Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

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Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Are you a shopping freak? If yes then Dubai Shopping Festival, or DSF as it is often dubbed by fans, is an experience you can’t afford to miss out on. Here, you will find every shopping item you can think of, with several varieties to choose from all in one place. Moreover, what better means is there to kickstart the world halted by the COVID calamity than a festival that brings together the international community. Shopping and entertainment are two universally loved experiences. Dubai Shopping Festival offers you a blend of both in a single experience, while taking you across various tourist places to visit in Dubai.


The story of Dubai Shopping Festival

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021


Are you eager to visit Dubai to purchase products like electronic gadgets, apparel, etc., and bring them back home on the return trip to save up on expenditures? Dubai is actually a very prominent attraction amongst shopaholics for this very reason. A number of people have chosen to make this visit during the Dubai Shopping Festival, since it first started in 1996, in order to experience more than just the pleasures of simple shopping.

You not only get to buy items at unbelievable discounts but as icing on the cake you also experience the thrill and glamor that resonates city-wide during this time. The entire spread of the city in fact serves as the Dubai Shopping Festival venue, so no matter where you go, you are bound to find something to peak your interest. All of this ends up leaving a deep impression on you from your Dubai Shopping Festival holidays. During the DSF, the cosmpolitan life of the city is injected with a boost, with malls and shops set up specially for the festival and live entertainment events being the norm throughout the city.


Dubai Shopping Festival dates for 2021


The festival usually spans across the dates for Christmas and New Year’s, thereby incorporating those celebrations into the overall experience. In addition, owing to the weather in Dubai being comparatively less warm this time of the year, it definitely is the best time to visit Dubai.The average temperature high during this time is 26-27 deg. C, while night time temperatures may drop as low as 15 deg. C, making weather in Dubai relatively pleasant. This year around as well, the Dubai Shopping Festival dates have been set as Dec 17, 2020 to Jan 30, 2021 in order to fit these occasions into the feel of the festival..


What Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 offers

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Dubai Shopping Festival will give you options to buy a wide array of products to choose from. These include:

  • High-quality apparels.
  • Gold, platinum, silver and diamond jewelry.
  • Extensive and top range of cosmetics, perfumes.
  • Watches, shoes, etc.
  • Fancy/designer purses, leather bags, leather jackets.
  • Home decor for all themes.
  • Electronic gadgets.
  • Dry fruits (especially Arabian dates) and exotic spices.

This year, Dubai Shopping Festival packages not only an extravagant shopping bonanza at the major malls across Dubai like Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Lamcy Mall, etc., and at Global Village as well, but also include raffle draws (lucky draws) for dreamworthy prizes to be won. Heavy discounts would be available on apparels, purses, electronic gadgets and other assortment of products. A 12-hour super sale is set to mark the kick-off of the festival. The super sale will offer products by 700 brands up for grabs at 3200 participating outlets. These sales will be open throughout the Dubai Shopping Festival dates, and the products offered will be world-class in variety.

Apparels and Fashion

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

You will find clothing and attires of all styles ranging from designer wear and party wear to jeans, shirts.and dresses. You will have your favorite brands like BOGGI, Jack And Jones, Prada, etc., as well as Emirati brands all in one place to pick what you like best. You will be wellable to renew your wardrobe and fill every gap in it in every style you like if you go to the DSF.

In plazas such as Global Village, Al Rigga Street, Al Seef Street, Festival Waterfront Center you will get to look through a long list of souveniers of different types, and assorted items that you would love to choose from and take home with. Besides the permanent shops there will also be stalls set up especially for the purpose of the sale during the DSF to showcase items that tourist are on the look for.

Gold and jewelry for you

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

The upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival is also expected to have an immense range of gold and jewelry at unbelievable prices, so you might want to look out for that. In fact, a trip to Dubai might as well be incomplete if you miss out on grabbing gold from Dubai Gold Souk, which is renowned for selling gold at the cheapest prices in the world. Jewelry of silver, platinum and diamond is also on the shelves for grabs. To add flavor to it, Dubai Gold Souk offers some of its finest and latest jewelry exclusively during the DSF.

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Dubai is renowned for its availability of a vast range of perfumes by brands from all around the world, including the exquisite Arabic-scented versions of perfumes. Besides, cosmeticcs and makeup items are in plenty, to help you build your exact style and outlook using the finest products at some of the cheapest prices.

Accessories like Watches

Diamond-studded watches are sought after by a large number of people, as a symbol of style and personality. Yet, their expensive prices can often give you doubts before you purchase them from your local store. If you go to the DSF you will be amassed by the prices and you might even find them hard to believe, and easy to purchase as the missing link in building up your style.

Leather bags, leather jackets

Leather is essential to certain styles and you might feel incomplete without a fulfilling range of leather products in your inventory. To fill those gaps, you will find extremely fine-quality leather products showcasing labels like Shareif, Burberry and Prada as well.

Home decor

Remember seeing Aladdin's flying carpet from your younger days? If you liked the Arabic themes surrounding it, you will be overwhelmed by the long list of options you can choose from. To add to the overall feel of your house in case you want one in your bedroom or living room, you will find home decor items like vases, lamps and candles you can bring back home and transform your house.

Electronic gadgets

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

For the gadget freaks and avid gamers, there are discounts on the latest gaming consoles, mobile phones and every other sort of electronic product in the market during DSF. Therefore, this is probably the perfect opportunity to grab your hands on anything you have sought to buy since the longest time.


Places to visit in Dubai when exploring

Architectural spots

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Dubai houses a lot of modern architecture marvels like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, which attract architecture enthusiasts from literally all over the world for that sole purpose. Even the designs of regular buildings and neighborhoods are architecturally relevant and significant. Besides, a number of malls and hotels in Dubai exhibit fine and exquisite architecture that add dimensions to general sightseeing. Dubai Creek is a stretch of natural seawater that cuts through the city, with a dock area built over it that is completely reminiscent of Byzantine (East Roman) architectural style.

Plazas and "villages"

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Dubai is abound in such plazas and “villages” constantly blooming with urban life. Global Village is probably the most elaborate and extensive of these, as it boasts a total of 26 pavilions each of which represents a separate unique culture like Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, all converging into one hub, i.e., the glory of Dubai. These spots not only offer shopping opportunities but a wide array of food and live cultural activities to blend into the urban life of these places.

Bars and gathering spots

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Fine-tasting bars and restaurants, theater and concert halls are present all around Dubai, but styles and budgets vary from area to area, so it might be a good choice to explore around to get to experience the complete spectrum of the Dubai life and glamor as per your planned budget. After all, everywhere you go you can expect to find an array of things to do in Dubai as per your tastes and interests.

Natural adventures

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Side by side with the rich urban life of Dubai, there exist skii locations, ice skating rinks and water parks for those who want to try it out without having to venture into the mountains or afar. In addition, a desert safari that includes camel rides and an aquarium cum underwater zoo in Dubai provide a refreshing escape from the ever-present urbanness of life whenever needed. For driving and racing enthusiasts Ferrari World and the Dubai autodrome are important attractions.


No Dubai Expo in 2021? Or a surprise alternative?

People often look to visit the Dubai Expo which is also known as World’s Fair during their visit for the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is one of the most sought after annual exhibitions from around the globe. However, due to the COVID pandemic the upcoming World’s Fair has been postponed until after the DSF is over. Even so, it is worth remembering that the organizing committees will keep this in mind and seek to leave no hole behind in the overall experience they offer, by offering unique alternatives that well make up for this seeming deficit. They do like to come up with on-site announcements of events, offers and showcasings for days of the festival.

Live city-wide events

The city-wide celebrations during the festival do inject colors into the whole of Dubai Shopping Festival venue. These range across various activities, events and art forms, all designed to cater to requirements of all sorts. Examples include street plays/skits, flash mobs, exhibitions and film festivals, letting everyone and anyone immerse themselves in what they like, in the backdrop of the Dubai dazzle. The stars you see on TV will be out here at DSF too, such as Liam Payne performing or Eva Longoria doing window shopping.

Food at DSF

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

A wide range of fine cuisines and food stalls at plazas are going to be available to mark the convergence of different cultures in Dubai all of them celebrating and participating in these events as one. This theme reflects directly in the motto of Dubai Shopping Festival, which goes, “one world, one family, one festival.” The Dubai Shopping Festival food is sure to give you the finest tastes of all the types of food you have ever read about and wanted to try. You can try out these flavors at food trucks, local eateries and restaurants that ofer cozy environments along with the complete range of Dubai Shopping Festival food all around the city.

Arabian dates are some of the most famous dates in the world. You will find these here at DSF, in different forms such as dried and raw, along with several exotic spices. These are usually on sale on stalls and at eateries and street-side shops especially at shopping villages like Global Village, Outlet Village, etc.

The popular Dubai Carnival

Dubai Shopping Festival offers you the opportunity to be a part of the carnival here as part of the ongoing events and celebrations, The carnival involves a collective of people from all sorts of backgrounds, with performances by upto 300 artists of all sorts. Such shared experiences help bridge racial and geographical divides, because they remind us that humans aren’t as different from each other as we might think. You will get to witness the traditional carnival activities like jugglers and musicians performing, and come out of the experience rejuvenated for the new year.


The extra bonus in this offer-filled package

Despite being a festival, it typically isn’t really crowded and chaotic around Dubai even during this time because distances in Dubai span over great distances and so crowds tend to be dispersed.This works as a relief for shopaholics who seek the solace of peace amidst high-paced urban life, something which is rare to find..


Hotels in Dubai to make your stay comfortable

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Dubai holds the prestige of having a number of world-class hotels that provide accommodation with the most excellent of facilities and comfort during the Dubai Shopping Festival dates. Most tourists don’t mind staying at the expensive hotels because compared to the overall budget of expenditure it still doesn’t turn out to be much of a stretch.

Budget Hotels - Leela Hotel, Canvas Hotel (3-star)

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

Leela Hotel will offer laid-back lodging and if you are able to grab a deal/package you probably wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity of staying here. Canvas Hotel, on the other hand, is an upscale budget property. These hotels offer rooms starting around INR 2.000-2,500.

Standard Hotels - Taj Dubai, Hyatt Regency (4-star)

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

These are popular hotel brand names around the world that are also based in Dubai and will offer familiar facilities at mid-range prices starting around INR 8,000 for an overnight stay.

Luxury Hotels - Atlantis, The Palm (5-star)

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

It is a luxury resort offering stay on its exquisitely fine campus which is located off a beach. An overnight stay would cost around INR 25,500. However, availing a package deal of 3-4 night stay aat such hotels would result in a reduction in the overall costing for you.


What you need to keep in mind

You would need to be careful in selecting the area your hotel is going to be located in. Thanks to the difference in budgets across different neighborhoods, the overall cost of stay is going to vary across similar price-range hotels more than you would expect. This is because you are going to end up exploring the vicinities of your hotel leading to further expenses. In any case, your hotel is bound to be somewhere in the Dubai Shopping Festival venue area.

For instance, the downtown area is often sought after for tourist stay because it offers a locality of bars and restaurants at the cheapest prices. The Jumeira/Marina area is considered the best area for an enjoyable stay because it has the most popular bars of Dubai around, but it is also the most expensive area in Dubai.

DSF packages to help you through

Several options amongst Dubai Shopping Festival packages will help you decide on your choices conveniently and help you get the most out of your visit. Hotels in Dubai offer sets of unique tourist options in their packages to fit your specific personal preferences for your visit. Moreover, you will be able to avail customized Dubai Shopping Festival packages in case you want to target specific aspects of Dubai on your trip. Hence, you need to plan your trip in advance with these factors in consideration to make your stay ideal as desired and free of inconveniences.


How to reach Dubai Shopping Festival venue

By air

The Dubai International Airport that is situated only 5 km from the main city operates flights inbound from over 100 destinations around the world, including all major cities in India. Besides Dubai’s state-funded airlines, Etihad and FlyDubai operate private airlines, and private airlines in India run flights to Dubai on a regular basis as well. As an alternative, you can choose to fly to Sharjah which is extremely close to Dubai and take a taxi further from there.

By road

It is possible to travel to Dubai by road only through Oman. Entry in Oman is free of charge, however you do need to pay a fee of 300 Omani Riyal upon exit from Oman. Besides, you can use public metro services to travel into Dubai from places in the vicinity, but metro lines do not operate at night time.

Once in Dubai

You can use the metro to travel around inside Dubai conveniently. In case you don’t mind traveling at slow speeds while enjoying the street-side sights, you might want to pick trams insteads. Intra-city water transport is available too, in the form of water buses and open boats that operate under the name Dubai Abra. Besides these, public buses and private taxis operate in abundance and make different parts of the city well-connected. However, taxis do tend to be way more expensive than the other means of transport. During the Dubai Shopping Festival dates, all of these means of transport will take you to the different places to visit in Dubai. Due to often unpleasant weather in Dubai, you probably wouldn’t want to walk around the city much.


Return home with more than just your purchases

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

While it’s true that Dubai Shopping Festival offers themes targeted at shopaholics with several shopping bonanzas on the shelf for grabs, and the entertainment events are designed to create a lively atmosphere and setting for that, you are going to take away much more than just the products and gadgets you buy over there. The rich and bustling experience you go through at the places to visit in Dubai will leave a mark on your perspective that will stay with you even after. You will never be short of things to do in Dubai Shopping Festival, and never short of memories and purchases from the trip.

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Dubai Shopping Festival will be held from December 17, 2020 to January 30, 2021. The festival always starts before Christmas so it includes the festive celebrations as part of the experience.
The DSF lasts a little over a month. The exact duration isn't permanently fixed because dates are decided on a per-year basis.
You will get apparel, electronic products, purses, perfumes, gold, jewelry, home decor and some other items at unbelievable prices indeed. They will be of world-class quality and belong to authentic top brands.
Yes, DSF is a once in a year opportunity and a must-go especially for shopping enthusiasts who loved the glory of a cosmopolitan mall and plaza-based experience. Those who prefer to shop in solace will love the deals and products at DSF just as much, but they might not feel comfortable in the urbanic and cosmopolitan nature of Dubai during this time and would prefer to solely focus on planned shopping.
Yes, you will get to experience the glory of cosmopolitan Dubai at its highest, amidst the fireworks and art and cultural eents that are constantly taking place throughout Dubai.
The DSF serves as a single venue hosting the best opportunities for shopping for your entire family or with your entire family, while immersing yourself in a variety of cultural events.
No, international airport with inbound flights from everywhere in the world is very close to the city. Public transport and taxis are easily available from there. You might want to avoid walking too much because of the weather in Dubai.
You will find hotels all around and very easily in Dubai. However, you will need to choose the neighborhood as per your budget because staying in different localities will vary a lot in terms of costing because each localityoffers a different economical range for the same type of facilties.
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