Dubai's Budget Trip: We got you covered

A great story about dubai's budget trip: we got you covered, Read about the things to do in dubai for a perfect travel experience.
Dubai's  Budget Trip: We got you covered

Dubai is an amazing and modern city situated in the United Arab Emirates. It is known as the ‘City of gold’ and is famous for its urban landscapes, luxury shopping, exotic destinations, and rich nightlife. A trip to Dubai is definitely going to be one of your most expensive trips. The reason for this is the fact that the events, alcohol, and transport are quite expensive in this city.
However, if you make conscious budget choices and cut down a little on luxury, you can get the best out of the trip without breaking your bank account. Here are some tips to plan a budget trip to Dubai


Dubai's  Budget Trip: We got you covered

Dubai has limited public transportation, unlike other cities. So, use the Dubai metro as transport whenever you can. This saves you lots of money and time. Moreover, most of the attractions in Dubai like BurjKhalifa, Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, etc are close to Dubai Metro stations. Take the metro to the closest possible place to your destination and walk a little or get a taxi to reach your spot. You can also try bike rentals if you want to know about the city and roam around.


Dubai's  Budget Trip: We got you covered

It is so good to live in luxury hotels with great views but this might cost you a fortune in Dubai. It is suggestible to take hotels away from the main city which cost you comparatively less. Airbnb serves as a good option too. The prices of hotels drop highly during summers hence can be cheap, but a trip to Dubai in summer is not recommendable as many events are closed due to the season’s hot weather.


Dubai's  Budget Trip: We got you covered

Dubai has great regional and international restaurants with middle-eastern, Indian, Lebanese, Italian cuisines. Instead of international chains that are way expensive compared to other cities, try local fast food centers and food courts which offer multiple cuisines at decent prices. If your accommodation has a kitchen, you can buy groceries at local stores and cook for yourselves. You can also try ready to eat meals.


Dubai's  Budget Trip: We got you covered

One big turnoff about this fancy city its strict alcohol rules. Dubai being a conservative Muslim city has strict rules regarding alcohol consumption. Only licensed clubs and bars are allowed to serve alcohol for the tourists. This makes alcohol overpriced and highly taxed in the city. You can hit the clubs in happy hours to get great discounts. The best thing to do is to load alcohol at the airport which is duty-free. Otherwise, simply control your alcohol craving and enjoy your trip.


Dubai's  Budget Trip: We got you covered

Dubai is very well known for its luxury shopping but it can be really expensive. Rather than international retail chains, souks (local markets) are affordable options. Gold souks in Dubai have cheapest gold jewelry in the world. You can buy trinkets and souvenirs from these souks. These souks have colorful spices, imitation goods and affordable gifts you can buy as you leave the city.


Other Free Things to do in Dubai

There are certain things in the city which you can do free of cost or with a minimal fare. You can go visit Street wrestling, camel racing, walk in the beaches, and capture scenic landscapes. You can gaze at Burj Khalifa from the bottom and enjoy fountain shows at regular intervals in the evenings.
To sum up, your trip to Dubai can be budget-friendly and fun if you put in some effort in planning it the right way. Do not book a tour package. Though it can be convenient, it can cost you a lot more than its worth. Plus you can’t enjoy the nativity of the city. Carefully plan an itinerary and go according to the plan to get the most of this luxuriant city.

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Last Updated : Jan 14,2021
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