Coorg: The Scotland of South India

A great story about coorg: the scotland of south india, Read about the things to do in coorg for a perfect travel experience.
Coorg: The Scotland of South India

Situated in Karnataka, Coorg is a scenic district in the Western Ghats of India. The earliest dwellers of Coorg were the ‘Kodavas’ who were known to be warriors and operated in Tribes with their own chiefs. Complete with vivid green hills, lush meadows, and dreamy skies, Coorg is proudly known as the ‘Scotland of India’. It is the idyllic destination for photographers, hikers, adventurists, nature lovers and foodies. There are a variety of things to do in Coorg, to keep you entertained while having a soothing and peaceful experience as well. 


Golden Temple Monastery

Coorg: The Scotland of South India

Away from the chaos & commotion of a city, the Tibetan Monastery in Coorg commonly known as Namdroling of the Golden Temple Monastery is a great place to admire Tibetan culture, art & architecture. 

The Monastery is full of a number of Tibetans who are there to seek enlightenment, but at the same time, it also appeals to a large number of Indian tourists, who find it mesmerizing to see monks performing their religious and cultural traditions.


Coffee Plantation Tour

Coorg: The Scotland of South India

A Trip to Coorg is incomplete without the whole ‘coffee plantation’ experience. To understand and gain insight into the art of cultivating coffee by learning about techniques such as picking, sowing, pruning, and field preparation, it is essential to take a proper tour which is generally conducted by estate owners and managers. Other spices such as black pepper, vanilla, and exotic fruits are also cultivated in the region about which one can learn through this experience as well. If interested, the best way to spend your vacation in Coorg is to rent a homestay or room at one of the various coffee estates and gain a wholesome experience.


Where: Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation, Farmhouse Coffee Estate, Sakleshpur. Chilipili Estate Stay, Silverbrook Estate.


Abbey Falls

Coorg: The Scotland of South India

One of the most beautiful places to see in Coorg is the Abbey Falls, which is located in the midst of a spice and coffee plantation, making it look as exotic as it sounds. The most beautiful pictures can be taken from a bridge, which is located on the opposite hand of the falls, from where the view is unbeatable as well. The ideal time to visit this part of Coorg is July to October because during the monsoon it seems more mystical than it already is. As there are no eateries within the vicinity of the falls, it is advised that you carry a little Picnic Basket and some Water, as there is a lot to walk.


Raja’s Seat

Coorg: The Scotland of South India

Raja’s Seat is called so because it literally translates to ‘Seat of the King’, this place is perfect to admire the breathtaking view of such a stunning location, surrounded by rich meadows and the most picturesque sunset.

It also serves as a little garden filled with flowers and man-made fountains and it is popular for tourists to come and view the setting sun. There is also a little park for kids to play in and amuse themselves. 



Coorg: The Scotland of South India

The most spectacular part of Coorg is known as Mandalpatti & its beauty is the reason why Coorg earned the title, Scotland of India. Situated at over 5300 feet, this place will transport you to a paradise with distant hills, misty mountains, dewy grass, and chirping birds. The Literal translation of Mandalpatti is Market of Clouds, and it sure is. Walking through the hilltops it is difficult to look away and not admire nature in its rawest form and feel at peace with oneself. To get an even better view, there are a few watchtowers built by the forest department from where you will get breathtaking views of the entire range and the sunrise and sunset. 



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