Easiest Ways to Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, Thailand 

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Easiest Ways to Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, Thailand 

People who love to travel always look for new places to visit and explore. Well, it is not always easy to travel to a new place. You often find yourself in a difficult situation if you have not done your research. But if you have come across this blog, then your research ends here. We are here to help you with your traveling so you don't have to hustle later. If you are someone planning to explore Thailand for the first time, then this article would be a great help to you. Bangkok is one of the most popular cities in Thailand and so you might start your journey from Bangkok but you cannot just stay in Bangkok for the rest of your vacation and would consider visiting Pattaya as the next stop. But it is not always easy to find the best source of commute. Worry not as we have provided you with all the details about your commute from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Sources of commute


Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya 

Easiest Ways to Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, Thailand 

From the bus terminal



The easiest and cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya is via a local bus. You need to consider all the points before deciding to travel by bus. You might want to visit Pattaya on the weekdays as the weekends can get a little busier and hence, getting a bus ticket is not easy. You can board a bus from the east terminal, south terminal and north terminal for 100-120 baht per person thought the best and easiest way is to board a bus from Khan Sao road. You can easily book a slot at the eastern terminal as the buses start from 5:00 am and are available after every 30 mins till 11:20 pm. The time is taken for traveling mostly depends on the traffic but it takes about 2 and a half hours in low traffic to reach Pattaya from Bangkok by bus. By bus, it is generally convenient as the buses are mostly air-conditioned and the tickets are quite cheap too. Traveling by bus also provides you an option to place your luggage hassle-free, but you must keep your valuables with you in the small bags to avoid any problem. You also get overhead space for your small luggage like your travel backpack or handbags in which you can keep food and water for the journey. It is advisable to carry a small blanket or jacket with you while traveling as the temperature might get a little during the journey. 

Note: try to opt for the first-class travel as it provides minimal stoppage and air-conditioned service and the prices don’t vary much from the second-class. Also, carry minimal luggage as you would have to travel with luggage from the Pattaya bus station to the main city.


From the Airport


Getting a local bus from the Survanabumi Airport is another convenient option for those who want to visit Pattaya first after landing in Bangkok. After landing move to the public transport area on the first floor and grab your ticket at gate number 8 for 120 baht to Pattaya wait for the staff to announce the availability of the upcoming bus. The buses are available every one hour from 7 am to 10 pm.



Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya

Easiest Ways to Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, Thailand 


Taxi is another option you can opt to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya. Although, the charges are much higher than the local bus. You might want to consider the prices before opting for a taxi. It would be more convenient to travel via taxi if spending a little more would not hurt your pocket. The price of traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya depends upon the location you start from.

From the airport

Getting a taxi from the airport is easy and convenient, it costs about 1000-1200 baht. It is advisable to fix the price before traveling.

From central Bangkok 

If you are getting a taxi from central Bangkok, then it may cost you 2300-2500 baht.

From your hotel

It mainly depends on the location of your hotel but if you are staying in one of the luxury hotels, then the cost of a taxi would be around 1500-2000 baht. 

The time for traveling depends on the traffic. Usually, it takes 2 hours to reach Pattaya by taxi and on busier days it might take 2 and a half hours to reach Pattaya. No doubt, a taxi is a better option when it comes to comfort as you can directly reach your hotel in Pattaya and travel without needing to carry your heavy luggage around with you.


Things you need to consider


Distance from Bangkok to Pattaya


The distance between Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and Pattaya is about 122 km hence, the taxi cost is lesser. The distance from DMK airport to Pattaya is about 160 km. From central Bangkok, Pattaya is 148 km or 92 miles away.


Travel time


If you are someone who is short on time and needs to visit Pattaya at the earliest possible time, then opting for a taxi would be a better option for you. Make sure to plan a visit to Pattaya on weekdays as the roads are busier on Friday. It takes 2 hours if you are traveling via taxi. If you are okay with getting a little late, then opting for the local bus is your best option.


Travel budget


Before going for a vacation to a foreign place you always want to make a budget to avoid extra expenses. It is often advised to make a certain budget for your travel expenses. So, if you are low on budget then bus traveling by local bus is your best option and if you have a bigger travel budget, then a taxi is a way more convenient option. 

Also, if you are traveling with a group, then you can easily divide the traveling expenses of taxi hence it is under your budget and more comfortable option as compared to traveling by bus.

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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