Family destination – Bivio Savognin

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Family destination – Bivio Savognin

Bivio is a small village near the famous St. Moritz, in the heart of the canton of Grisons (Graübunden in German) in Switzerland.

Exploring Bivio

Bivio is located in the Savognin region, on the largest national park in Switzerland, the Parc Ela, 1.769 m above sea level, between the Alpines Septimer and Julier Passes. Since antiquity, the Romans have transported goods through this region.

The language spoken in the canton of Grisons is the Romanche, the four official languages of Switzerland. (I think it sounds like Italian and French.) As one of the least spoken languages in Europe, residents of the region strive to keep their tongues alive and pass it on to future generations. One of the peculiarities of this canton is that around here, the houses have a name and a drawing that represents it.

Family destination – Bivio Savognin
Swiss ski resort Bivio
Family destination – Bivio Savognin
Swiss ski resort Bivio
Family destination – Bivio Savognin
Church in Bivio
Family destination – Bivio Savognin
Typical houses of the region.
Family destination – Bivio Savognin
Year built 1566

Bivio for families

The city welcomes families very well and is one of the favorite destinations of those traveling with children to the Alps. Here, children can walk alone on the streets, as hotels are practically beside the ski slopes. Another widely used lodging option is the rental of chalets or apartments per season.

The city’s tourist office offers tourists:

  • Baby-Sitter service-made by students of the region;
  • Library with books and DVD’s for rent;
  • Playroom
  • Used children’s goods market, which can be rented or purchased at great prices.

Winter in Bivio

Bivio has more than 30 km of slopes prepared for skiing and snowboarding. All that Bivio offers in winter:

  • Snow park for skiing and snowboard lovers;
  • Tours and hiking in the mountains with skiing;
  • Ski and Snowboard School for children from 3 years old;
  • Child care for children from 2 to 12 years old during the day. Children don’t have to necessary take Ski lessons.
  • Junior runway for ski school and small sledding;
  • Ice skating rink;
  • Heated Pool (Hallenbad). The prices of a ski pass throughout the day are: adult CHF43 and children CHF22. Family Passes cost CHF 120.
    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
    Adults Ski slope entrance
    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
    Swiss ski resort Bivio

    Learning skiing in Bivio

    The kids took it 2days ski lessons in Bivio. There was in the morning and afternoon; this was quite enough to have some snow fun!!

    How to prepare the baby for the snow?

    When I took my son for the first time up to the mountains, he was only one year old. We had some experience on the Mount Rigi, and the same I did to prepare him for Bivio. Let your child feel free to play and move around in the snow; the movement will keep the cold away!!! Snow boots with fur are also essential not to protect against the cold and slippery floors/snow.

    Essential accessories are thermal gloves; I care two pairs with me; they get lost easily. Thermal beanie and sunglasses, I use one with UV protection from Chicco. It is worth remembering that we have to use sunscreen even on cloudy days. I use 50 protection and also lip balm.

    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
    Ski School for Children
    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
     Children’s ski slope
    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
    The boys’ ski instructor, Valentina of Chile
    Family destination – Bivio Savognin
    Bivio under the Moonlight

    Bivio in summer

    We want to get to know the region of Bivio in summer and enjoy everything!! Some of the activities in Savognin

  • Swimming in Lake Barnagn;
  • Mountain Bike
  • Golf course
  • Parachute jump
  • Trails
  • Climbing
  • Pinocchio Club for children from 03 to 12 years old;
  • Circus week;
  • Mountain Bike and riding course for the little ones.

    Accommodation in Bivio

    We stayed at the Hotel Grischuna, very confortable with perfect location.
    The structure of the Grischuna:

  • Jacuzzi and Wellness area;
  • Dry and steam Sauna;
  • Continental breakfast Buffet with regional products;
  • Restaurant
  • Room for storing skis, snowboards and sledges;
  • Free parking;
  • Directly located on the children’s ski slope. Hotel am Waldburger

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