Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know

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Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know

Dubai is one of the hotspots for international tourists from all over the world, and thus globalization of Dubai through activities and interests shared by the entire world has played a pivotal role in boosting the status of Dubai as a sought after global tourist destination. One such activity is golf, and what better to boost Dubai’s attraction than to host a mega golf tournament with celebrity-level golfers showcasing their talent in front of tourists gathering from all over the world.


About Dubai Desert Classic

The Dubai Desert Classic has grown in its relevance and significance over the years, and is now regarded as one of the most esteemed titles amongst professional golfers through its longetivity and consistency, and the names associated with the tournament.

Dubai Desert Classic history

The Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament started in 1989. It was part of the program named Dubai Golf that was conceived in order to boost Golf tourism in Dubai. The tournament is the first European Tour event to have ever taken place in the Arabian peninsula, and is promoted and organized by Golf In Dubai Falcon And Associates.

The citizens of Dubai have always been wide open and accepting of global phenomenon and trends and golf was readily and hastily incorporated into one of the essentials of Dubai. One of the reasons for it is that in the initial years promotional money was paid to top international golfers in order to attract as many of these celebrity-status figures to participate in the event, while it was still affirming its foundations in the rich roots that Dubai held for such a prospective. The thrill of watching some of the world’s best golfers all on one course trying to outbeat previous standards is surely hard to deny.

Dubai Desert Classic is now one of the most famed golf events around the world with the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy in the long list of important names in the field. Tiger Woods has in fact bagged the Dubai Desert Classic trophy twice. The active participation of such figures has served to boost the importance and relevance of Dubai Desert Classic to the international golfing community, thereby bringing the name of Dubai in limelight. It now serves to highlight the importance of golf and golf-related international tourism to Dubai, its culture and its economy. In return, it has now garnered some of the major luxury brands such as Rolex and BMW as sponsors of the event, further fueling skyrocketing the name of Dubai Desert Classic upwards. In fact, due to the significance and consistency of the tournament, Dubai Desert Classic is now referred to as “the Major of the Middle East”.


Dubai Desert Classic venue

Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know
The stunning Majlis course at Emirates Golf Club serves as the Dubai Desert Classic venue


The Dubai Desert Classic tournament is held as part of the larger European Tour and takes place on the Majlis Course At Emirates Golf Club in Emirates Hill, Dubai. However, for the 1999 and 2000 versions, the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club served as the Dubai Desert Classic venue.

Emirates Golf Club is built over a stretch of 175 acres of land that was previously covered by sand dunes, until the construction of the golf course was sanctioned for. The course is designed by Dubai-based architects BSBG and the stunning nature of the course is definitely hard to argue with. Despite its age, the course is maintained in a very pristine fashion. The nearest metro station from the Dubai Desert Classic venue is located at Nakheel. Emirates Golf Club is significant for the fact that it is one of the few golf courses in the world that are completely grassed, even though it was opened in 1988, only a year prior to when it first started hosting the Dubai Desert Classic. The golf course has a total of 36 holes.


Dubai Desert Classic 2021 dates

The Dubai Desert Classic 2021 will take place starting January 28 to January 31, 2021, and will be a four day event like every year. Therefore, the tournament will commence on Thursday and end on Sunday. The Majlis golf course at Emirates Golf Club shall be the venue for the upcoming season as well.

Dubai Desert Classic 2021 tickets

A day’s entry will cost you £499, in case you wish to take a day out and take in the glorious feel of golf in Dubai while on your trip to Dubai. On the other hand, if you are there specially for the event it would be wise to purchase season tickets that are priced at £1,499, as they will get you admission for all 4 days of the golfing event with access to terrace viewing decks and unlimited on-site food and drinks. Tickets also grant you access to the esteemed Emirates Golf Club clubhouse if you wish to relish the comfort and enjoyment of lounge experience along with fellow golf enthusiasts.

Kids under the age of 17 have free entry to the Dubai Desert Classic venue as long as they are accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket.


Dubai Desert Classic Highlights

Dubai Desert Classic is a four-day event, with eachg day holding a new round of the event and the final round on the fourth day. Besides the golfing action, the event is host to a number of activities and is a complete package for those who seek some of the finest entertainment and comfort amidst top-notch golf.

Top golfing stars on the Dubai Desert Classic field

Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know
Dubai Desert Classic winners get the trophy from the UAE ruler and European Tour organizer


Over the years, right from its opening year but increasingly more and more in later years, some of the most fancied names amongst the international golfing community have sparkled themselves on the Dubai Desert Classic field. Usually, a total of 120-140 golfers participate in the Dubai Desert Classic. Watching these golfing pros showcase their relentless talent and techniques on the course in the stunning backdrop of the Dubai skyline is definitely a sight no golf enthusiast would want to miss. Even past Dubai Desert Classic winners wait eagerly to play this exciting course once again. You may choose to watch the glorious show from the stands or the more comfortable viewing terraces along with food and drinks.

Tiger Woods: winner two times

Ernie Els: winner three times

Lucas Herbert: won the Dubai Desert Classic 2020, cementing his name in the list of world’s top golfers

Dubai Desert Classic winners have lately gotten a prize money of about half a million dollars, out of the total purse amount of approximately 3 million dollars, the rest of which goes out in the form of pay-out to other participants.


Food at Dubai Desert Classic

Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know

The food package inclusive in the seasonal tickets cover breakfast, lunch and buffet of Continental style in its menu. In addition, afternoon tea service is also provided. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are also provided in the package.


Take a stroll with golfing champions

Daily draws are held and the winners of each draw are given the opportunity to take a leisure stroll down the 18th hole of Majlis course with the major names in the field for the year, and get their photographs taken with them. If you are lucky enough you might get to have a one to one talk with the likes of past Dubai Desert Classic winners like Rory Mcllroy, who are set to participate once again in Dubai Desert Classic 2021.


Extra facilities on Dubai Desert Classic

  • You will have access to Emirates Golf Club clubhouse if you wish to relish the comfort and enjoyment of lounge experience along with fellow golf enthusiasts.
  • The Barasti Deck on the 15th hole offers spectators extensive and fun-filled celebratory activities while you enjoy the fine game of golf.
  • There is a special Kids Zone where kids can enjoy activities specially designed for kids while adults can immerse themselves blissfully in the game of golf that would be of greater interest to them.
  • In addition, there is the facility of VIP car parking.

A number of entertainment facilities are on the offer in and around the Dubai Desert Classic venue. For example, while you are on your special golf trip, you can also grab hard to miss discounts at shopping malls in Dubai or a visit to the entertainment packed “villages” in Dubai. In addition, other major events in Dubai often collaborate with Dubai Desert Classic to host their shows during the golfing tournament. For example, in 2020, Dubai Expo joined hands with Dubai Desert Classic, thereby bringing in a larger number of guests to both of the events on a collective basis, and making the overall event all the more exciting.


Play the tournament yourself

The viewers get the special opportunity to play the course themselves right after the Dubai Desert Classic ends. This makes for a very special feel especially for golf enthusiasts, and many flock in numbers from all around the world to get to play the tournament themselves after watching closely golfing champions of all times showcase their skills and techniques on the course.


Places to visit in Dubai while on your trip

Shopping: Whether you are here for the golf or not, there are a number of attractions you cannot afford to miss out on while you are in Dubai. Many of these revolve around the extensive range of shopping in Dubai you can do. Since the dates of the Dubai Desert Classic coincide with the Dubai Shopping Festival celebrations, this makes it the best time to visit Dubai as you can immerse yourself in the rich experience of golf while getting the best shopping deals, amidst the ongoing celebratory feel of the time. These discount deals are available on everything from apparel, electronics to gold and jewelry. The venues of Dubai Shopping Festival like The Dubai Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall, Mall Of The Emirates, Global Village, etc., are all counted amongst the top places to visit in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know
Malls in Dubai abuzz durting the Dubai Shopping Festival


Architecture: The Burj Khalifa is definitely one of the most revered attractions in Dubai amongst international tourists. It was in fact the tallest building in the world at its time of opening in 2010. In fact, the entire architecture of Dubai is highly urban yet spaced out, so despite the modern look and feel of Dubai it does not feel crowded or chaotic. The beautifully Dubai Fountain near Burj Khalifa is another important tourist attraction amongst the places to visit in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know
The famed and gorgeous Burj Khalifa as one of the landmarks of Dubai


Food and drinks: There are a number of fine restaurants and bars in Dubai that offer fine cuisines from all over the world. These include but are not necessarily restricted to Play Restaurant And Lounge, Zuma and Coya Dubai. You will be able to get a wide array of street foods at local eateries and stalls especially in the “villages” (plazas), such as Global Village in Dubai. In addition, Dubai has an extensive and active night life in the form of several pubs and night lounges where you can indulge in some of the finest of menus and entertainment.

Entertainment activities: You can get involved in a number of activities such as horseback riding, camelback riding, skiing, jeep and 4WD riding on the sand dunes of Dubai, or visits to the enormous amusement parks like Legoland Park and Aquaventure Waterpark or the Dubai Zoo. If you seek a farther escape from the city surroundings of Dubai, a visit to the Jumeirah Beach or Dubai Creek is definitely worth being on the cards.


How to reach Dubai

By air:

The Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and operates flights inbound from nearly everywhere in the world on a daily basis, including all major international airports in India. Dubai International Airport is located at a distance of 34 km from the Dubai Desert Classic venue, and takes only about 27 min to reach on average via a direct road route.

By road:

It is possible to travel to Dubai internationally by road. However, you will have to enter via Oman and you will need to pay a surcharge to the authorities during your return from Dubai.


Places to stay in Dubai

Dubai Desert Classic 2021: Everything you need to know
Atlantis, The Palm is one of the most sought after luxury hotels in Dubai


You will never run short of places to stay in Dubai no matter what area of Dubai you plan to focus your visit on. Some hotels in Dubai are:


Low-budget: Crystal Plaza Hotel (INR 1,900-2,000/night), Najoum Al Emarate Hotel (INR 2,100/night), Leela Hotel Dubai (INR 2,200/night)

Mid-budget: Hyatt Regency Dubai (INR 4,500/night), Bombay BackPackers DXB (INR 2,800/night)

High-budget: Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown (INR 7,100/night), Atlantis, The Palm (INR 32,500/night), Bulgari Hotels And Resorts (INR 96,000/night)


Come for the golf, leave with more

A visit to Dubai for the Dubai Desert Classic will get you immersed in not only the finest golfing experiences under the limelight of famous international names but will also garner you an immensely rich overall experience to take back home and cherish forever. It will definitely be more than what you bargain for, and more than what you expect, and most certainly in a good way.

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Dubai Desert Classic is a flagship European Tour golf tournament that takes place on the stunning Majlis course of Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, UAE. The course has a total of 36 holes. The tournament attracts some of the biggest names in the international golfing community and tourists from all over the world.
Dubai Desert Classic 2021 is scheduled tentatively from January 26 to January 31, 2021. It will be a four-round event like every year and the final round will take place on a Sunday.
Every year, the Dubai Desert Classic attracts some of the biggest names in the golfing community. Over the years, some of the famed names on the field have been Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy and Erny Els. Amongst these, Rory Mcllroy is set to play the tournament once again this upcoming season, amongst about 130 other top international golfers.
Every year there is a budding name in the golfing community that wins the Dubai Desert Classic title, and Dubai Desert Classic winners usually end up sealing their names in the future of golf. Tiger Woods has in fact won the Dubai Desert Classic twice. Bryson DeChambeau was the Dubai Desert Classic 2019 winner, while Lucas Herbert bagged the title in 2020.
The total purse amount for the Dubai Desert Classic has increased by leaps over the years. The purse amount for Dubai Desert Classic 2021 is set to be somewhere between $3 million and $3.5 million. The winner gets 16.67 % of the purse amount according to European Tour standards, which amounts to over half a million dollars.
Day tickets for Dubai Desert Classic 2021 will cost you £499. Season tickets are priced at £1,499, and will get you spectator entry to all 4 days or rounds of the tournament, along with unlimited on-site food and drinks, access to the golf clubhouse and the chance to participate in the daily draws.
Dubai International Airport is located at a distance of 34 km from Emirates Golf Club which is the Dubai Desert Classic 2021 venue. It takes an average of 27 minutes to travel to the venue from the airport via a direct road route.
The Dubai Desert Classic 2021 dates coincide with the famed Dubai Shopping Festival. You will be able to grab a lot of great discount deals on apparel, electronics, jewelry, etc., during this time. Besides, there are a number of other tourist attractions in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Aquaventure Park, Global Village, etc. There is also a very active and lively night life in Dubai at its restaurants, bars and pubs.
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