Bernina Express

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Bernina Express

Bernina Express – Swiss Panoramic Train

During our last winter holidays on Canton Graubünden, we had the chance to board on the Bernina Express, one of the most famous panoramic trains in Switzerland. I can say that our experience was exceptional!!! The Bernina Express is since 2008 UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a train ride throw 122 km on 55 Tunnels, and 196 bridges and viaducts, including the famous Landwasser Viaduct! Not enough the amazing experience to travel seeing the Swiss Alps, the Lago Bianco, and have the chance to arrive in Tirano, Italy. It is a complete panoramic train ride and a Must-do in Switzerland!!

Route of Bernina Express

The Bernina Express departs from Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, the capital of Canton Graubünden. The alternative is board in Landquart, following to Davos/St. Moritz/Tirano (Italy).
The Train stops in some other villages on the way, so you can choose your route according to the time that you want to spend, and where you want to go. You don’t have to travel from Chur to Tirano necessarily.


Don’t miss the main sightseeings on the Bernina Express train ride:

St. Moritz, where Winter tourism began in 1860, in St. Moritz, the sun shines around 320 days per year!
Pontresina, the Piz Bernina was explored for the first time in 1850 by English adventurers;
Monteratsch Glacier, about 50 min walk from the train station;
Mountains Diavolezza & Lagalb;
Lac Noir and Lago Bianco (my favorite!);
Ospizio Bernina, at 2,253m a.s.l.
Alp Grün, Hotel, and Restaurant from 1923;
Cavaglia Glacier Garden;
Poschiavo, Renaissance Italian speak city (still below to Canton Granbünden);
La Prese – Lago di Poschiavo;
Brusio Circular Viaduct;
Tirano (Italy), and they wine-growing area of Valtellina.

The new travel free online guide InfoT(r)ainment, works with train WiFi and shows us all attractions live on the interactive map.

Bernina Express
Alp Grün Station
Bernina Express
Swiss Alps view from Bernina Express
Bernina Express
Swiss Panoramic Train Bernina Express


First of all, we got a round trip from Tiefencastle to Poschiavo, with Lunch included, for two-person for Fr.139.-really a good deal!! We are talking about the round trip; each way takes around 5 hours! Remembering that you can find this deal and standard prices on the Bernina Express website, link here
Packages available for a round trip on the same day, or the next day, Hotel included. You can book separate your Bus trip back to Switzerland after the Bernina, arriving in Lugano.

Our experience

I will tell you why the Bernina Express was so special for us! I fell the Train Staff kind and thoughtful with all of the passengers. Our Billet-controller was telling us several times about the sightseeing points where we about to see it! I saw not only tourists on the Bernina Express but locals as well, which makes for me a true experience. As a souvenir, I bought a small Nuss-torte, a specialty from the Engadin region, and a Honig from Valposchiavo.
For lunch, you can choose between 4 different restaurants in Poschiavo, we choose it the Hostaria del Borgo (Via da Mezz 135 · 7742 Poschiavo Tel.: +41(0)81 844 00 79

Bernina Express
Historic Hostaria del Borgo in Poschiavo
Bernina Express
Best tiramissú ever!
Bernina Express
Our souvenirs: Mini Nuss-torte and Valposchiavo honig
Bernina Express
Landwasser Viaduct
Bernina Express
Lago Bianco
Bernina Express
Renassaince City – Poschiavo

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