Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

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Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Indonesian cuisine is very diverse, giving to much importance to the different religions spread throughout the country. In Bali ( Balinese and Hindu majority region), for instance, pork is a delicacy amongst the locals. The Balinese prepare pork in herbs and spices to enrich its natural flavor. The herb-infused meat is then either grilled or roasted properly, making sure it is not undercooked. Lastly, the well-cooked meat is chopped up and mixed in sticky rice, topped with either grilled or sauteed vegetables. 

There are plenty of places in Bali where you can relish on such Indonesian delicacies. The following article will help you find places where you can enjoy Indonesian cuisine and will also give you an idea of all the famous Indonesian/Balinese street foods:


Sindhu Market

Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Located a few minutes away from the Sindhu beach, The Sindhu Night Market has a wide variety of food kiosks, serving a plethora of savory Balinese snacks:

Bali has an abundance of fresh fruits (owing to its tropical climate). The exotic tropical fruits are chopped up and served on a banana leaf as a go-to snack. If you are on the way to the Sindu Beach, a go-to fruit snack is perfect.

Other than fruits, the stalls in the Sindhu Market also serve various traditional Balinese delicacies such as Sate, Nasi Tepeng, Laklak, and Bakso.   


Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Sate is nothing but skewered meat infused with herbs and spices and grilled till tender. Sate is an appetizing snack prepared in aromatic condiments like grated coconut, peanut butter, and soy sauce. Indonesian Sate is probably the most famous street food amongst the locals and is served almost everywhere in Bali.

Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Nasi Tepeng is a sticky rice-like grain, topped with steamed vegetables and diced up meat and is often served on a banana leaf.

Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Laklak is a traditional Balinese cake blended with sweet tropical flavors. Laklak is made from rice flour and is often green in color.

Laklak is somehow similar to a pancake owing to its flat round shape and thickness. The cake is topped with desiccated coconut and a thick paste of brown sugar and is sometimes also combined with coconut milk and Durian sugar.

Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Bakso is an Indonesian meatball, often mixed in a thick soup/broth with some noodles, vegetables and a blend of spicy flavorings. 


LOCATION: Sanur, Denpasar, Bali

TIMINGS: 6 pm to 10 pm


Gianyar Night Market 

Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

The Gianyar Night Market is a chain of food stalls, serving the best of Balinese delicacies. The most popular street foods served here are: 

Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Babi Guling or famously known as suckling pig, is perhaps the most traditional dish in Balinese cuisine. Babi Guling has a flavourful blend of herbs and spices, accompanied by a savory side dish. 


Balinese Street Food and Where to Find It

Nasi Campur is another street food popular amongst the locals and served by vendors in almost every corner. Nasi Campur refers to a mixture of sticky rice and chopped up meat(pork, chicken or seafood), accompanied by various side dishes such as vegetables, shrimp and boiled eggs. 


LOCATION: Gianyar, Bali

TIMINGS: 5 pm to 10 pm

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