street shopping. With over 700 stores, it is easily one of Australia’s largest malls. Make sure to know what you want beforehand or else be prepared to spend the entire day at the mall.


Wintergarden, Brisbane

Well known and renowned for its structure, the mall is an icon, not just in Brisbane but the entire country. Housing over 50 high-end brands and illustrious designers, this is the place to be to pamper yourself and splurge on some high-end product. Options may not be the strong point of this mall, but it sure does make up for it with so many high-end designers and stores available under one roof.


MacArthur Central, Brisbane

Standing tall on 255 Queen Street in Brisbane, flexing its renaissance-style architecture is the MacArthur Central. As the name suggests, this four-story mall is especially famous for gadget shopping. It is also quite famous for utility and cosmetic shopping among the locals. 

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