Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore

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Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore

Hogenakkal falls is your perfect day trip destination from Bangalore. The brilliant chance to experience the Hogennakal falls from and a seemingly never-ending river, will leave you exuberant with joy! One of the shooting spots for ‘Raavan’ movie, starring Abhishek Bachchan was shot at Hogenakkal falls.

Here, I have written about my experience of completing a trip to Hogenakkal falls and compiled some very useful tips for you at the end of this travelogue.

My recent trip to Hogenakkal falls helped me realize how beautiful South India is. The rock formations in the course of Kaveri create a magnificent site which is no less than wonderland. In addition, the coracle ride will help you indulge deeply in the scintillating experience of Hogenakkal falls.

Located at a distance of 170 KM, Hogenakkal falls are located in the state of Tamil Nadu. However, it is very close to the Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border. You can hire a car or hop on your bike and reach Hogenakkal in 3 hours maximum near Bangalore. After spending another 3 hours at the place, including the coracle ride, you can reach back to Bangalore on the same day.

When you reach Hogenakkal falls, you will be a little disappointed by the overcrowded venue. But, there are a lot of eateries to taste local cuisine as well. To discover the true brilliance of Hogenakkal falls, you should enjoy the coracle ride.

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
People getting in the Coracle to admire the waterfalls closely

Coracle is a small boat which can carry a maximum of 7 people, including your guide. The cost of enjoying the coracle ride would come up to Rs 900 for 6 people. However, if you are a family of 4 or a couple, you can either wait for more people to join you or keep the boat to yourself. But, you will have to bear the entire cost. Negotiating with the coracle owners is possible. But, if you are visiting Hogenakkal falls during peak season or on a weekend, the chance of getting a better deal is elusive. According to Government norms, a guide cannot charge more than Rs 110 per person. But, due to lack of strict regulations, no guide would respect the government directives.

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
View of Hogenakkal falls before starting the coracle ride (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)

When you start your coracle ride in Hogenakkal falls, you will have to wait for some time to be impressed. But, when you listen the gushing sound of water turning into an uproar, you will realize that you are up for a treat. The coracle goes as close as possible to the falls and as the strong current of Kaveri river splashes the cold water on you, the admiration for nature’s magnanimity grows stronger in you.

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
A closer view of Hogenakkal falls from the coracle (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)
Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore

A Coracle fighting against the strong current as the tourists endure the cold splashes of Kaveri river (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)

Once you have enjoyed proximity to the stunning falls, the coracle proceeds towards the most tranquil stretch of Kaveri river. You can see some vendors floating along with as they persuade you to buy chips or a water bottle. The sad part is that people buy chips from these vendors, just to throw the wrapper in the pious river, not caring about nature at all.

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
Floating shops (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)

After rowing for some time, you will reach some spots along the banks of Kaveri river where you can take a dip in the holy waters. These spots are less crowded as compared to the main area, from where you started your coracle trip. You can swim at these spots. Life jackets are available for you here. But, to be on the safe side, you should carry life jackets from the beginning itself. If you don’t plan to jump in the waters, Life jackets wouldn’t be necessary.

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
A spot where you can swim in Kaveri river (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)
Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
Another view of the brilliant landscapes (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)

After swimming for some time in the placid waters, our guide took us to a lesser known spot which was near the Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border. When we reached there, we saw some men clad in yellow shirts. Our guide wore a blue shirt. Blue shirt indicated a coracle guide from Tamil Nadu and Yellow shirt indicated a guide from Karnataka. We failed to understand the need for separate uniforms when both the states share the immense beauty of one river. But, on talking to our guide, we realized that all the venom was infused by the politicians and personally, they just hated this differentiation. A Karnataka guide can ignite riots if he enters Tamil Nadu territory. However, if a political pawn does not notice a yellow shirt in blue shirt territory, no ramifications would surface. I was really grieved by the dirty games these Indian politicians play.

From that spot, we were able to get a bird’s eye view of the Hogenakkal falls and vast Kaveri river.

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore

A Karnataka-based guide repairs his Coracle as our Tamil guide takes us to the spot near Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border. (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)

Hogenakkal Falls – A worthy day trip from Bangalore
View from the spot, that’s me in the green T-shirt. (Trip to Hogenakkal falls)

Elated, we returned back in time to proceed out return journey and reach Bangalore. The trip to Hogenakkal falls was certainly worth the 5-6 hours spent in traveling. I have compiled some useful tips for you which would help you in planning, saving money and eventually enjoying your trip to Hogenakkal falls

1) Car hire: If you are hiring a car with a driver from Bangalore for your trip to Hogenakkal Waterfalls, accompany him when he is going to collect permit to enter Tamil Nadu. Our driver asked for Rs 500, but the permit only costs Rs 100.

2) Hiring a Coracle: One coracle can accommodate 6 people, excluding the guide. It costs Rs 900 for one coracle, irrespective of a number of people in it. If you are a couple, you will have to bear Rs 450 per head if you choose not to share your coracle ride with anybody. If you are okay to share the ride, you can wait for some time and you might find other 4 people to accompany you.

3) Negotiating with the coracle guide: If you have patience, you can negotiate hard and reduce the cost by a couple of hundred rupees. But, during crowded hours, it might be difficult to crack a deal

4) Coracle Ride timings: The last coracle ride would be around 5 pm. Hence, make sure to start your ride in the afternoon so that you can peacefully enjoy the experience. Normally, one coracle guide does approximately 2 trips. If you are starting a trip around 2 pm, that would be the last trip for the coracle owner. Hence, he wouldn’t rush to complete the ride. But, if you start your ride around 4:30 pm, he might rush you to complete the ride before it gets dark.

5) Carrying camera & other belongings: It’s pretty safe to carry your cameras or mobile phones during your coracle ride during your trip to Hogenakkal waterfalls. Unless the coracle flips over, which is very less likely to happen, your belongings are safe. There are lockers available near Hogenakkal waterfalls. But, I didn’t find them to be very safe

6) Eating locally: You will find many eateries here selling fried fish and other delicacies. Make sure you check the hygiene factors before embarking upon a joyful trip for your taste buds.

7) Oil Massages: Your trip to Hogenakkal waterfalls can include an oil massage from an experienced Masseuse. The massages at Hogenakkal Waterfalls are actually famous.


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Last Updated : Jan 15,2021
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