Budget Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

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Budget Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Are you an avid traveler? Or are you an average person who is keen on seeing the wonders of the world? Either way, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, is an exciting option for anyone. It is especially appealing now, as the reef is highly vulnerable as it has lost half of its coral cover in the past three decades. So we’re not blaming you for wanting to visit the Great Barrier Reef. But, there’s a problem, it’s a very expensive destination. No worries though, we’re here to help you to try and avoid holes in your pocket. 

Here are a few ideas to start with

Magnetic Island

Budget Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

 Locally known as Maggie, this is the place to be to stop worrying and just relax. We suggest spending a day or two here. The island is peaceful and isn’t as crowded as the other islands and beaches in Australia. There isn’t much to do here, but if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones in peace and avoid the crowd, this is the place to go. Zip-around Magnetic Island in a mini ‘Moke’, go for a romantic walk to Radical Bay, and end the day with a beautiful sunset at Horseshoe. It is a fairly cheap escape compared to other places around the reef, without having to compromise on the natural beauty of the place. It’s a total win-win for you.


Opt for a Great Barrier Reef Tour

Budget Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Make sure you choose a budget-friendly package that includes all the activities that you have in mind. Visiting the outer reefs would be preferable as they are more pleasing to the human eye and are less damaged than the closer reefs. You can even see the reefs without getting wet with options such as catamarans, helicopters, and sailboats. You’ll most likely want scuba diving or snorkeling to be included in the tour as well. Wise up and you could save a lot of bucks for yourself.


Visit the Reef HQ Aquarium

Budget Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Want to see the colorful residents of the Reef, head out to Townville’s Reef HQ Aquarium. You can witness the world’s largest living coral reef exhibition for under $70 AUD for a family of four. Children under the age of 5 go in for free. You can even pay a visit to its turtle hospital.



Budget Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Spend a day at the Daydream Island, which is a part of the 74 idyllic islands that form The Whitsundays archipelago. Choose from the endless verities of water sports and daily activities. Don’t forget to visit the island’s famous Living Reef Lagoon where you can feed stingrays and also discover over 100 species of marine fishes. Lagoon entry is free for day-trippers and guests.

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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