Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners

A great story about discover india – travel guide for beginners, Read about the things to do in india for a perfect travel experience.
Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners

Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners
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India – a single word which is enough to send you down through a memory lane which brings back memories of happiness, ecstasy, nostalgia, intoxication and craziness that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The best time to visit is from mid-September to April.

As soon as you leave the airport & enter the heart of any city here, you shall find the same scene unfolding in front of you – busy colorful bazaars (local markets), the roadside stalls selling local foods, honking of cars & bikes, people trying to upsell you stuff so that they can make a living & off course treating you as ‘ You are the next big thing’. But in all honesty, this makes India a little more beautiful & exciting. You would want to go into deeper depths, discover what is not visible to the naked eye, what is the story behind the architectural monument standing right in the middle of the market & how the present times have affected the old inheritance and what do the locals feel about this change.

You can visit India at all times throughout the year and still find yourself astounded, every single time you come here – the country just doesn’t stop surprising you. It might be the iconic Himalayas in the North that do the trick for you, backwaters & black sand beaches of Kerala, the glitzy, glamourous city of Mumbai or the brilliant Islamic architectural wonders of Delhi & Agra, the country will have you wrapped around its beauty and will leave you craving for more because just one visit to India is not enough. We recommend prioritizing on what you actually want to do while vacationing in India prior-hand and below are 5 simple golden rules that you can consider while visiting India for the first time:

Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners
Itinerary to India

Stick to the Itinerary: You already have worked out an itinerary for this trip months back and we would recommend that you go by the same. India offers a well-laid network of trains & frequent flight connectivity is sure to get into your head, telling you otherwise to deviate from your original plan and cover all that you can see & travel kilometers to cover the entire country in your limited time. We would say this is a Big NO. Stay at one place for a while & try to absorb in all that place has to offer, it is always good to have experiences & beautiful memoirs of a single place in your pocket rather than just the count of places that you covered.

Let your body adapt: Give your body some time to adapt to the climate & the food that is available here. The weather here can be a little harsh depending upon the time of the year you are visiting the country & where are you coming from. The food here is delicious but spicy & the normal tap water that you get here might not be your first choice for the initial couple of days of your trip. But trust us, when we say it is only temporary & soon you will get the hang of it and start savoring the street food delicacies like local do. Might be you would like to have some recipes jotted down for yourself to try once you reach back home.

Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners
Taj Mahal day tour from Delhi

Do not miss on the architectural monuments: India is the epitome of architectural grandeur & splendor with more than 1000 forts & fortresses spread across its lands, the most famous one being Golden Triangle which covers cities of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. While the first two cities will get you appreciating the Islamic architectural brilliance, the later is sure to get you spell bounded by the elegancy & beauty of Rajput architecture. You might not be able to cover them all but much recommended are Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb & Qutub Minar in Delhi, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort & Akbar’s Tomb in Agra and Amber Fort, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal & Jaigarh Palace in Jaipur.

Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners
Discover yourself in India

Embark on a spiritual journey: India has for long been associated with spirituality & tranquility. The Ghats of Varanasi have been long known to evoke spiritual awakening amongst the masses who visit the city & the evening aarti is just spell-bounding. Further, the ancient city of Hardiwar & the yoga capital of India, Rishikesh have been attracting tourists for a while now to let them find peace & embrace their true self. Also, the neighboring state of Himachal houses some of the spectacular Tibetan monasteries including the main temple of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and the friendly monks there are always happy to guide you through.

Discover India – Travel Guide for Beginners
Local Markets of India

Try your skills at the Local Markets: Every country has its own fair share of tourist scams and India is no different. But yes, if you are a little cautious & witty, India can be rewarding when it comes to finding the best flea market deals. Trust us when we say – bargaining skills used right are sure to get you a good deal over anything & everything – branded clothes, shoes & handbags, leather products, antiques, souvenirs and anything that is up for sale.

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