What is the best time to visit Goa 2021

Everything about the best time to visit Goa in 2021 depending on your triip preferences.
What is the best time to visit Goa 2021

Goa is India’s one of top tourist destinations, and for all fair reasons. With a buzzing party scene and a glamorous nightlife, to some of the most beautiful and quaint beaches of India, Goa’s charm will satisfy every visitor. With such a high number and variety of things to do in Goa, tourists often seek to determine the best time to visit Goa for them.

Depending on the purpose of the Goa trip, whether it is a romantic trip to Goa, an adventurous trip to Goa or a sightseeing trip to Goa, tourists are advised to plan their visit at a time that best suits the purpose of their visit. This is because some of the fun things to do in Goa are reserved exclusively for specific months of the year, Tourists are advised to read up on the timings and seasons for each of the fun activities in Goa, so that they can plan their trip accordingly.


Best time to visit Goa: the winters

The winter season from November to February is the best time to visit Goa. It is in fact the peak season in Goa, and a number of tourists from different parts of India and all over the world visit Goa and its top tourist attractions this time of the year. This makes for a bustling vibe in Goa during these months, and a special and memorable experience on your Goa trip during this time. You are going to have a lovely and exciting time in Goa, regardless of whether you are visiting as a couple, with family or even a solo traveller.


Why is winter the best time to visit Goa

During the winter season, a number of factors help to make your trip to Goa the most enjoyable. With the different activities and vibes going on in Goa during this time, there is no dearth of options in order to enjoy the best of the Goa experience.


Weather in Goa during peak season

The average daily temperature in Goa during the winter season varies from 21 deg. C to 32 deg. C. Because of this, the beaches and other places to visit in Goa are hosts to a number of tourists every day. The winter sun is not too harsh, and ideal for basking on the beaches of Goa and sunbathing. In fact, the relaxing temperatures at night allow the splendid opportunity to go on beautiful walks on the beaches of Goa under the moonlight.


Things to do in Goa during peak season

During the peak season of tourism in Goa, there are a number of gatherings happening on the beaches, cafes, and other top tourist attractions in Goa. These gatherings will happen during the daytime and in the form of Goa’s active nightlife. Tourists, both national and international, will venture out to explore the beauty and charm of Goa at its finest.


Sunburn Festival

What is the best time to visit Goa 2021

The winter months from November to February are also the times of some of the most popular festivals of Goa. These include the famous Sunburn Festival, which is an international music festival that draws tourists from thousands from all over the world, for a splendid time overall. Sunburn Goa takes place in December and spans a period of 3 to 5 days, and world-famous DJs come to India to perform and play their music to a large crowd. This festival is especially popular amongst the youth for the type of music prevalent at the festival, and also because of some of the celebrity names and trending culture, it brings along.


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Christmas and New Year’s celebrations

What is the best time to visit Goa 2021

Starting December, you will also find preparations and celebrations for Christmas and New Year’s going around. These celebrations include lights that glow up Goa in a manner unlike anything else. The churches and cathedrals of Goa will be decorated with bright lights both on the exterior and in the interior. These decorations are accompanied by overall festival vibes across all of Goa, reflected in everything, such as dinner cruises aboard ferry ships and your time on the lovely beaches of Goa.


Romance on Valentine’s Day

Goa is a top romantic destination, for honeymooners and couples alike. The beaches and other romantic spots in Goa such as Dudhsagar Waterfalls draw a number of couples looking to spend quality time together amidst the beauty and charm of Goa. In addition, Goa is an ideal destination where you can get photographs clicked in the backdrop of beach waters, caves, churches, cathedrals. The dinner cruises on ships and ferries in Goa are one of the romantic highlights of a trip to Goa during Valentine’s week.


Goa Carnival

What is the best time to visit Goa 2021

Goa Carnival is pretty much the ultimate carnival, and tourists and locals alike leave their worries back at home to indulge in celebrations by partying together. These parties involve everything ranging from food and drinks to music and dance. During the time of Goa Carnival, you will find it hard to escape fun vibes. It is for this reason that the Goa Carnival serves as one of the top tourist attractions in Goa, helping make February the best time to visit Goa.


Goa during other times of the year

Since Goa is a top Indian tourist destination, there is a large inflow of tourists throughout the year. Even during the off season in Goa, you will never run short of fun, adventurous and romantic things to do in Goa.


March to May

March to May is the peak summer season in Goa. The scorching heat makes the sands and the waters of the beaches of Goa intensely hot, leading to a major drop in the number of tourists inbound to Goa. However, there are still people who visit the beaches of Goa to seek respite from the summer heat. In fact, the summer season is the best time to visit Goa for water sports and activities such as water wading and water diving. People go on a holiday in Goa for the perfect getaway in the splashes of fun at top beaches of Goa.


Monsoon season (mid-June to October)

What is the best time to visit Goa 2021

Monsoon season hits hard in Goa and makes the land bloom and blossom with lush greenery. If that is a focus and preference on your trip to Goa, then monsoon season is definitely the best time to visit Goa for its beauty. The charm of Goa is very special and unique during the rainfall months and makes for a different kind of Goa experience.

The monsoon season is also host to the Sao-Joao festival in Goa, whose uniqueness is responsible for attracting a portion of the tourists to Goa. The festival of Sao-Joao occurs during the latter half of June. During this festival, men jump into wells that are full of water till nearly the top, to fetch out bottles of alcohol. It is a very fun experience for the people involved, and even makes late June the best time to visit Goa for people who are.


What is the best time to visit Goa for you?

You can decide on the best time to visit Goa for you by choosing what your preferences for the trip to Goa are. People visiting for general sightseeing might find it more fun and convenient to visit in winters, as they will also get to experience some of the other time-specific indulgences in Goa during this time. Hotels and accommodations are definitely cheaper than any other time of the year in the off-season in Goa. Whatever your trip preferences are, and no matter when you visit Goa, your time in Goa will be full of fun, excitement, adventure, and tranquility.

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Winter season is usually the best time to visit Goa for sightseeing, as you will be able to explore various tourist attraction in Goa without the scorching summer heat. You will also get to enjoy various fun things to do in Goa during winter, such as the popular Sunburn Festival.
Sunburn Goa is a popular music festival in Goa, and it takes place in the month of December. The Sunburn Festival is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Goa, and draws a lot of national and international tourists alike, especially the youth.
Weather in Goa does not experience too many variations on a year-round basis. However, you will find that the weather in Goa is the most pleasant during the months of winter, especially January, when the temperature ranges from 21 deg. C to 32 deg. C.
Typically it will require you about 3-5 days to go on a trip to Goa. You will be able to explore all the top places to visit in Goa in this duration. However, if you wish you can stay longer, especially if you are taking part in a festival such as Sunburn Festival or exploring the lesser known tourist spots in Goa?
Goa has a number of famous tourist spots. These include forts such as Aguada Fort and Chapora Fort, beaches such as Calangute beach, Palolem beach and Butterfly beach and natural scenic spots such as Dudhsagar Falls. There are also a number of clubs in Goa where the Goa nightlife exists, such as Shiva Valley and Club Fresh.
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