Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: The Coolest Gardens in the World?

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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: The Coolest Gardens in the World?

Gardens aren’t usually the most exciting of places. Sure, if you are a huge flower fan or are really into ponds, they might be the highlight of your holiday, but to your average person they are just pleasant places to kill an hour or 2. Gardens by the bay is different, a futuristic wonder beamed down from space that might just be the best tourist attraction in Singapore.

Supertree Grove

Straight out of another world (Pandora from the movie Avatar to be specific), the supertrees are a unique blend of futuristic weirdness and environmental sustainability. The trees harvest solar energy and will eventually be home to over 160,000 plants. It’d be great if one day every tall building in the world is designed like this; the supertrees prove that sustainability and green thinking don’t have to be boring. You can walk along the Supertree Skyway (for $5), which is something I’d definitely recommend shelling out for.

The Flower Dome

Thankfully the Flower Dome is far better than the Stephen Baldwin/Pauly Shore film Bio Dome, because that was pretty awful. This dome is home to a lot of flowers and plants, and a strange Dutch themed garden featuring clogs and windmills. It doesn’t sound great, but the fact it’s in a futuristic dome makes it so much better. I was more interested in the dome than anything else, but if you’re really into flowers I’m sure you’ll love it too.

The Cloud Forest

This place is awesome. A huge 35 meter man made mountain dominates the dome, but what really tops it off is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world thundering down one side. You can explore the interior of the mountain, which includes a treetop boardwalk, stalactites and stalagmites (cave rock things) and some great views of the Marina Bay area (including the famous Marina Bay Sands). It costs $28 to enter the cloud forest/flower dome, but it’s definitely worth it.

The places in between

Gardens by the Bay is huge, and while the domes and the supertrees are by far the most interesting parts, just strolling around the various gardens is a great way to get away from the crowds. You can get some peace and quiet and see a huge white baby that looks like it’s floating in the sky. You can also see animals sculpted out of trees, heritage gardens and tranquil river scenes.

Gardens by the Bay at night

If you think the supertrees are cool during the day then you’ll be blown away when you see them at night. The light show (at 7.45/8.45pm) energises the trees with electric colours that makes them pulsate with power; it’s something that every visitor to Singapore should see.

So then, are these the coolest gardens in the world? They are by far the most interesting ones that I’ve ever heard of. I love science fiction movies and the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and supertrees are all things I can imagine seeing on an alien world someday. If you are visiting Singapore you should definitely check out Gardens by the Bay!

Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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