Best places for kids in Singapore

Most kids these days are always glued to a screen of some sort. If they’re not doing that, they’re most probably running around relentlessly, so it’s often hard to control and vacation with your kids. But with these places in Singapore, that won’t be a problem, at least for a minute or two. There’s something for everyone to do in Singapore, including your little ones. Here are a few things to keep your kids off iPads and iPhones and keep them entertained.


Operate a construction vehicle at Diggersite 

At Diggersite, your kid can experience being a construction worker for a day. They’ll provide your kid with safety gear which they will rock and operate a mini digger at a small scale construction machinery. Not only will they be enjoying themselves and having fun but they will also be learning and improving their motor skills.


Obstacle courses and ziplines at Forest Adventure

If your kid watches reality shows such as American Ninja Warrior and Takeshi’s Castle on TV, he/she is sure to enjoy this. After all, we all wanted to try and complete the obstacle course as kids, didn’t we? Forest Adventure has different courses for different age groups with the Kids Course containing 22 crossings and 2 zip lines. If you’re worried about the safety of your little ones, rest assured. There are instructors and safety measures are taken seriously to make sure your experience is danger-free.

Art Jamming at Streaks n Strokes

Over at Streaks n Strokes, your kids can try a hand at Art Jamming too. If your kid isn’t all that talented at art, don’t worry they’ve got you covered. They provide easy to use stencils with designs, helping them create their own masterpieces. The canvases available aren’t just traditional ones. You can choose from a variety of canvases such as tees, bags, rompers, etc. A regular jamming session at Streaks n Strokes is priced at $24.90 and is located at 29 Tai Seng Avenue.


Roleplay at KidZania

KidZania is a theme park, spread across 81,000 square feet, designed just for kids where they can take up any occupation. With super realistic settings, they can try anything from being a doctor to being a radio presenter, among many other occupations. They even have to manage their own finances, which will not only be a fun experience for your child, but also a great learning experience.


Wakeboard at Wake Park

Water sports are always fun, but it’s not always apt for kids. But, here at Wake Park in Singapore, your kids can experience the thrill of wakeboarding. With various safety measures, Wake Park is suitable for beginners as young as 6 to try their hand at Wakeboarding. You can choose between an individual session or wakeboarding in a group. For beginners, it’s preferable to opt for the individual session as the instructor will solely be focused on you.


Spend some hours at Airzone 

Head to Airzone, the world’s first suspended net playground. With nets spanning over 5 stories high, this is the only place where your kids can experience the thrill of jumping into the ball pit at such a height or sliding from one story to the other. It is located at City Square Mall and the cost of it isn’t all that high.


Feed animals at The Animal Resort 

One thing that intrigues and excites children are animals. Head over to The Animal Resort, where you can spot horses, guinea pigs, exotic birds, exotic reptiles, etc. Located in 81 Seletar, the entry at The Animal Resort is free for everyone. The animal food comes cheap as well. Be sure to visit this place to create memories that you and your child will cherish forever.

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