Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

A great story about gujarat itinerary – exploring the best attractions in gujarat, Read about the things to do in gujarat, india for a perfect travel experience.
Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

Accompanied by a long coastline in the West of state and lush green forests in parts of South, Gujarat can offer a very satisfying experience to a curious traveler. Your Gujarat tour plan will include various points of interest in Gujarat if you follow this itinerary. Being from Gujarat, I can vouch for the friendly people. They will surely make you feel welcome in their state. Here, I am recommending a 9-day itinerary for Gujarat based on my own travels. I have created this Gujarat itinerary keeping in mind adequate leisure time.

Itinerary Snapshot

Day 1: Arrival and Gir National Park

Day 2: Gir National Park

Day 3: Girnar

Day 4: Somnath, Porbandar & Dwarka

Day 5: Dwarka

Day 6: Bet Dwarka, Okha, and Mithapur

Day 7: Bhuj and Rann of Kutch

Day 8: Rann of Kutch

Day 9: Rann of Kutch & Departure

This Gujarat trip plan might be 9 days long, but you can customize it for shorter durations also. There are various Gujarat tour packages which are 4 days, 5 days, 6 days or 7 days long. You don’t need to book these Gujarat tour packages. Instead, just follow this Gujarat tour plan that I am offering and you will be able to save some money. Before I present to you the 9 Day Gujarat itinerary, I would like to share some tips which will help you plan your Gujarat trip better.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

The view from Girnar temple near Gir National Park (Gujarat Itinerary)

How to reach Gujarat?

To start your Gujarat tour plan, you need to consider a starting point. Ahmedabad, a major city in Gujarat, is well connected to all the metro cities of India. The Ahmedabad railway station also is connected well. But then, Ahmedabad is a bit far from the destinations covered in this Gujarat trip plan. Hence, you can consider the other major cities in Gujarat like Rajkot, Junagadh, Diu or Porbandar as a starting point.

For this Gujarat itinerary, our first attraction will be Gir National Park. I would consider all the Gujarat tour packages which don’t include Gir as incomplete. You have to include Gir in your Gujarat trip plan as it is the only natural home of Asiatic Lions in the world! However, this is under the assumption that you haven’t visited Gir before.

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So, I would recommend your starting point as either Junagadh, Porbandar or Rajkot. If you are taking a train from Mumbai, I would recommend booking it till Junagadh. This is the closest railway station to Gir which is connected to Mumbai by train. There are around 4 trains for the Mumbai – Junagadh route and you can have a look at them here. You can consider going to Keshod as well. But from Junagadh, there are better transportation options to reach Gir National Park.

If you are considering reaching Gujarat by flight, then book for Rajkot, Diu or Porbandar. The flight cost for Mumbai to Rajkot is the cheapest as compared to Porbandar and Diu. The distance from Rajkot and Porbandar to Gir National Park is almost same (around 170 KM). However, the distance from Diu is just 65 KM. There is no flight from Mumbai to Junagadh. If your dates are flexible, consider using the calendar feature in some of the travel portals as the prices and frequency of flights keep on changing.

The Gujarat points of interest are close to these cities mentioned above. If you start from these cities, you will be able to cover the most interesting Gujarat destinations as a part of your Gujarat tour plan.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

The Jeep Safari at Gir National Park (Gujarat itinerary)

Is Gujarat safe for a solo traveler?

I get a lot of emails and messages from folks who plan to do their first solo travel. If you are considering one than Gujarat is undoubtedly one of the safest states in India. Your Gujarat tour plan doesn’t need to eliminate any destinations mentioned in this Gujarat itinerary if you are traveling solo.

Best season to visit Gujarat

If you are planning to explore the best of Gujarat tourism, I would recommend planning a Gujarat trip in the winter season. Any dates from October to February would be ideal due to the weather. The Rann of Kutch festival is also organized in this period which is another reason for a Gujarat tour plan during winters.

Gujarat Attractions covered in this itinerary

The attractions covered in this itinerary are Gir National Park, Girnar, Somnath Temple, Porbandar, Dwarka Temple & Bet Dwarka, Okha and Rann of Kutch. These attractions are the best of what Gujarat tourism has to offer to a curious traveler. The seaside temples of Dwarka and Somnath should definitely be on your itinerary. Of course, there are other destinations as well which might fit the bill.

For example, Saputara is a good addition if you like hill stations. The beach destination of Diu can also be considered. However, I would not recommend Diu as a part of your Gujarat tour plan because I don’t find it worth. There are better beach destinations in Goa or South India. However, if you want to include the Diu Fort in your Gujarat tour plan, you can start from Diu and then continue this Gujarat itinerary. Here is the Gujarat itinerary, which can work as your trip plan, that I would like to recommend.

Day 1

Junagadh/Rajkot/Porbandar/Diu – Gir National Park

Irrespective of which city you consider as the beginning point in Gujarat, you can reach Gir National Park today. The distance of Gir National Park from Junagadh, Rajkot, Porbandar, and Diu is 76 KM, 166 KM, 179 KM and 65 KM respectively. You will reach these starting points by afternoon from Mumbai. If you are starting your trip from Diu, cover the Diu fort in the evening and then head to Gir from there.

Take a cab or public bus to reach Gir National Park. At Gir, you can stay at Asiatic Lion Lodge. You can know about my experience of staying there by reading my blog post about the Lodge. The lodge is a bit expensive but is totally worth it.

By the time you reach Gir National Park, the Sun would have set on the horizon. So, enjoy the calm surroundings of the resort and be ready to have a close encounter with the Lions tomorrow. Your Gujarat tour plan has just started with the best of Gujarat points of interest.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

Asiatic Lion Lodge (Gujarat Itinerary)

Day 2

Gir National Park

Today, you can dedicate the entire day to Gir National Park. Being my favorite attraction in Gujarat, I would highly recommend staying here for 2 nights as a part of your Gujarat tour plan. Gir is a unique part of Gujarat tourism out of all the Gujarat destinations.

Start your day by taking an early morning Safari in the forest area. The Safari can be booked online by visiting Right after the Safari, you can visit Devaliya Safari Park. It is a cordoned area in which you will definitely see the Lions. You can buy tickets at the ticket counter in the park. Its okay to not book them in advance. The frequency of safari buses is adequate. I went around Diwali and still got the tickets comfortably.

For my detailed experience of visiting here, do read my blog post on Gir National Park. If you weren’t able to see the Lions in morning safari, you can opt for the evening Safari as well.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

That’s me with my family during Gir morning Safari (Gujarat itinerary)

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat
Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

The Lions at Gir Forest area and Devaliya Park (Gujarat Itinerary)

Day 3

Gir National Park – Girnar – Junagadh

Today, wake up as early as possible and head to Junagadh city. Check in at your hotel in Junagadh and head to Girnar temple. Folks start climbing the 10,000 steps as early as 4 AM in morning. I am allocating today’s entire day for Girnar as you might need some rest after climbing 10,000 steps and everyone has a different fitness level. After spending some time at Girnar temple top and admiring the views, head to your hotel in Junagadh and rest for the night.

The next day, we will go to Dwarka via Somnath and Porbandar. Now, Gir doesn’t have a railway station. Direct buses from Gir to Somnath are also not very frequent and you need to check the schedule at Gir only. Hence I am recommending staying in Junagadh only instead of going back to Gir National Park. There are a lot of budget hotels and some homestays as well in Junagadh.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

Girnar temple on the mountain top (Gujarat itinerary)

Day 4

Junagadh – Somnath – Porbandar – Dwarka

After exploring the wilderness of Gir National Park and summitting Girnar mountain, this Gujarat itinerary will take you to Somnath. A seaside temple, Somnath offers a lovely experience to indulge in spirituality and admire the intricate architecture. The distance between Junagadh and Somnath is around 140 KM.

The total distance for today will be 300 KM. Before reaching Dwarka, you will cover Somnath temple and Porbandar attractions. The Somnath temple needs around an hour or two to admire the temple. Go as early as you can so that you can avoid the crowd. I am recommending reaching Dwarka today itself because, in Somnath, there is nothing else but the temple. So no point of staying overnight here. Porbandar falls on the way to Dwarka and hence I am including it as a part of my Gujarat itinerary’s 3rd day. However, Porbandar has just Mahatma Gandhi’s house which is worth a visit. There are a couple of bird sanctuaries around, but it’s not worth spending a night at Porbandar due to those. If you are not a fan of Mr. Gandhi, you can skip Porbandar out of your Gujarat tour plan.

So, by end of this day, you will check in at your Dwarka stay. There are many budget stay options available here.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat

Somnath Temple (Gujarat Itinerary)

Day 5


On the 5th day of your Gujarat itinerary, you will wake up to the spiritual aura rampant in the air. Try to wake up early to attend the Mangla Aarti at the temple which is scheduled at 6:30 AM every day. In case you are spiritual, this might be the best experience of your Gujarat trip. If you are not visiting the temple for the morning Arti, do have a look at the temple’s timetable. There are slots in which Dwarka temple will not be open. To reach Dwarka temple, you will have to cross Gomti river. The bridge, known as Sudama Setu, offers you a magnificent view of the temple from a distance.

Dwarka is also a sea-side temple which offers you not only a spiritual experience but also a chance to visit the Gujarat coastline as a part of your Gujarat tour plan. Spend some time at the temple, soaking its aura and admiring the architecture. Both, Somnath and Dwarka have a lot of architectural similarities but a different vibe. Both these should definitely be a part of your Gujarat trip. There are special Gujarat tour packages which cover only these two attractions. At Dwarka, you will spot many foreigners who have adopted the Krishna way of life. Dwarka is now home to them.

After having lunch, you can wander in the Dwarka market. There are many smaller temples as well for you to visit. In the evening, visit the beach nearby. Today would be the most spiritual day in your Gujarat tour plan.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat
Dwarka beach (Gujarat itinerary – courtesy Gujarat Tourism website)

Day 6

Dwarka – Bet Dwarka – Okha – Mithapur – Dwarka

On your 6th day of Gujarat itinerary, you will visit Bet Dwarka, Okha and Mithapur. You will stay tonight at Dwarka itself. Don’t worry, your roundtrip travel time will be only 75 KM. As a part of Gujarat itinerary and tour plan, today is a bit unique when compared to other Gujarat tour packages due to the inclusion of camping at Mithapur.

After breakfast, start today by visiting Bet Dwarka. An island in proximity to Dwarka town, Bet Dwarka is a recommended inclusion in your Gujarat Itinerary. You can reach Okha ferry station from Dwarka by public bus. The boats for Bet Dwarka start from Okha. While you are enjoying the ferry ride, hundreds of Seagulls will accompany you. With the bright morning Sun as the backdrop, the Seagulls flying around will craft an amazing sailing experience for you. Visiting the Bet Dwarka temple and other temples should take around 2 Hours, including some leisure time. Return to Okha back for Lunch.

At Okha, there is nothing much to see apart from a lighthouse. This lighthouse offers a panoramic view of the ocean. But, your next destination, Mithapur, can be an interesting inclusion in your Gujarat tour plan. Salt, in the Gujarati language, is called Mithu (મીઠું). Mithapur is named after the large quantity of Salt produced here by Tata Chemicals. However, along with the huge chemical plant, Tata Chemicals has taken an initiative to preserve nature here. The Mithapur beach has been declared as a No-plastic zone due to the initiative which was taken by Tata Chemicals. Due to the less fame and careful preservation, the beach is very clean with most of its marine life still flourishing. A Sunset here would be a good idea as a part of your Gujarat tour plan.

If you want to admire the marine life at Mithapur, you can opt for the Marine Camp offered by Anala Outdoors. They can arrange snorkeling for you due to which you will be able to see the Marine life up close. In order to experience Mithapur in a unique way, Anala Outdoors will be a good bet. Tonight you can stay at one of their camps. This is a unique inclusion in your Gujarat tour plan and very few Gujarat tour packages cover this.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat
Marine Camp at Mithapur (Gujarat Itinerary – Courtesy: Anala Outdoors)

On the next day, Day 7, You can end your Gujarat itinerary. Head to Rajkot or Jamnagar for your return flight or train. In order to reach these cities, you can opt for public transport from Dwarka.

In case you have more days dedicated to your Gujarat tour plan, you need to leave tonight in order to visit Rann of Kutch on Day 6. The town of Bhuj can be considered as a gateway to Rann of Kutch. Bhuj is located at a distance of 390 KM. So, you need to take an overnight Bus or train. There are direct buses from Dwarka to Bhuj. But if you prefer the train, you can reach only Bhachau directly and from there travel reach Rann of Kutch.

If you are continuing the Gujarat trip beyond 6 Days, read on to know about Rann of Kutch.

Day 7

Bhuj/Bhachau – Rann of Kutch

Once you reach Bhuj or Bhachau, depending on your preferred mode of transport, head to Rann of Kutch from there. Today, by the time you reach Rann of Kutch, it might be lunch time. So check in at your hotel and for the evening, you can enjoy the gorgeous Sunset over the Salt desert. This part of the Gujarat itinerary might be the best part if your Gujarat tour plan is focused on experiencing unique points of interest in Gujarat.

Your stay should ideally be near Dhordo or Hodka, towns situated close to the Rann of Kutch. There are various tent resorts where Swiss tents await to offer a luxurious experience to you. If you are planning to visit Rann of Kutch in the winter season, do note the details of the Rann Utsav, a festival bringing out the best of Kutch. I would highly recommend including Rann of Kutch in your Gujarat tour plan if you are visiting during this festival. However, it also invites a lot of tourists and you might not be able to experience this part of Gujarat itinerary from an offbeat angle.

The Rann of Kutch is a salt desert and you should only include it in your Gujarat itinerary if you are planning your Gujarat trip or tour plan in winter. From October to March, the salt desert remains dry. In the other months, it is covered by water. Also, the summer months tend to be extremely hot. So, you wouldn’t be able to witness the best experience of this desert. In fact, just trust me and don’t make a Gujarat tour plan in Summer.

While planning the dates for your Gujarat tour plan in winders, find a date to visit Rann of Kutch on the full moon. The midnight camel ride under the glimmering full moon is the best way to experience Rann of Kutch.

Gujarat Itinerary – Exploring the best attractions in Gujarat
Tents at Rann of Kutch during a full moon (Gujarat Itinerary – Courtesy Rann Utsav official website)

Day 8

Rann of Kutch

Spend today at a leisure pace to explore the other experiences that Rann of Kutch has to offer. You can visit the Little Rann of Kutch which is home to wild ass. You can also visit Kalo Dungar (The Black Hills), the highest viewpoint in Kutch. Dholavira can also make an interesting inclusion in your Gujarat tour plan if you appreciate ancient civilization. This town was recently found to be integral to the Indus civilization of yesteryears. Kutch offers a lot of unique local experiences as well like learning the local handicrafts and interacting with artisans. You can also learn to cook the authentic cuisine of Kutch.

After having a gala time around Rann of Kutch, head back to your tents for the last night in Gujarat. During these 2 days in Kutch during your Gujarat tour plan, don’t forget to enjoy a camel ride on the shimmering surface of the salt desert. Either a full moon ride or one during sunrise or sunset.

Day 9

Today, check out from your tents and depart for your hometown. You would have made a lot of memories from this trip. So reminisce the best of the Gujarat trip and head home with a smile.

I hope you liked this itinerary. Feel free to let me know your thoughts. If you don’t want to go to some attractions, let me know and I will trim the itinerary for you. Having stayed in Gujarat for my entire childhood, I would be glad if I can be of your help in planning your Gujarat tour plan. There are many Gujarat tour packages out there which cover the points of interest in Gujarat along with a lot of Gujarat destinations. Make sure this itinerary resonates with those Gujarat tour packages and you will surely have a great time exploring the state of Gujarat.

Umang Trivedi
Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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