City of Hamburg. What can it offer to the keen traveler?

A great story about city of hamburg. what can it offer to the keen traveler?, Read about the things to do in germany for a perfect travel experience.
City of Hamburg. What can it offer to the keen traveler?

From the architectural masterpiece that is the Cologne Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, or The Black Forest - Germany has many things to offer for travelers visiting the country either for the first time or coming to it once more.

Not only does it have many amazing objects of architecture, but the country is also rich in its history and nature, so everyone can find a thing or two they might want to see. In fact, Germany is considered to be the 7th most visited country by tourists worldwide.

However, one city, in my opinion, should be considered in very high regard. That is the city of Hamburg. Today, I’m gonna give my take, why everyone visiting Germany should spend at least some time in this special city.

City of Hamburg. What can it offer to the keen traveler?


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Hamburg -  a city that is the gateway to the world

The city is the second biggest city in the country and by far the biggest port in the continent of Europe. Not known to many is the fact that the origins of the city began way back in the days of the Romans, which some of the architecture remains to this day.

Despite suffering heavily during bombing raids of the Second World War, the city managed to maintain most of its architecture and historical identity throughout the years. These days it is not only a hub for travelers but an important part of the German economy as well as a center for naval, aeronautical, communication, and publishing companies making it one of the fastest-growing regions not only in Germany but for Europe as well.

Some of the first things to see would probably be the Rathaus (The City Hall) which reflects not only the neoclassical architecture of the XIX century but the pride of a newly unified German nation as well. Navigating through its alleys, you’ll likely reach the lake of Binnealster, which is located right in the middle of the city and helps connect the city to the sea.

Some other places of interest could be the Miniature Museum which is home to arguably the largest collection of mini-figures in the world, period. As the day is nearing the end, you might want to pay a visit to the local marketplaces where fishermen will offer you some delicious fish caught locally.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that the city can offer many things no matter whether you love history, architecture or nature.

City of Hamburg. What can it offer to the keen traveler?


What are some interesting facts about the city?

While facts don’t bring excitement, it’s good to know them if you plan to pay the city a visit.

Here’s 8 of them:


There are more bridges than any other city in the world

In fact, there are more than 2500 bridges located in the city. This is impressive, to say the least, and as you visit the city, you’ll likely see a lot of them.


The Beatles started out in this city

To rephrase John Lennon, even though the band was from Liverpool, the guys started out right here in the city of Hamburg. Not many known this, but from 1960 to 1962 the band played almost 300 shows here and developed their sound the way we know it today.


The port itself is huge

The Hamburg port, being the largest in Europe, spans 74 square kilometers. That’s almost as much Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark!


The biggest model railway can be found here

Miniatur Wunderland as it is known here is the biggest model railway in the world, which in fact is a miniature version of the world reflected with the help of small trains and mini-figures. Quite a fascinating sight to see.


Every ship is welcomed uniquely

The city’s love for ships is reflected even in such small things as a greeting. Every arriving and leaving the ship is greeted with the national anthem of the ship’s country.


The first modern zoo was founded here

The concept of a zoo as you know it today was born right here in the city. Being a huge animal lover and former local fishmonger, the founder - Carl Hagenback Jr founded the self-named institution back in 1907.

His idea was to provide a more natural habitat for the animals that he owned, instead of what most people were offering back at that time, which was to keep them in small cages. There was no restrictions in sight and they were allowed to move completely freely within the open enclosures surrounded by moats.

Nowadays, this is the standard for zoos. 


City hall has more rooms than the Buckingham palace

The Hamburg city hall is a sight to behold in itself. This masterpiece of architecture in the neo-renaissance style was built with the goal of representing the pride, wealth, and independence of the city back in the day.

The hall covers an area of about 17000 square kilometers, with its tower reaching the maximum height of 112 meters. By taking a glance at the facade, one can see over 20 statues built to honor past German and Prussian emperors.

To top it all off, there are 647 rooms in the building, which is 6 more than what Queen Elizabeth II has in Buckingham Palace!


The biggest Japanese garden in Europe can be found here

Completed back in 1990, the park called Planten un Blomen, is the largest Japanese garden in Europe, period. Designed by Japanese architect Yoshikuni Araki, the garden, apart from being a place to escape the busyness of the city and enjoy nature, can even offer a cup of tea in its tea garden surrounded by a few local lakes.

A truly magical place to visit, especially during spring when the cherry blossom is happening.

City of Hamburg. What can it offer to the keen traveler?


All in all

It’s safe to say that Hamburg is the city that should be seen by every keen traveler. Not only due to its historical legacy, but its sheer beauty and friendly people.

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