Desert Arabian Nights in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

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Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Traveling to a new country is always exciting. You get to experience their culture, lifestyle, beautiful sites, food cuisines and a lot more, but it can be monotonous at times to keep visiting destinations with beaches or mountains. If you are someone who needs a change, then Arabian Nights is your one-stop solution. This place is included in almost every traveler's bucket list because of the experience of the beautiful Arabian dance, delicious food, and adventurous safaris. If you are someone who is planning to spend their vacations in Dubai as well, then you must want to make sure to not miss the opportunity to experience the world-famous Arabian nights of Abu Dhabi. We have curated a complete list for you to make your visit to the Arabian Nights simpler and fun to make sure you don't miss out on anything. So, keep reading to know more about this fascinating destination. 


How to reach the Arabian nights' village in Abu Dhabi?

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai


The Arabian nights' village is located in one of the most popular Al Khaznah locales of the city of Abu Dhabi. Arabian nights being one of the most popular activities to experience is consequently easy to reach from Dubai as well. Usually, the hotel management in the Arabian nights' village would provide you with the transportation facility from the city of Abu Dhabi to the Village of Arabian nights, but if you are not provided with the same then you can request your hotel manager to arrange a jeep for you to travel to the village. The staff and management here are generous and welcoming. You would experience the generosity of the Arabic culture in every nook of this village.


Best time to visit


The best thing about visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi is that you can plan your vacation at any time of the year. Although, the summers here are a little harsh so it is preferable to go during the Spring, Fall or Winter seasons. You can visit the exquisite Arabian night village any time of the month and would experience the same quality stay with some of the most ravishing views and adventurous experiences.


Places to stay in Arabian Nights Village

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai


The Arabian Nights Village, Al Khatim takes the responsibility of your hospitality and comfortable stay in the village. You can experience the most luxurious times of your life while staying in the village.  They offer several types of rooms according to your needs. The rooms are well-furnished and well-maintained for you to enjoy your stay in the hotel. The Arabic culture is known for its rich and luxurious culture and you would feel the same royalty during your stay in the middle of a desert.


Dining and food

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai


The Arabian cuisine is world-famous and what could be better than a themed restaurant to experience the richness of Arabic food. The hotel makes sure that you are provided with royal treatment from your first step inside the premises, to your stay to your dining experience at their restaurant. You can enjoy the delicious Arabic cuisine at the restaurant which is beautifully managed by the village itself. You would have an appetizing experience during your stay in the hotel as its not just simple dining but a huge feast for all the guests of the village.


Fun Activities and Entertainment 

When it comes to adventure and entertainment, Arabian Nights has a lot to offer. You can enjoy several adventurous activities like satisfying dune bashing in land cruisers and much more, and experience the most fascinating shows to make your stay memorable.


Desert safari

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai


One of the most popular things to do in the desert is to go on a desert safari. The Arabian Nights village offers the most adventurous and fun desert safaris where you get to experience the desert bedouin culture and life.  You can even get a picture with a falcon known as the most iconic bird of the emirates. 

There are three separate timings for safaris specifically;

Morning safari

Night safari; and

Overnight safari



Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai


One of the most fun activities to perform in a desert is sandboarding. You must have heard of skateboarding, but sandboarding is something you get to experience once in a lifetime. Enjoy the fun of slipping off of the dunes in the middle of a desert, but with the help of experienced staff for your safety.


Fat biking

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai


If you are someone fascinated by bikes then this activity is a must for you. fat biking brings out the inner adventurer in you. Enjoy your bike ride in a desert of the Arabian Nights Village.


Camel trekking

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Is it even possible to visit an Arabian themed village and not go for a camel ride? Well, I don't think it is. Enjoy the fun-filled camel ride in the most famous desert village in the world.

Quad biking

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai

One of the most popular and thrilling experience is waiting for you. Quad biking is the best way to serve your adventure hunger soul. 


Henna Application

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Well, it is not just an adventure that the village offers, they also have several other fun activities in store for you. You can get your hands painted with henna. Arabic henna painting is famous all over the world for its unique design and art. You get the opportunity to get your hand-painted by the experienced henna artists and cherish the art even when you get back to your home as it lasts a few days.


Belly Dance and a Melodious Music Show

Desert Arabian Nights in  Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The most fascinating and amusing entertainments await your visit to the Arabian nights' village in Dubai. The most famous and entertaining nights of the village comprises the exquisite belly dancing show performed by the professional belly dancers of the city. You can enjoy and relax your day appreciating the art and music of the country. Your night would be melodious with the mesmerizing music of the artists performing at the show and various other performances including a stunning fire show and so much more to fill your stay with pleasure.

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