Boat trips on Lake Lucerne

Here some boat trip suggestions to do on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. From here, you can make a boat trip to Mount Rigi, Mount Pilatus, and use the city as a base to go to other cantons like Uri, Nidwalden, etc. There are so many options; here, some of our favorites!

Lucerne- Verkershaus Lido

During summer we love to make a short trip from Lucerne Pier 2 to Verkershaus – Lido (Museum of Transport), the trip costs about CHF 8,-per adult and is the most beautiful way to get on Public Badi Lido.


Up to Lucerne Riviera!!

Lucerne Riviera – Weggis

Vitznau – Rigi

To go up to the Queen of the Mountains, you can do it from Weggis with Cable Car, from Vitznau or Arth Goldau with the Train.

Golden Roundtrip to Mount Pilatus

Golden Roundtrip

Saphir Yacht Panoramic Trip

The one-hour tour in Lake Lucerne was fascinating!! Do you know how swiss people used to communicate in the Alps? Or where are the healing waters of the ‘Kaltbad’ mineral springs around Lake Lucerne? If not yet, you have to make this trip =)
Daily departures, price CHF 27.00, children 13.50. With Swiss Travel Pass or Half Fare CHF 16.50 per adult.

From May to September, another Tipp is the Sunset Boat Tour, departs around 7:00 pm on the Pier, and costs CHF 28 per adult.

Bürgerstock Resort

A brand new boat takes guests and tourists from Lucerne To the Bürgerstock Resort, Historic Hotel, which was reopened in 2017.
Prices per adult
CHF 34 boat trip only, round trip from Lucerne
CHF 84 included the Funicular to Resort.
* Note that this Funicular is the oldest in Switzerland, built-in 1888!

Bürgerstock Resort

Urnerlake und Tell’s Chapel

This route from Lucerne to Beckenried is also one of the most beautiful from the “Grand Tour of Switzerland.” One part of the trip is made by Ferry “Tell Sprung.” Part of Switzerland’s history, this Chapel was build in 1880.

Urnersee – Tell’s Chapel

Something that I love at SVG Boat trips is the “Nikki Spielkiste” for Kids. Take a look =)

Spielkiste – Toys Treasure
Central Switzerland Region

Similar trip at 30% lower Price.

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