Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler

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Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler

You love to travel, don’t you? But now, with a toddler who follows you everywhere & anywhere, you have shelved those travel plans for quite a while. But was it necessary? Aren’t there any full proof hacks & tips that have you guarded & prepared for the unexpected? Not everybody would recommend it but you can count on us when we say – You are not the first parent who took a vacation with little monster & majority of them came back saying it was one-heck of an adventure.

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
Crying toddler

The little ones have invisible devil horns on their heads and nasty tricks up their sleeves. So, it is suitable to stay prepared with your own set of tricks to avert any sudden outbursts before you reach the safety of your hotel. And, before you embark on your journey, check the following helpful tips straight out of a mama’s guide which will assist you to explore the world with your kid, if this is the whole new experience for you.

Post-holiday planning and before hitting the road, you need to prepare your travel kit checklist and start packing carefully. Just remember! Your little ones are traveling with you and they are capable of wearing the crankiest look if they are hungry, sleepy or simply bored. So, the very first tip that tops the list is –

1. Pack your bags smartly

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
travelling with luggage

Before you are ready to hit the road, packing your stuff carefully and systematically is most important, especially when you have little ones joining the duo. To avoid ransacking your luggage during an emergency, make sure you have an extra change of clothes, diapers, and bin bags within easy reach. Organize your goods and chattels in separate compartments within your suitcase so that you know where to look for your stuff if you need them.

Do not forget to carry a pouch of medicines in case either of you two or your child fall sick during your stay away from home.

2. Travel light

Pack what is necessary for the trip and avoid overloading your luggage with stuff that you can easily do without during your vacation. And, it is highly likely you are going to keep adding your bric-a-brac list with souvenirs from the places you are visiting. Carrying heavy bags will be too uncomfortable and you do not want to end up with sore hands.

So, travel light always!

3. Keep healthy breathers in your schedule

Do not plan for a hectic tour schedule as you have your little ones to worry about. Small children find it hard to get over their jet lags, compared to grownups. So, keep healthy breathers in between spots to help them adjust easily with the change. The amount of downtime you need depend on the age of your kids. But, taking a siesta for a couple of hours will not hamper your schedule, rather a power nap will keep your family refreshed and happy for the rest of the day.

The little ones are bound to get cranky if they are tired, so plan accordingly, else you will pay with your weak health by the end of the trip.

4. Make pre-bookings and reservations

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
Waiting at airport

The last thing you want to do on your family holiday is to hop around from hotel to hotel with your bags and luggage just to get a room for your stay. Managing a place to rest may not be a reason to bother you, if you are traveling solo or with your partner. But, when you have infants to take care of or small children to carry, it is an advisable to make reservations in advance.

Obviously, you do not wish to drag your kids from one place to another when they are struggling to stay awake after a long journey on-road or fighting their jet lags.

5. Start early

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
Starting with journey

Boarding in early morning flights can spare you from delays at take-off or landing due to heavy air traffic. Also, your children will be fast asleep for the better part of the trip, so you can enjoy a few moments with your partner without having to worry about the little ones.

6. Keep necessities close at hand

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
tensed toddler

Often, small children suffer from road sickness or tend to throw up during flights. Keeping this important information in mind, you should start packing at least a week before your trip because you are likely to keep missing out adding something or the other in your backpack.

Extra pair of clothes, bin bags, water bottles, snacks, medicines, earplugs, tissues, and small board games are a few necessities that should be available within your reach while you are traveling with your family.

Small board games and stuffed toys can keep your children engaged while you are covering long distances by road or by air. And, to cut away the boredom and monotony of the journey, you can take part in their games or engage them in fun activities to enjoy happy family time on the go.

7. Snacks and shakes within easy reach

Again, hunger is something that makes us all go cranky and fussy in the head. And, you can expect the worst outbursts from the tiny tots if they are on the verge of starving. This goes without any saying that holidays make us hungry and thirsty all the time. We need some easy snacks to munch away the idle time while enjoying the view outside.

Make sure your bag has sufficient snacks and shakes or water to appease those hungry monsters every time they pull up their long, grumpy faces.

8. Include fun activities in your itinerary

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
spending time

Kids and tiny tots love to play. Give then the time and space to enjoy a playtime during the trip. They enjoy traveling but not minus their playtime. It is always better to look for accommodations where there is a separate play area with a pool for little children to jump and mess around. Look out for amusement parks where you can stop by to give a few hours of fun time to your children.

Also, carry a small board or card games to keep them entertained while you are traveling by road.

If you want peace, games and fun activities are best to keep their minds at ease.

9. Maintain the same routine as you do back home

Breaking routines once in a while is always fun especially when you are holidaying with your family. In fact, it is never easy to observe the same schedule when you are out of your homes. But, breaking the time-table can affect your little ones especially when they have fixed meals and napping time.

Younger the kids, the more important the routine is for them, so try and maintain that on your trip.

10. Expect the unexpected

Guidelines to follow when you are traveling with a Toddler
Expect the unexpected

When you are traveling with kids, things are bound to go wrong and your carefully penned down plan may not work every time. So, it is better to expect the unexpected to happen especially when you have small children to take care of. Chances are that you might end up missing your bus to a specific location or end up losing your iPhone…do not stress yourself. There is nothing much you can do if the famous restaurant you planned to dine during your stay, stays closed due to ongoing renovations.

Just accept the inevitable and keep your stress in the cold storage while you enjoy those free days with your family. If you have already booked in your flight tickets & made hotel reservations, then you can leave the rest to us. Check out our unique inventory of exciting, family-friendly day tours (recommended tour packages) that we offer across gorgeous cities globally.

Travel Happy!

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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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