Bandung – Exploring a Lovely Destination in Java, Indonesia

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Bandung – Exploring a Lovely Destination in Java, Indonesia

Bandung, located in West Java province of Indonesia, is a cradle for gastronomic delights and cultural delight. Due to its elevation above the sea level, the climate in Bandung is pleasant almost throughout the year. One can indulge in a wide array of experiences and attractions while visiting Bandung.

Here, I am listing a few experiences and places to visit in Bandung which would be worthy of your time and will etch in your memory forever.

1. Visit the Grand Mosque

If you are visiting Bandung, you cannot miss this architectural beauty. The Grand Mosque stands tall with all its glory amidst the city landscape. The vast Alun Alun park behind the mosque is well carpeted and provides a good spot for spending some time to admire the beauty of mosque.

Bandung – Exploring a Lovely Destination in Java, Indonesia

2. Explore Barga Street

Barga Street is a prominent street in the old part of Bandung city. The lively lanes lit up with street lights at twilight and you can admire the facets of local lifestyle. For the foodie in you, Barga Street will surely be a delight! The street food counters exude aroma of freshly cooked meals, luring you to try each delicacy. You can also visit the locally famous watering holes in vicinity and have a fun night!

3. Visit Caringan Tilu for a magnificient view

This spot perched atop a hillock gives you a bird’s eye view of Bangund city landscape. At night, an array of lights take over the city and Caringan Tilu offers you a fantastic view of the city lights. Keep some leisure time with you when you visit Caringan Tilu in order to enjoy the view and let the cool breeze ruffle your hair.

Bandung – Exploring a Lovely Destination in Java, Indonesia

4. Hike in Wilderness and visit Curug Omas Waterfalls

Bandung is surrounded by dense forest if you go on a drive. Hidden in these dense forests are gems yet to be discovered by the mainstream tourism. A nice morning hike in the forests will leave you exhilerated. Curug Omas is one such attraction due to its lesser fame and the fact that it sits beautifully in the lap of nature! If you are planning to visit Curug Omas, make a point to leave as early as possible in morning. These forests create a beautiful ambiance in morning when the morning mist is yet to settle and sun rays are just starting to pour in through the net of tree leaves. The bridge above the waterfalls gives a fantastic panaromic views of the beautiful spot. Visit Curug Omas for the lovely waterfalls and fascinating ambiance of the forest.

Bandung – Exploring a Lovely Destination in Java, Indonesia

If you are an adventure junkie, you can visit Tangkuban Perahu due to the thrill associated with it. It is a volcano in the hilly region, north of Bandung.

Aparf from the above mentioned experiences and attractions, there are many other delights to revel in. You can explore the shopping areas in the city and collect some souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

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