Goa Travel Blog - Why you must spend summers in Goa this year!

A great story about goa travel blog - why you must spend summers in goa this year!, Read about the things to do in goa for a perfect travel experience.
Goa Travel Blog - Why you must spend summers in Goa this year!

Everyone loves Goa, right? But most of us show our love for the state during the cooler months of November-January when the place is teeming with beach parties, music festivals, new and fashionable food joints, excellent weather and lots of fun loving people. This has been changing in the past few years and now Goa in Monsoon is another popular time of the year to visit the state for some completely new experiences, however, he hot and scorching pre-monsoon months are almost completely skipped by most travellers. But guess what, I actually love Goa during these unusual months as well, all courtesy an unexpected trip with my friends from Norway last year.

Goa Travel Blog - Why you must spend summers in Goa this year!
Peter ready to take a plunge in the sea!

During the four days we spent in the sun in Goa, we rented motorbikes and roamed around aimlessly - discovering new places, taking dips in the ocean at will, making connections with locals and in the process falling head-over-heels in love with Goa in these hot months.

It's actually not as hot!
I was actually quite surprised after spending four days in the hottest month in Goa. I was expecting the sun to be much worse, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Yes it is hot, but it's absolutely tolerable. And if you find the heat to be too intense, the sea is almost always right there and you can just take a cool dip :)

Crowds are less - no one will photobomb your selfies :)

I think this is so important for a trip - having your personal space, especially when you are at a destination to simply relax. There are only a few like-minded travellers like you and they are wonderful company. There is no rush on the roads, no waiting at the restaurant and you can even land at a place and make a booking right there. Basically you need to plan less!

Many hotels have discount offers at this time of the year and it's prudent to garb those, especially if you are coming from far and want to handpick your place of stay in advance.

For instance, check out Goa Villa, to find yourself a fantastic villa right in the heart of Goa. These hand-picked properties are all well located and have great reviews by other travelers.

I have always maintained how Goa is so much more than just it's beaches, though I must admit that the beaches there are so good that one often ignores the rest of the state. Since you are on a laid-back trip, try and explore some more of Goa and you will come back a much more fulfilled :)

This one is especially important for me as I simply love getting into the sea in the afternoon and come our only when the sun starts to set. During these months a dip like this one feels even more heavenly because no matter what the outside temperature is, the sea is always cool.

My recommendation would be to explore even more of South Goa beaches as re even more clean and even more empty - you practically own the place. Be vary of your safety as well and don't go all alone on a secluded beach.

Goa Travel Blog - Why you must spend summers in Goa this year!
The prefect sunset on a practically empty beach!


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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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